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sid_lath 15th July 2004 21:30


A couple of my friends are looking to buy used cars(maruti 800/alto/zen). We checked out a few used-cars dealers but they all seem to be pretty expensive(around 1.5lakhs for a 5+ year old 800). *
Is this the expected price? Or is there scope for a lot of negotiation?
Is it advisable to buy cars through classifieds like free-ads or ad-mags? Where can we get the car inspected for any major problems?
Checked out Maruti true-value too. They have very few cars and that too is overpriced.


Psycho 15th July 2004 21:40

Hi Sid,

Purchasing a second hand Maruti in Bangalore is a rip off. The used car dealers / Maruti True Value are all out making a neat number on each car being sold.

My personal suggestion would be that you place a wanted ad on one of the free classifieds and ask for a single handed car and specifically mention the upper limit that you would be willing to go to and also mention no dealers entertained.

You can get the cars checked at a reputed mechanic known to you that way you could save some money while evaluating them.

Next suggestion would be to look for cars in the same RTO region that you are in that way you wont have to run around for documentation to different RTO's post the purchase.



shravan316 16th July 2004 15:39

Admag and Freeads is cousins and a couple have all got their through the classified ds...but, its advisable to go with a mechanic when checking out the car.

ravi_28_8 16th July 2004 15:53

free ads and news paper ads r good source. u need to check the ads of owners as they r the best buy. these middle man make huge money, so better to wait for an extra week, and get a good car.
u need to check news paper by 6 get ready n catch the owner by 7 or else these broker go n buy them off, and sell for more........ i personally faced this sitvation wen i went to buy a car for my friend. i bet u get the best deal if u buy directly from owner.

sid_lath 17th July 2004 16:15

thanks guys. will get cracking on the free-ads.

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