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View Poll Results: Which is YOUR car of 2022?
Maruti Alto K10 10 0.44%
Citroen C3 52 2.30%
Maruti Baleno 16 0.71%
Toyota Glanza 6 0.27%
Maruti Brezza 44 1.94%
Tata Tiago EV 275 12.15%
Kia Carens 93 4.11%
Skoda Slavia 142 6.27%
Volkswagen Virtus 207 9.15%
Maruti Grand Vitara 170 7.51%
Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder 299 13.21%
Mahindra Scorpio-N 632 27.93%
Hyundai Tucson 148 6.54%
Jeep Meridian 13 0.57%
Toyota Hilux 20 0.88%
BYD Atto 3 20 0.88%
Audi Q3 2 0.09%
Mini Cooper SE 3 0.13%
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 22 0.97%
Volvo XC40 Recharge 11 0.49%
Kia EV6 78 3.45%
Voters: 2263. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 9th December 2022, 11:30   #151
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Voted for Strong Hybrid! this technology seems to be quite a game-changer, coming now in the relatively affordable cars. I voted for Grand Vitara mainly for this.

Suggest if we can merge the almost similar vehicles in the poll together.

Maruti Grand Vitara = Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder
Skoda Slavia = Volkswagen Virtus
Maruti Baleno = Toyota Glanza

I should go for a Scorpio-N test-drive! it is emerging as a runaway winner
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Voted for Scorpio-N.
Scorpio is a name that speaks for itself ... The Baap of the Indian SUVs doesn't need any introduction.
It has got the butched looks, road presence, power, improved handling and above all, the affordability that makes it special.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Originally Posted by Tgo View Post
Voted: Scorpio N
Absolutely brilliant product with wide range of variants and powertrain options that can give a tough time for buyers of a Creta to a Fotruner. Hasn’t watered down on it’s legacy at all.
Although initially the Toyota salesman was dismissive of ScorpioN when asked if its going to have any effect on its sales. Once the ScorpioN bookings started officially, we were called and offered a nice discount by the same guy!
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Could someone please help me out since I am unable to cast my vote in this poll. I first thought that being a newbie I might not be allowed to do it yet but today I received a message in my inbox providing me with the link to vote for the car and bike of the year but still when I click it, it shows that , “ You may not vote on this poll.”
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Voted Volvo XC 40 Recharge

A premium car from a trusted brand launched at a competitive price point totally changing the face of the EV Segment
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Wish there was the option of NOTA (None Of The Above).
I do not need Car any more. Living in India, just me and my spouse, we travel mostly by Metro locally. Upto a distance of 3 km, we walk. Driving in Delhi is a pain - no more a pleasure. We spend quite a few months with daughters in US.
For rare times we engage Uber. No need to own a Car, keep paying for Insurance, PUC and unnecessary servicing besides crank it regularly every week or so and eventually turn it over to scrap after 15 years.

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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

Voted for the Virtus.

1. For reviving the sedan segment
2. Best looks (this is subjective). The design will age well. I can stare at it all day (Somebody said this already on this forum !).
3. For pure driving pleasure (GT) with the best engine-gearbox combination (which though comes with its share of reliability issues), there is no other alternative (<20L Ex-showroom).

When was the last time a sedan won the COTY?!

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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

The cars shown on the list is from vast price range as the priorities of the people buying these cars are hugely different. As I drive a Honda city and am looking to replace it with a new car, I have visited a few showrooms and test driven some of them.
1.Skoda Kushaq/ Volkswagen Taigun - Decent interiors, 5-star safety rating, even better ride quality.
2. New Honda city - Quite comfortable ride and mileage is a bonus.
3. Toyota Hycross - Suv with great features and mileage but the car feels and drives like it's built to a price.
4. Volkswagen Vitrus - Beautiful design, silky smooth ride quality, and free revving engine in the GT version. Not a fan of the interiors but it's all right.
As of now my mind is set on Vitrus GT 1.5 and it is my pick for the favorite car of the year.

Although I will definitely checkout Tata Safari and the Toyota Innova Hycross before I make my final decision.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

In an abysmally bleak scenario of rising fuel prices, government regulations restricting use of diesel cars on high-AQI days, lack of adequate EV charging infrastructure and unavailability of technology that allows 15-minute top-ups of EV batteries, Team-BHP members are on their way to voting in a diesel-guzzling space-occupying 2+-tonne SUV called the Scorpio-N as the COTY with 29.08% of the votes at the time of writing this. If I need the convenience of 4wd, diesel is my only option. And the petrol version of the SUV doesn't even come with 4wd as an option, so my choices for a 7-seater 2wd are much bigger than just this car.

