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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Latest economy numbers after 20k paid service from last 2 tank fills, Daily drive is approx 90mins one way for ~22kms.

Car: Figo TDCi Titanium
Year: 2010 /Apr
Current ODO: 21500
FE (City): 14.72 for 1123 kms post service.
Tire Pressure: 32Psi
A/C on 90% of time

FE (Highways): 21-24 (~100 Kmph), haven't measured lately.

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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Chevrolet beat
August 2010
City 10-11(70% AC)
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Originally Posted by ethanhunt123 View Post
I am sure on GQ roads, i would get 12.5-13.5 as you can cruise at 130-140 without lots of braking and acceleration. Most of my highway runs are on 2 laned NH's combined with Ghat sections where you have trucks/tractors and all sorts of slow moving traffic criss crossing leading to braking and manic acceleration. I have a Blr-Chennai trip coming up in a month's time and will check FE then.

BTW i noticed that i get ~1kmpl more for HP Power / BP Speed compared to normal fuel. Have you noticed this as well ? Problem though is, with petrol prices, most bunks near my house here in Blr dont stock premium fuel.
You got to check no Blre-Chn trip and sure to get around 14. You can cruise at 140 at the Krishnagiri-Ranipet section.
I have never used Power or Speed petrol, as my dealer in Chennai advised against it. He said it is not to do with FE, but you get a bit more acceleration and torque! Well, that's what he said.!
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Recently did couple of long drives, Dzire ZDI

1) Bangalore-Coimbatore-Yercaud(Hill)-Bangalore, travelled around 80 Km in Yercaud. Total distance covered in this trip - 907Kms. Speed maintained was 100-110(90% AC) and got a mileage of 19.03

2) Bangalore - Bandipur - Bangalore, total distance covered 462. Speed maintained was around 80 and occasionally went upto 100(100% AC). This trip also included travel within Mysore city. got a mileage of 20.38

In bangalore city traffic, it ranges between 15 to 16 with 100% AC ON. Current ODO is 9700+
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Ford Endeavour 3.0L 4x4 AT (new ~45 days old not yet 1st serviced). From what I've measured so far. (note that the template headings are mis-leading, the values are kmpl not mpg)

What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?-fe.jpg

The above includes occasional bumper-to-bumper, crawling traffic in city. Also add 60-90 seconds of idling before drive and before switch off. Also idles when waiting in long queues for nitrogen (once a month).

That 95% AC part was a 950kms long trip between Chennai - Trichy (and places adjoining Trichy).
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Santro: I fill petrol worth Rs. 1500 and get 375 kms out of it. So my mileage comes to around 17 odd. Nice figures, no? But I want a bigger car. :-)
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Our Jaguar XF in U.K., was recently showing 38.6 MPG which is about 13.5 KMPL. This is overall milage after 9000 miles with a 3.0 Litre Diesel, 275 PS engine. How's that for a 1.8 ton car
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

1) Maruti Sx4 Petrol : 8kmpl, city driving, 100% AC on.
2) Toyota Innova D4D: 11kmpl, 80% City/20% Highway.
3) Mercedes E270 CDI : 9kmpl City, 100% AC on.
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car: FIAT Grande Punto MJD Emo Pk
Run: 568 km
Fuel: 32.87
Avg: 17.28 kmpl
ACC: At 23, Always ON
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

On a recent trip to Yercaud, I clocked 17.8 on my NHC!! BLR to Yercard and back..
Steady 80-90km per hr with about 50% AC (was off only when the air was super good).. The roads are truly amazing - no wonder wifey calls it Toll-Nadu instead of Tamil Nadu

And to top it, this includes some ghat driving as well!
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

I checked FE for my car through the full tank auto cut-off method.

Car: Alto LXI
Odo: 60,100
City FE: 20.5 kmpl without AC
Not checked highway FE
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

For those who are getting low fuel efficiency from Maruti K10.

Till I went for the third service in end July (3,600 km in one year), I was getting reasonable FE : 12-15 in B2B traffic and 19+ on highways with AC always on. To my horror m FE dropped to practically half, after the service. Till then I used to get 200km when the Fuel Bar came to 6 bars, now I am getting 100km when on sixth bar.

The jobs done during service

1. Change Oil
2. Check Air Filter - no need to change, cleaned.
3. Check Spark plugs - no need to changed, just cleaned.
4. Pressure washing and cleaning

To day I visited my friendly neighbourhood mechanic to figure out what had gone wrong. On opening the Spark Plugs we found them full of soot, a sign of very rich petrol-to-air mixture. The Air Filter seemed OK, but the mechanic claimed that it was choked, most probably due to water the service personnel used to clean it. So I went and changed the filter. Let us see if the FE goes back to normal.

The point to note is that if you find a drastic lowering of FE after a service or after traversing water, the Modern Air Filter may be the culprit.

For those interested here are the average distance for the Fuel Bar
10 : Full Tank
9 : 60
8 : 110
7 : 160
6 : 200
5 : 260
4 : 300
3 : 340
2 : 380
1 : 410
Blink 430
By the time I fill up it is another 20 km. So say 450 km for 30L average, I have got as low as 400 and as high as 550 fro a tank of petrol, with AC on.
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi.
Odo: 35,532.

Mileage measured for the past 2000 kms.

Best FE: 52.76 kmpl
Avg FE: 46.41 kmpl.
Worst FE: 43.10 kmpl.
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Bajaj CT100 : 83 kmpl
Fiat 137D : 21.xx kmpl
ikon 1.8D: 15-16 kmpl
tavera : 14 kmpl.

In sub-urban traffic.
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Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Swift Vxi: 12KMPL, Bangalore City Driving, 50% AC
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