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v12 15th May 2004 12:10

Mitsubishi is planning to bring in the Cedia as the replacement for the Lancer.

This replacement shud have come atleast 2 years back. Its too late now. But it will be interesting to see how HM prices the new Cedia against the Corolla/Elantra/Octavia. I feel they shud also include a diesel engine in its range.

Dippy 15th May 2004 12:26

Its high time the Lancer should be replaced . Like V12 said they should have done that long ago . But HM as always. The Cedia is basically the Lancer . If you see the rear end of the Cedia in the pictures its the Lancer which comes in the generation after the one on sale in the market in India. The current Lancer is outdated, quality levels have gone down and the Invex is too expensive. Just getting a new grille and lights wont do. Interiors are dull too If the Cedia has to succeed it should be an over all VFM package major factor being good pricing. If that doesnt happen Mitsubishi and HM will have to back to the drawing board. They better do somethin and fast.


GTO 15th May 2004 13:20

The Cedia is just so borrrrrrrring compared to the what the previous version was at its peak. The exterior has no character, the interiors are plain dull...Its not even a class leading handler anymore.


shravan316 15th May 2004 14:00

The tail end is kind of awkward. The bumper is a little too big..
What abt the engine spec.?
Will it come with the LCD screen in it..???

Rudra Sen 15th May 2004 18:43

Rear looks very close to Cielo. The interior is flat.

manticore 15th May 2004 19:12

Aint this the car that's featured in NFS Underground as the Mitsu Lancer? Yes it is!!

And HM's doin to the lancer what they've been very good at doin to the good ol' Amby.........decades on and they just keep on changing the grille and the bumper. Really interesting to see that they have a very good, proven and awesome machine like the Lancer........and still lose. Even if HM gets to sell Ferraris, we can see them evolve over the years as the Enzo Mark 1, Mark 2.......infinity wake up HM!!

aah78 15th May 2004 19:55

thats the car which is being sold in usa as the mitsubishi lancer.. hence, the nfs: underground reference..

v12 15th May 2004 20:01

Heres the Lancer thats sold in NA and Australia. So that means that the Lancer Cedia has been discontinued [my assumption].

So if HM launches the Cedia, we will be gettin a dumped car again. *

GTO 15th May 2004 21:09


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Heres the Lancer thats sold in NA and Australia

Its essentially the same Lancer as the American version, except for a slightly different lights and grille treatment. Look closely


Aditya 15th May 2004 22:20

HM should leave it and concentrate on improving the quality of their current models.

Dippy 15th May 2004 22:24


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]evolve over the years as the Enzo Mark 1, Mark 2.......infinity

need4speed 15th May 2004 22:55

I think i read it in one of the forums here that the future of Mitsubishi is rather bleak. Even Daimler Chrysler is not pumping in any more money into it to get it out of debt. I doubt Mitsubishi will go on and make such a big investment where they are bound to lose some more money considering the volumes required to break even.

ajmat 15th May 2004 22:58

Maybe HM should get out of marketing its own cars and focus on contract manufacturing BMW's and other cars for new entrants.

aadix 16th May 2004 00:55

hey guys
went to the lancer showroom here today
saw the "new" lancer diesel
liked the interior treatment, it was fully biege with leather every where

Deeps 16th May 2004 01:19

the lancer looked awesome but felt underpowered when it was first launched. Its true that it seems outdated now. Was the 'Evo' series of the Lancer ever launched in India. And has the new transmission technology on the Invex been proven to be reliable yet?

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