OTOH, first Honda, and then Maruti and Toyota having joined hands, bring us India's first set of hybrid cars, which are environment-friendly, not dependent on new charging infrastructure to run, and are far more efficient in fuel consumption than anything we have seen in the last 100 years. The Honda City e:HEV is not even on the COTY list, and the Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder (which are structurally, functionally and technologically much the same car with minor changes in cosmetics) have managed to split the COTY votes for themselves right down the middle. Combining the votes for the two cars would be a better indicator of readers' choices, because between them, they garner >20% of the votes, ranking 2nd behind the Scorpio-N.

My vote goes to the Hyryder, not because I dislike the Grand Vitara, but because the strong hybrid technology packaged inside is essentially Toyota's own. The Scorpio-N would have got my vote if it had some kind of fuel-saving technology inside (not just a silly idle stop-start system), especially for the petrol engine which I understand is quite thirsty, but sadly it does not.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

It was very easy, I simply scanned the list down till I found ScorpioN.

There was no need to see the results.

It's time to say a few words about why I voted for the Mahindra, but I can see I don't have to. Already been said by many prominent TBHPians.

Completely skipping the 2-wheeler poll. I am not a biker at all.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

My vote goes to the VW virtus especially the GT which is a true drivers car .The Virtus is designed really well , offers both turbo engine options that are enthusiast friendly . The transmissions are tuned really well to offer a fun drive .And most importantly the VAG group never compromised on safety even on the 2.0 cars . If I had to upgrade my polo 1ltr GT tsi today , my pick would be the Virtus GT .
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

My vote goes for Maruti Brezza

Brezza is the COTY for me, it is a full package of goodness. Amazing mileage for a Petrol car, sturdy enough for most practical purposes, quite spacious for the passengers, it is quite a looker given how boring the old Brezza has become, easy on the pocket maintenance, great Suzuki reliability.

Overtime it will become unnoticeable as it gains popularity (Just like how Duster/old Brezza became), for me that's a good thing. I've put my booking amount and will be getting it soon, this happened after considering all the sea of options from old Brezza/S-Cross to Harrier/Safari.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

I voted for Kia Carens.

I find it a complete car, it has very good low-speed ride quality, three sets of engines to choose from, and most importantly, the last row is actually usable.
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

I am quite inclined towards EV so for me the obvious choice would be as follows:-

1) Kia EV6
Not been a strong fan of Kia. In fact, I usually advice people to think twice. I have concluded them to be not safe. Not happy with Koreans. But will all this on the back of my mind, I am choosing this piece of art as mu number one because it has been the only vehicle ticking all the boxes for me. It has the range, it has the space, it has a sorted suspensions and it has the features. You can even fast charge these on a 150KWH charger which is ideal.

2) Volvo XC40 Recharge
If you want a German well packaged vehicle, This car won't fail you. Performance, grip, drive, confidence and luxury! I would rate it over the Kia but the Volvo looses on space in my opinion

3) Tata Tiago EV
This vehicle has already proven itself in the past. One of the first steps of the new age Tatas. A very well put together product. With the pricing announced and with my experience with Ev in the market, I can say this vehicle would be great. This will take the Nexon success route and eat away the market of many contenders belonging a class above. Question being, will people buying a vehicle of this size which is known to yield good efficiency yet opt for this? This is going to be interesting!

4) Mini Cooper SE
Won't comment too much on this. I just feel its a budgeted option for someone looking for a German in EV avatar in India.

BYD is not a matured brand in India yet although I love their stable. Both their offerings are good but the lack of dealership network and unknown after sales that too for EV seems a risk. Hence, not part of my list of votes.

For the ICE engines, I love the VW and Škoda offerings, excellent engines, why consider EV or HEV when you have cars such as these? The performance and driving dynamic is well known to all. Efficiency has never been a problem even when pushed aggressively.

Was hoping for the Innova Hydrous to come a bit earlier! The present Hybrid options in India make literally no sense.

Audi Q3 has always been a choice to be considered
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re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2022 | EDIT: It's the Scorpio-N

The Scorpio N gets my vote for the COTY 2022 . Having driven the 1st avatar of this popular SUV way back when Diesel used to cost a mere 15% of current prices, I have seen it visibly evolve for the better.
Now if only M&M could do something about that last row , offer individual AC vents and solve the glitches, I am ready to trade in my ageing but reliable Passat and for good measure throw in my Xylo too!
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