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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

The award for the worst cost cutting measures must go to Hyundai. They've provided only a single tone instead of dual tone horn on entry level models such as i10, Aura and even slightly premium ones like i20 and Venue. The horn sounds like a cheap clown car's trumpet horn and irks everyone around!

Owners are forced to change a newly bought car's horn to the dual tone one of Creta by dismantling the front bumper and tampering with the wiring harness/couplers:

The worst part is they skimped on a separate beeper for lock/unlock sounds by connecting the keyless entry system to the loud irritating and annoying main horn without a way to disable it on some variants:

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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Two things that disappoint me about the Thar.

First -

What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?-thar-external-temperature.jpg

On an offroad vehicle, this should have been there.

Second -

Name:  Alarm thar brochure  crop.png
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What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?-screenshot_2023072621403643_92460851df6f172a4592fca41cc2d2e6.jpg

This was advertised and was in the brochure till Dec 2022. But guess what, it doesn't exist in the vehicle.

I'm willing to pay for an accessory - official or otherwise - that gives these functionalities. But guess what, esp. with the security alarm - you're left vulnerable without a resolute.

There's an interview where Velu sir (or was it Veejay sir? Don't remember) has said they appreciate the ecosystem that customizes and personalizes the Thar. But these are basics that should be covered at the dealership level, even we know that atleast #2 is possible -

Originally Posted by wooka View Post
Mahindra installed a security system for me.

It works well.
1. When you unlock the car and don't open a door, it'll lock itself after a while with a single honk to notify you.
2. The siren goes off when you open a door (any of the four including the bonnet). Just unlocking manually doesn't set off the alarm.
3. You can no longer lock the car with the bonnet open.

All's well. I just need to learn how to turn the system off if whatever reason the remote stops working. Generally, cars have a security override switch inside the car.

This software update was done remotely a few months back. I was asked to give it time before speaking about it. Totally understandable. However, I see no follow up for the general population and it's my job to tell people that they should go out and help themselves. It's a major secrutiy risk and I wouldn't anyone to be adversely impacted.

Good on Mahindra though for doing something about it. Despite saying multiple times over months of escalation that they cannot retrofit it, they developed it and did it for me.

@mods can you please publish this? I think it's fairly significant and it goes to show that even one person can break through corporates and this company does indeed care. Did they drop the ball and try to limit exposure? Yeah. Now I hope others will benefit and reduce their risk profile. This country is a mess. Just got mugged two nights back. Having an easy to steal car doesn't help.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Originally Posted by ram.iyer95 View Post
Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Cost cutting galore, the most bothersome being:
1. No anti-theft security system, and worse, a useless and horrendously loud lock-unlock honk that cannot be turned off.
1. Not just in India, Hyundai/Kia skimped on the same feature in US too, the automakers agreed to pay up to $200 million to settle a class action lawsuit covering roughly 8 million vehicles. The suit claims Hyundai and Kia failed to equip certain 2011 to 2022 models with adequate anti-theft technology.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Ford Aspire 1.5D - no shock absorbers for boot.
Leave shock absorbers, atleast some method to contain the bouncing of boot door once opened should have been there. I cannot remember the amount of times i opened the boot from my key, and put my head near the boot, to search or pick something up, thinking the boot would be at rest, only for it bounce back and hit me in the back of my head. Left me with a nice Tom & Jerry style bump for a few days once.

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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

I wanted to address a concerning issue that has been nagging my mind for a long time - the absence of rear wipers and defoggers in lower car variants due to cost-cutting. Safety should always come first, and these features are crucial as Defoggers and rear wipers maintain visibility in adverse weather condition by avoiding potential hazards.

I really wish Govt passes a law which mandates rear wiper and defoggers just like the ABS and Airbags. Some wishful thinking.
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Re: What cost-cutting bothers you in your current car?

Venue 1.0 DCT SXO, 13.5L on road in 2019, that badly miss a rear wiper. It also misses a TPMS.
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