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rangaraj 12th July 2007 13:08

Poll: The Chevy Magnum or the Honda Civic?
Noticed two polls -

1) civic vs cedia and
2) Magnum vs octavia

Time for the third which i think makes more sense - they have similar features, size etc.

Would you choose the Magnum or the Civic?

IMP 12th July 2007 13:28

Ooohh this is a tough one. On one hand there is the Honda brand image, a gem of an engine, futuristic looks from the outside as well as inside, the resale value, optional paddle shift, and flawless service. On the other, there is the comfy rear seat, great ride, good handling, straight-line stability that is simply great, after all Lotus know what they do!. An engine with 300+Nm torque, improved gearbox (its all new), pretty neat after sales service, a 3 year warranty, all this and the magnum's pricing. hmmm... nice... VFM??? yes, i say!

The Optra Magnum gets my vote.

Oh, and the optra has better GC too (compared to the Civic), thats definitely required IMO if you venture away from national highways.

csentil 12th July 2007 13:39

Comparing Diesel to Petrol is a tough proposition. VFM definitely has to be the Optra Magnum (Damn, I said that !!).

But I would have still bought the Civic anyways.

anarchist 12th July 2007 13:40

Heart says Civic, Head says Magnum. I go with Magnum.

rangaraj 12th July 2007 14:12

I know this is a tough one and the votes currently are 50:50....

Magnum has:
FE, VFM, Diesel, Performance

Civic has:
Wow/snob factor/Class

As some of you said my heart voted for Civic, but head still says Magnum. I need to test drive the Magnum before i change my mind (i was not too impressed by the TD of the Civic).

NIP 12th July 2007 19:50

voted for magnum, knowing that this isn't a fair poll. heart says civic but wallet says magnum :)

BUSA 12th July 2007 20:38

I love the Civic all the way, before the magnum was launched, i was a big Civic fan and a Civic in Midnight Hawk is simply awesome, but since the arrival of the Magnum, my crave for the Civic dissapeared, i suddenly stopped looking at Civics around. There are way too many Civics around so there is nothing like snob value.

The plus in the Magnum is leather interiors which are not there in the S variant of the Civic.

Plus the Magnum has fogs, additional lumbar support which is missing in the Civic S.

The rear seat of the optra is more comfortable then the Civic.

I choose Magnum since in a Civic with Rs. 50 of fuel i can travel only 9 kms, wheras in a Magnum with Rs. 50 of fuel i can travel 20kms, so the diesel engine does flip it in the Magnum side, now only if Honda gets the CTDi the Magnum may face the hear.

manikjeet 12th July 2007 21:35

we had to decide between these two cars few days ago

we choose the civic as we loved the design and overall the car looked much better and the gm people were not as welcoming as the honda people

girishg 12th July 2007 21:37

This is a no contest according to me. The Civic wins hands down!

vishnuvijay 12th July 2007 21:46

the civic anyday because it's a honda and not some korean dressed up like an american.

is it fair to compare a diesel car with pertrol car?

Firebird 12th July 2007 22:00

Voted for Magnum - only reason - VFM
but feel comparing Diesel and petrol would not do justice to either.

CrAzY dRiVeR 12th July 2007 22:44

Voted for Magnum too.

Have been in both Civic and Optra (not magnum). Civic is just too good. But, its guzzles petrol. I'd rather stick with the diesel, specially since its almost as powerful with mindblowing torque figures.

HSV 12th July 2007 22:47

Voted for the Magnum. Absolute VFM - however definitely not a looker like the Civic. Lets wait for the Magnum A/T to come - I am sure MANY would be swayed from the Honda camp! ;)

BUSA 12th July 2007 23:02


but feel comparing Diesel and petrol would not do justice to either.
Well they are in the same segment but the diesel vehicle here is cheaper to buy and run then the Petrol Civic.

Imagine if Honda launches a diesel Civic, it will cost the moon to buy one, for their CTDi they will charge 15.5L OTR :eek:

1100D 13th July 2007 00:06

Who has a better workshop network? Which car rides and goes better? Which car has a better road holding? Which car has one of the best in class (or even a class above) seating space? Which car has a lower running cost? Which car is faster in roll-on accceleration?

Civic I guess.

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