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Old 25th November 2010, 20:21   #2446
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Zen VXi (2004 Model) - 15 Kmpl in City, 18 Kmpl in Highway ( AC on 50%)
Manza Diesel (2009 Model) - 14 Kmpl in City, 20 Kmpl on Highway (AC on 50%)
Cruze (2010 Model) - 10 Kmpl in City, 14 Kmpl on Highways (AC on 50%)
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Old 26th November 2010, 10:50   #2447
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I got a mileage of 13.77 KMPL in my ANHC AT once I filled up today morning. Onboard computer shows 14.9. 100% city drive (well, mostly on ORR). 40% on AC.

BTW, what happened to traffic on ORR? It's like dreams for last 4-5 days. No jams, pile ups. I wish this dream continues for some more time.

Enjoying every bit of it!

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Old 26th November 2010, 16:03   #2448
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I have also noticed it,ORR had become better. And my Punto MJD E+ gives 15 with AC on 100%.
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my swift VDi gives me around 13.5 to 14.5 in city and max i get on highways is 16.

actually i cannot term it as highway because 20kms of traffice to cross city and again 10km of traffic to enter into the destination (city)

Once it gave me 19kmpl since i drove only below 90 and that to gradually shifting gears-read as using all gearing to the max
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Old 29th November 2010, 12:04   #2450
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my recent trip to Coorg in Zen'99 is 15kmpl with speeds 80-100kmph and ghat section in 1-2-3 with lots of bad roads! AC 15-20%

Tyres were new brand new, Michelin 155/70R13. Old ones were JKTyre 145/70R13
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Old 29th November 2010, 12:21   #2451
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My Swift P (G series engine) gives me an efficiency of 12-13 kms per liter. On open roads, the maximum it has given is 15 once (Chennai - Tirupathi)
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Grande Punto MJD Fule Efficiency (Tankful to tankful method)
City - 12/13 Highway - 19/20

My dad's all new Linea T-Jet - City - 9/10
Last week drove for 1430 kms and quite impressed with performance. MFD showed 16.58 KMPL.
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Old 29th November 2010, 17:29   #2453
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Default M800 - 98 make - 20.7 kmpl

My 'First Love' gave me a milage of 20.7kmpl tank full to tank full method.
Was crusing at 80kmph. With 60% A/C. A stretch of 590kms was covered in 12 hrs. with 1 lunch break of 40 mins.\

Filled shell petrol for the first time in it.
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Old 29th November 2010, 17:54   #2454
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Default My i20

City - 12 - 13 kmpl
On highway a.: 14.5 - 16kmpl ( driven at 80 - 120 kmph)
b.: 17 - 18 kmpl ( driven at 60 - 80, occasional 100kmph)

My car is most driven on highways.. so the fuel efficiency is not a worry !
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Default swift VDi 2009

My swift has 26k on odometer, has given 16.8kmpl in city and 22kmpl on highway, only once i had got 26kmpl when i drove from bangalore to hassan with 4 people on board and speed maintained between 60-80kmphr.

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Below are the figures for my cars in India:

2003 Toyota Corolla: City - 12 kmpl, Highway: 14 kmpl.
2003 Hyundai Santro: City - 12 kmpl. (No highway trips in this car at all)
2010 Merc C220 CDI: 10 kmpl. (This should improve as the car is driven for only 1000 kms so far)

These are figures for my cars in usa:

2005 Toyota Corolla: City - 32 MPG, Highway: 38 MPG. (I have driven this car for 150K Miles and still going string without any major expenses)
2009 Toyota Camry: City - 24 MPG, Highway: 30 MPG
2008 BMW 550i: City - 13 MPG, Highway: 16 MPG

All figures are with 100% AC on and based on Tank full to Tank full method.
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Old 30th November 2010, 10:30   #2457
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Default Mileage

Swift VDI 2007 - 17.2kmpl at 50% AC(City + ORR),22.4kmpl on highways(Erratic speeds)..Did a Bangalore Mangalore trip in Sept at decent speeds and could achieve 24.5kmpl

Ford Ikon TDCI 2008 - 16.8kmpl on 75%AC(Bangalore City)
23.4kmpl on Highways
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Old 30th November 2010, 10:37   #2458
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My Car's fuel efficiency
Chevrolet Optra : With 100% AC
Highway alone - 14Kmpl
City alone - Max 10Kmpl

Wagon R(2005) :
Without AC
Highway alone - 20.5Kmpl
City alone - 16 Kmpl

With AC
Highway alone - 19 Kmpl
City alone - 14.5 Kmpl
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Old 1st December 2010, 18:52   #2459
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My 2009 Dzire VDI gives 14 to 16 in city and 17 to 19 in highways with 70 % AC

2002 Esteem VXI gives 11 to 13 on average with 70% AC, no matter whether it is highway or city traffic.
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Old 1st December 2010, 19:07   #2460
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My Santro Zip+ 2002 acheives 14.8 kmpl in city and 13 with AC. On highways car gives 18kmpl at decent speeds with 100% AC on.

I ensure to tank up in Reddy Bunk in Sheshdripuram or Cauvery Bunk near Lalbagh.
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