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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Hyundai Venue 2019 Diesel 1.4 MT (BS4)
Tank Capacity (As per owners manual) : 45 litres
I usually refill after the fuel low light turns up (Living life on the edge ).
I always fill it to the brim which makes is ~ 50 litres.
City+ Highway Range : 750~850 kms.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Hyundai Verna (Diesel) - 2014

Fuel Tank - 45L
City Range - 560 km (Approx.)
Highway Range - 800 km (approx.)
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car and Engine: Tata Nexon 2022 1.2L Turbo Petrol Manual

City Range (City): 350-400km ~9kmpl in Bangalore

Highway Range (Sports): 750-800 km
Other than overtaking, I drive heavily on cruise control between 85-95kmph.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Volkswagen Vento 1.2 TSI (Petrol)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 55L
Real range in City: ~650 km (Average fuel economy:~11.8 kmpl)
Real range on Highways: ~900 km (Average fuel economy:~16 kmpl)
Real range on Expressways: ~1000+ kms driven at 90 kmph (Average fuel economy:~18-19 kmpl)

I regularly take Delhi-Meerut expressway as my home (Indirapuram, Ghaziabad) is next to it. This helps me attain a good fuel economy in the city.

Also, Michelin Primacy 4ST tyres have also increased the fuel economy by ~0.8 kmpl since it has lesser rolling resistance which can be felt if you do coasting. Lastly, I always maintain a tyre pressure of 33 psi.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Tata Hexa XTA 2.2l varicor 400
Tank: 65l
Typically fill 55l from the time refuel warning is displayed
City: 400 kms, 7-8 kmpl
Highway: 650+ kms. Can do Pune-Goa with 1/4 tank remaining. 14-15 kmpl

Skoda Fabia 1.6l petrol
Tank: 45l
Typically fill 35l from the time refuel light glows on display
City: 400 kms, 10-12 kmpl
Highway: 550+ kms. 14-15 kmpl

Its a pleasure to drive Hexa on highways. Very nice ride and minimal driver fatigue together with loads of space for our family of 4 + 1 big dog (3rd row folded).

Fabia with its peppy 1.6l engine is great to zip around in city traffic. Is terrific on highways too, although these days it doesnt do too many highway runs.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Hyundai Aura SX CNG

CNG Tank: ~8.5 Kgs
City Range: 170 kms (19-21 km/kg)
Highway Range: 210 kms (24 km/kg)

Petrol Tank: 37 Litres
City Range: 480 kms
Highway Range: 560 kms

These figures are for regular driving style. I was neither trying to extract maximum fuel economy nor trying to push the car very hard.

Skoda Laura Diesel
Diesel Tank: 55L
City Range: 550 kms
Highway Range: 950 kms
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga VXI- 2021, K15B Petrol Manual, 1462cc
Fuel tank size: 45liters

City tank range: 630 km, ~14.0 kmpl- Bangalore driving
Highway tank range: 720- 750 km ~16 - 17kmpl (or more if speed is maintained @ ~90kmph)

Refuel usually around 100km DTE reading, avg 35 liters refill
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Baleno : 35 litres and does 550-570 easily( DTE) , used mostly on highways.
I think on reserve as well it will easily run 40-50 kms minimum as i think Maruti has aggressively set Fuel empty warning.

Nano : 15 litres , does 210-230 in City, we are easily able to fill 1-2 litres extra in it as it being a daily driver needs frequent refueling. I am going to check if the Genx 24 litre tank can be retrofitted easily.

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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: XUV700 D AT AWD
Fuel tank size: 60L
City tank range: 550-600KM (~10kmpl)
Highway tank range: 780KM (~13kmpl)
Mixed usage: 690KM (~11.5kmpl)


Car & Engine: Nexon EV Max
Fuel tank size: 40.5 KWh
City tank range: 300KM
Highway tank range: NA (only City use)

From my experience - keeping costs and comfort aside, the biggest difference between the two w.r.t range and usage has been the peace of mind that a traditional non EV provides - I never ever have to think of the fuel levels in my car when I pick the keys while heading out, filling up gas at the station is a tops 5 mins activity + I don't have to look up for gas stations beforehand + i dont have to deviate from my route a bit.

But when it comes to my EV, the battery percentage is always on top of my head when I pick the keys and needs a bit of a check to see if its enough for the drive specially when it's an impromptu one and the battery is below 50%. If you need a charger enroute then you need to look it up before hand + have about 10-15 apps pre-installed on phone + many times its either inside a mall, not working, already occupied etc. I would say filling up gas is like picking food from a fast food drive through whereas charging EV is like those fine dining restaurants - needs planning and takes time.No such issues whatsoever when it comes to regular routine trips though, like office commute, school drops etc.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car: Volvo S60 2015 D4 | Mileage - 103000 Kms
Fuel tank size: 70L
City tank range: 750 Km.
Highway tank range: 1000 odd km. Can go upto 1100 if driven sedately


Car: Glanza 2019 CVT | Mileage 32000 kms
Fuel tank size: 37L
City tank range: Approximately 400-450 km
Highway tank range: 600 odd km
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Ford Ecosport Manual (1.5L Diesel)
Fuel tank size: 52L
City tank range: 600 km, but I usually fill up at 120-150 km.
Highway tank range: 770 - 800 odd km. I try to maintain between 90 - 100/110.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

C-class 2L Diesel
Tank: 65
Typically filled when tank is half empty
City: 700 kms, 10-14 kmpl
Highway: 1000 kms. 13-18 kmpl
I have done trip to home town with just 1/2 tank, covering 600+KM
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Volkswagen Virtus 1.0 Highline MT
Fuel tank size: 45 L (goes up to 46.5 on auto cut-off)
City tank range: 520 km (average tank to tank consumption of 11.75 km/l)
Highway tank range: 750 km to 800 kms (have observed mileage going up to 21 km/l, but can assume it to be 17-18 in 75% cruising and 25% moving traffic situations)

Extremely satisfied. The mileage does fall drastically if the turbo is engaged vigorously for long durations. I generally use the turbo push to get to cruising speeds of 80-90 and then just coast in the 6th gear. In bumper to bumper traffic, the auto start/stop has been a boon, but I have my apprehensions regarding the effects it would have on spark plugs, starter motor, battery (due to AC and music system staying on). But still a good feature that enhances the practicality of this beautiful car and engine within the city.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Ford ecosport 1.5D manual -80k kms (2013)

Tank capacity - 50L

City range - ~700kms
Highway range - 1000+ kms

I believe the only cars crossing the 1000km mark on this thread are the audi A6, merc C class and Volvo S60
Truly feels phenomenal fueling up after a month of commuting.

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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Vehicle & Engine: 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - 2.4L 4Cyl + Electric motor with e-CVT
Fuel Tank size: 55L
City Range: 890-920 Km
Highway Range: 700-740 Km

Thanks to the heavy traffic in evening rush hour traffic, I'm mostly on battery power (EV70:ICE30) till I reach home.
On the highway I've noticed that the EV motor steps in once in a while to maintain cruising speed and the ratio goes to approx EV20:ICE80.
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