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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: 2014 Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol MT 1.2L
Fuel tank size: 43L
City tank range: 400-450km in peak Bengaluru traffic
Highway tank range: 550 - 600km driving at <100 kmph, usually refill at approximately 400km from trusted bunks in the highway.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car and Engine: Mahindra Marazzo 2019 m8 seven seater 1.5 L diesel MT
Fuel Tank 45 L
I usually get between 650 and 700 km per full tank. One full tank is enough for 8/9 days for me, which includes driving from home to work and back. Even on the highway, I get almost the same fuel efficiency since there is a lot of idling when traveling with my family.

Once, when I had about half a tank left, approximately 25 liters of diesel gave me around 400 km of range when I went to Trivandrum.

I usually fill up the tank when the Distance to Empty (DTE) shows between 80 to 100 km. The low fuel warning starts blinking, and the auto cut-off occurs around 45 liters. I then fill it up to the brim, which takes around 47 liters of diesel.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: 2020 Altroz XT 1.2 NA Petrol

Fuel tank size: 37L

City tank range: 400-450km in normal Bangalore Traffic usually get around 10.5-12.5 KMPL the with AC at around 27-27.5 Degrees. I stay near BTM and mostly take it out to places like HSR, E-City, Whitefield etc. Usually refill when the distance to empty is around 50KMs

Highway tank range: 650 - 750km cruising at 80 kmph in the Eco mode with AC at 27-27.5 Degrees, usually refill when the distance to empty is around 100-150 KMs. i mostly get good mileage figures on the Highways.

BTM Bangalore to Ecity (Peak Office Time): 11KMPL
BTM to Whitefield (This Weekend): 12.5KMPL
Chennai to Bangalore to & fro : 20-22KMPL
Chennai to Yelagiri (had a good amount of hill climbing): 18KMPL
Bangalore to Coorg (had a good amount of hill climbing): 19KMPL

Here are some samples:

This was one of the best i have seen so far. Taken after i reached Bangalore from Chennai. I prefer driving at night so that also adds a bit to the mileage figures. When calculated from Tank to Tank it was around 23.8 so the figures in the instrument cluster were close.
What is your car's tank range?-20211015_060634.jpg

This was taken while were having a break in the same trip.
What is your car's tank range?-20211015_030126.jpg
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car - Ford EcoSport S
Model - 2021 BS6
Engine - 1.5L TDCi
Tank Capacity - 52L*
A/C is always ON at 24C

City Range - 750 kms as per my usage in moderate traffic
Highway Range - 850 to 900 kms with cruising speed of 100 km/hr

*I fill up as soon as the low fuel lamp is lit up and car takes in around 45L fuel

Car - Ford Endeavour Titanium
Model - 2019 BS4
Engine - 2.2L TDCi
Tank Capacity - 80L*
A/C is always ON at 25C

City Range - 650-700kms. The car is mostly used for drives in excess of 150kms.
Highway Range - 900-1100 kms. Efficiency is sensitive after crossing 100 km/hr. If driven at 80km/hr, she does 15+kmpl. Highest range clocked is 1106 kms on Noida - Navi Mumbai road-trip. Rajasthan has many interceptors on national highway hence maintained 80km/hr throughout the state.

*Tank seems to be larger than 80L since she gulps 75+ liters with 80kms to go. Checked on multiple fuel pumps.
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What is your car's tank range?-img_20200224_192836.jpg  

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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Verna 4S (2015) 1.6 CRDi
Fuel tank size: 43L
City tank range: ~550 KM (normal traffic)
Highway tank range: ~800 KM, if maintaining speed around 90 km/h. It declines drastically if pushed hard.
(The range calculation is based on 40L)
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Ford Figo Aspire Titanium (1.5 Diesel)
Fuel tank size: 42L
City tank range: 450-550kms. I've gotten max around 450 kms on a full tank during a couple of months when I had no highway usage but I didn't wait till it was completely empty, I filled up at around 60kms~ remaining on the DTE. I'm sure I can push it to 500kms and above if I drive very sedately.
Highway tank range: 1000-1100kms. Highway efficiency of this engine is insane, I've got close to 30kmpl t2t on multiple occasions (usually around 25-26) and I am not even a road slug.


Car & Engine: Tata Tiago XZ (1.2 Petrol)
Fuel tank size: 35L
City tank range: 300-350kms. I'm not disappointed by this as I knew the FE numbers wouldn't be as high as a maruti, but I wanted a safe well built city car so I don't mind the compromise.
Highway tank range: 500-600kms. I've gotten around 19-20kmpl t2t on highways. Tiago isn't used for highway runs anymore because I have a diesel car now.

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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: 2020 Tata Harrier
Fuel tank size: 50L
City tank range: 550-600 km (11.0-12.0 kmpl)
Highway tank range: 750-800 km if driven spirited way in 110-140 kmph range (15.0-16.0 kmpl),
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Currently I have Ertiga Zxi+ with 1.5 L petrol engine. It consumes 42 Liters as per said capacity but I always put in more fuel, up to the level of tank lid, almost.

On highways, I get range of more than 700 kms. In city it comes down to 550 plus kms. But generally I never wait till tank to empty, generally fill it again when its 20-25% remaining.

Last month went to Goa with tank full in my style. We travelled around 430 kms to reach to hotel in Candolim beach, North Goa. When we reached, range in MID was still showing around 350 kms left. Tank was showing around 40% left.

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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car & Engine: Isuzu Vcross Std 4*4 2500cc Diesel
Fuel tank size: 56 Litres
City tank range: 500-550 km, but I usually fill up at 275 km.
Highway tank range: 740-880, best being 1112 kms for a tank when driven sedately.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Corolla Altis: 1.4L D4D Diesel Engine
Fuel Tank size: 50 litres
Highway Fuel efficiency: Can range from 16-21 depending on driving style
Highway Tank range: 800-1050 km

City Fuel Efficiency: 12-14
City Tank Range: On average, I fill it up once the trip-meter hits 550-600km. Could stretch it till 700-800, but do not see a point.
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Re: What is your car's tank range?

Car and Engine: MG HECTOR Diesel
Fuel Tank capacity: 60 litres

Range displays 999 kms after filling till auto cut off
What is your car's tank range?-screenshot_2023060317281614_92460851df6f172a4592fca41cc2d2e6.jpg
Average actual range with 80% Highway and 20% City - 1100 to 1200 kms

Usually I fill up when the range drops between 300 - 400 kms and by that time I would have driven a good 750 - 900 kms since the last fill-up.
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