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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?


1)No wireless CarPlay was a bummer in a car trying to establish as a premium segment

2)Absence of cruise control even in fully loaded variant with that gem of an engine.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

I have an S-Cross Delta 1.3 MJD FL and while it is pretty decently loaded with push button start, keyless entry, alloy wheels, Auto Climate Control, steering controls and cruise control for a second basic variant, the major grouse is the absence of rear AC vents. For a decently spacious car with length > 4 meters, its absence is unforgivable, the huge slab of black plastic staring at the rear passengers is unpalatable, but Maruti did not offer it in any of the variants. I certainly miss that.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Nissan Sunny: Got the mid-variant as it's a beater car. Main cost-cutting miss is Bluetooth Audio. We miss it till date. The only way to connect your smartphone is AUX, something phones don't even offer today!
I understand you would be aware but just in case. You may use such device. There are many variants. From a reliable brand and cheap as well. It comes very handy.

Portronics AUTO 12 in-Car Bluetooth Receiver for Handsfree Calling, Music System, Supports All Smartphones (Black)
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Skoda Slavia 1.5 MT
  1. No rear disc brakes
    They could have atleast provided it for the 1.5 varients
  2. No height adjustable seat belts
    This was a feature that they had in rapid . I really miss this in my slavia .
  3. no auto up and down for all windows
    SKODAs were having this feature a long back . Surprisingly when the competitors started giving this feature they stopped providing it and the driver side one is buggy ( hoping that the software update will clear it)
  4. Interior fit and finish
    Interior fit and finish appears bad . There are multiple areas which doesn't feels well put together as compared to rapid
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Hyundai Venue 1.5 Crdi Sx optional, 2020 model cost cuttings.

1. Only one backlit power window down button on driver's arm console. Leave driver arm console, window switches on all doors are without any backlight. It leaves the driver as well as passengers groping in dark. This issue is persistent throughout the majority of Hyundai range of cars.
2. Hopeless quality paint job having an entirely different shade on areas which are out of sight. Even the paint job on outside is hopelessly poor.
3. Restrictions on Bluelink features in Diesel versions despite being one of the costliest variant.
4. Spare wheel size is full one size smaller. The spare keeps sitting in boot without any actual use. You can't even use it for tire rotations. And if you don't get any punctures on main wheels the tire slowly keeps loosing it's life. And in the end, you end up getting quite less amount when you exchange it after couples of years despite the tire being completely unused.
5. An almost useless low line TPMS. It only gives you an indication of low tire pressure. But doesn't tell you which tire is having an issue. Neither does it tell the exact tire pressure leaving you guessing which tire is gone.

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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

I own Skoda Slavia 1.0 AT top model, below are the cost cuttings.
1. Poor fit and finish.
2. No all one touch windows up/down
3. Hard plastic everywhere.
4. Comparatively poor NVH
5. Downright pathetic reverse camera.
6. AC efficiency/performance
7. No mood lights
8. Bare metal inside of boot lid.
9. left hand side indicators.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

VW Taigun 1.0TSI Topline MT

1. Auto Up-down equipped on the Driver’s side window, but doesn’t work
2. No Electrically folding ORVM - My car was one among the very few unlucky batch without this. The reason given was chip shortage, but I couldn’t accept this, in our city retrofitting this is still not possible.
3. No call disconnect button on steering wheel - this is a major omission albeit they even have a dummy button without function.
4. Rear parking sensor beeps but doesn’t tell which side the obstacle is - this is another major feature deletion considering even cheap aftermarket kits provide this info. My old nios had this visible on the console itself.
5. Tinted windows - So many cars priced significantly lower have these, if not UV cut, at least tinted glasses for the windows should have been factory fitted considering the premium pricing.
6. Absence of bonnet insulation - this would have definitely helped with lowering NVH on the 3 cyl turbo. Also missing engine cover makes the engine bay look very cluttered.
7. Faux twin pod headlight - not cool VW. Why provide a twin pod design for the headlight with a reflecting inner surface but no bulb - they could have provided a non projector setup for the high beam function. I really loved this setup on my old CRV (2008 model)
8. Very hard surface of the Center arm rest. I have to now consciously let my elbow hanging on the passenger side to avoid the olecranon bursitis I’ve developed and this obviously eats into the passenger’s space.
9. No mirror on the sun blind on the driver’s side let alone being lit.
10. No auto closing windows on locking the car with the key.
11. Single pane sunroof - I’m not a big fan of panoramic sunroofs but then I was never a fan of sunroofs itself in the first place, but have come to like it now. Maybe I’d have liked the panoramic sunroof better.

