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Originally Posted by DueLLeR
MiledgeDrive® is a registered trademark of Dueller Inc. All rights reserved.
How about licensing your technique/technology to the others so that they can avail good FE?

But seriously guys, I was looking at some of the Palios and Petras (petrol) and the FE is really decent and comprable to Corsas, Accents etc. Wonder how it got the reputation of a gas guzzler.
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June 1999 Maruti Esteem LX:-

11kmpl in City,AC ON 95% time
16.5kmpl Highway AC ON 95% time
18kmpl Highway AC OFF

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honda city ,1.3 :- 9kmpl with ac in city,11 with ac on a highway with ac on :(
zen :- 12kmpl with ac.never took it on a highway so dunno bout the high way
opel astra :- GOD!!!!!!!PLS GIFT ME A PETROL PUMP ON THIS BIrTHDAY hehe 6kmpl in city with ac, 8kmpl on a highway
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My car's fuel Efiiciency are as follows


Santro 10.5-12 14

Palio 1.2 8.5-9 11.5

OHC 1.5 10-11 11-15

Octavia 1.9TDI 11-13 15-18

Corolla 9.5-11.5 12-15

All City figures are Delhi with Ac on 90% of the times.

The best figures I have ever achieved on the above cars are as-
(With AC)
OHC- 16.2
Octavia- 20
Corolla- 15.3
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hey y'all...

i do the top up to top up...and the automatic stop on the fuel pumps are the best way to calculate...theres always a litre or so more that can be squeezed in.....

alto Lx - city with a/c - 12Kmpl
- city without a/c - 14kmpl
Indica DLS - cith w/ a/c - 14kmpl
- city w/o a/c - 16kmpl
Palio 1.2 - city w/ac - 11kmpl (no without a/c figures as dad drives itand he cant take madras heat!!)

doeas K&n airfilter do anythin for mileage?.. thinkin bout it it for my alto... also anyone got any mileage increase with IOC premium or BP speed?


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My Santro 1.0 gives 15 kmpl in city conditions. But then, a lot of its time is spent on the Ring Road. Also, a very light throttle foot. Baleno is somewhere around 12-13, but never checked.

All figures without A/C on.
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Car - Baleno
with the AC on all the bloody time!

In City Figs -
Avg, 8.75 ,
(But i tend do do short runs in high traffic areas most of the time)
Best - 10.0
Worst - bad traffic & Lead foot, 8.0

Highway - with the AC (again)
13.5, doing a decent clip

I wish my city mileage was better, but it cant be helped.
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well, here are my needles to the haystack....


Maruti 800 mpfi-19 kmpl.
Zen mpfi-18 kmpl.
alto mpfi-18 kmpl.
Esteem mpfi-19 kmpl.
Indica V2 diesel-20 kmpl.
Indigo diesel-20 kmpl.
Tata safari-13 kmpl.
Hyundai accent crdi-21 kmpl..!!!!
HH splendor-68 kmpl...!!!!!!!

as for the worst figures.....

Tata estate- 9 kmpl.
Daewoo cielo-4 kmpl, flat out; it's a manual, by the way...
Tata safari- 8.0 kmpl- flat out, again...
OHC vtec- 8.0- dunno if you're gonna believe this... was my uncle's friend's car, i borrowed it for a day, ripped in each gear till 6500 r.p.m, and this's what i got.....
Palio diesel-8.5 kmpl...
Opel astra petrol- 6 kmpl.
Ambassador petrol Mark IV- 7 kmpl.
Contessa 1.8 carb- 7kmpl.
Maruti gypsy 4X4- 7 kmpl...same story....
Ford ikon 1.6- 6 kmpl.
Hyundai accent gls-6 kmpl.
Ford escort petrol- 6 kmpl.

and the story goes on.....
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Here are the figures... Not 36-25-36

E-Class 220CDI
City - 10/11
Hway- 14/16

Accord Auto
City - 7
Hway - 9/10

Skoda 1.9TDI
City - 14/15
Hway- 20/21

City - 10
Hway - 13

City - 10
Hway -12

City - 10
Hway - 12
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Ford Ikon 1.3 (CLXI) : highways: 15-16
City: 10-12

HH Splendor+: City: 48kms
Highways: 59kms.
If anyone knows a good machanic in BLR for HH, let me know. I need to rectify the FE.
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My Palio NV gives following figures....

City : 14-15 AC-25%. Also consider the fact that I live near Wakad i.e. outskirts of Pune. So bumper to Bumper traffic % is 20 % only. Usually drives in 3rd or 4th gear.

Highway : 17-18 A/C 50%

Couple of my friends bought Palio NV with me. They too have similar figures. I dont know why people say that Palio gives low milage.
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Scorpio Diesel SLX - Dec'2004

City - 8.5 to kmpl with AC
Highway - 9.5-10 kmpl with AC
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My Palio NV, city 12-13 highway 16
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My Palio 1.2ELX (2001 Dec) kmpl in highway..& in slow traffic it gives 11-13kmpl always with AC ON.

My oldie FIAT 1100D gives 10-11 kmpl in Slow & a max 14kmpl in Highway.

Atleast by this thread let all know that Palio has decent mileage..coupled other lots of goodies. Its a better VFM package anyday.

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i cant beleive it your city figures are hard to achieve even on a highwayin normal conditions.
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