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Re: Hyundai to locally assemble Genesis luxury cars in India

I think its not a direct fight against BMW & MB... but surely Audi, Volvo & Lexus will take a hit. There is a market for people who are aware, they will pay for luxury and yet may not be snobs for a Merc (nothing wrong with it, but just saying they would be okay.. like the ones buying a Tucson vs an x1 today).
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Re: Hyundai to locally assemble Genesis luxury cars in India

This is great news for the luxury car market, that frankly is flying too high past few years with their price increases.

Skoda shook up the entry level luxury car market when they got the Superb to India at a competitive price with luxury and quality of a segment or two above.
Genesis can do the same this time around! It's a much needed shake up and could have a ripple effect across the luxury car market that frankly requires from correction aka discounting!
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Re: Hyundai to locally assemble Genesis luxury cars in India

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While certainly not the majority, there are many in India who want car that is luxurious, powerful, well-built and reliable but don't really want any of ze Germans.

Hopefully, Genesis brings in their 3.5T engine to India. A 6-cylinder engine would stand out in a sea of luxury/performance cars with 4-cylinder engines.
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Re: Hyundai to locally assemble Genesis luxury cars in India

Alright I'm gonna go ahead and say it.
Currently Genesis makes the most beautiful luxury cars.
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Re: Hyundai to locally assemble Genesis luxury cars in India

I'm not very positive about it. I think Genesis will falter and fail.
Too many brands have tried to bring expensive cars to market and most of them have failed.
The type of styling that Genesis cars have isn't really what India likes. Their design is too busy and imho that front grill just doesn't look good. This is my opinion, others definitely could have a different one. Luxury cars need to be a bit mature and imposing, not funky or super weird.
And in a market like India, where the social class/image factor is related with the car, a Genesis just doesn't cut it. Infact if it weren't for the go-anywhere attitude, longevity, robustness and the brute image of Fortuner, even Toyota couldn't have sold it in as many numbers as it does. If people are spending 50-70 lacs on a car, they need the following:
1. Badge value.
2. Credibility and history of the brand.
3. A connection with the car(It should pull some strings)
4. Great design, features and overall a good package.

Now since Genesis doesn't have the badge value of the top 3 Germans and the JLR, it will be a tough sell.
Credibility and history of the brand: people on Team Bhp are automotive enthusiasts and we all know what Genesis is, but a layman doesn't, neither do so many "seth log" who are the target audience for a 50-100lakh rupee car.
A connection with the car: Cars like Mustang, Civic, Octavia RS, Polo GT, EcoSport, Endeavour, etc, have a place in the community of enthusiasts. And yet none of these cars are available in the market due to some reason or the other, imagine how well a car brand and models with practically zero connect with the buyer would do here.

India is a very tricky market and very few companies get it right very often for very long. Those who do, do well: like Hyundai. Those who don't get it right, try to get it right and make a turn-around: like Tata(success), Skoda(trying super hard, but still, trying nonetheless). And those who neither understand it, nor try to fix their strategy, fail miserably: like Nissan, Honda, Fiat and Renault. Very few companies come up with a superb strategy and become an instant success: like Kia, MG(Started off with a bang, but the lack of sub 4m and compact SUVs is a shame).
Indian car market isn't super diverse like that of USA or Europe. We need everything to be the best but also want it to have a hefty credibility to it.

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