All the above are what both my wife and myself miss - she misses these more since her driving in predominantly on the highway for longer durations.

Despite all this over time I’ve come to like the car. But with these, I would not have had the second thoughts that I get sometimes as to whether I should have let the safety rating aside and bought the Creta instead.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Kia Seltos HTK+ iMT

1. Non adjustable driver armrest
2. Non illuminated power window buttons
3. Wireless charging (The tray for charging mount is there, this variant supports wireless Android Auto / Apple Carplay, yet no wireless charging. The variants higher than these does not support wireless Android Auto / Apple Carplay and has wireless charging)
4. No request sensor on passenger side doors
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

One thing which is there in my Tigor, and many other cars, is the fixed rear headrest. Taller people will surely get a whiplash injury in case of a rear end collision.

I don't know what are the regulations. If there is such a regulation, how are the OEMs managing to get around it.

I don't know how much money the OEMs will save by not offering adjustable headrests, but if I am spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees in buying a car, I can surely spend another couple of thousands.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Do current Hyundai/Kia's get "speed sensitive auto-lock of doors" (what happens at 10kph or 20kph in almost all other cars) ? This was a glaring omission from Hyundai 10 yrs ago. Don't know what's the case now.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza 2021 ZXI+

1. Terrible plastics on the interior with uneven gaps
and sharp edges.
2. The doorpad moves when windows are rolled up
and down.
3. Poor paint quality from Maruti as others have
pointed out. Gets scratched very easily.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Celerio X ZXI 2019 1.0

Most irritating ones are,
1. No adjustable rear head rests, the integrated ones that come with the car are unfathomably tiny and uncomfortable.
2. No anti-theft security system, infact there isn't even a siren that could be used for the lock-unlock. Gets a bit annoying at certain situations.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

MG ZS EV 2022 facelift

While the car is parked with features, here are some things that I absolutely hate:

1. The 360 degree camera quality is so poor. It would've been better if they installed one HD rear camera instead of installing 4 mediocre cameras. Heck, the car has insulation under the bonnet when the EV motor literally makes no noise! This could've been removed without a second thought.

2. Manual IRVM. Basic necessity when you drive in the night.

3. Instrument cluster doesn't point out that the boot is not closed properly. Instead a tiny orange light which indicates if central locking is enabled or not starts blinking.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

2018 Innova Crysta ZX
1. It has auto Headlamps but no Auto wipers! Or auto folding side view mirrors!
2. For Such and expensive vehicle, it doesn't even have auto lock doors. I believe there is a dealer level accessory which does it but c’mon.
3. Useless Bridgestone Touranza 17” low profile tyres. Changed them to Higher Profile Good Year ATs.

2021 Skoda Octavia L&K
1. Like mentioned by someone earlier, missing ADAS or at least auto high beam headlights.
2. The Infotainment always shows “loading” for the Navigation, why is it even there.
3. No Connected car features although there is a MySkodaConnect App and there is an esim feature in the infotainment
4. No Ambient lighting on the rear doors. The footwell has them but why omit them on the rear doors.

Otherwise it’s a gem of a car!
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Ecosport 2016
- completely useless headlights.
- rear vents
- 12V cigarette lighter socket at the rear is in a really daft location. If that was the only place possible, then they should have provided one on each side

Awesome car otherwise.
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