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gTr 15th July 2004 18:43

Hey guys.
Well,i had first seen this Astra in November at my cousins building car-park.Thereafter came across this car regularly after this,but only in South Mumbai.
Then once during February,wen i was drivin down the Expressway from Pune with my group of friends and a total of 2 cars(skoda).
This car just zipped past ours like a bullet.At first we did'nt realise its an Astra,but it stopped at the Food Mall a lil ahead.We stopped right besides the car to be amazed.

It had a modified front grille,wit a different front n rear matt finish painted hood,with some lovely skirtings and red neons beneath the chassis,a black alluminium wing spoiler,and needless to mention the double exhaust system wit a mindblowing sound.....dunno bout the interiors though as it had dark black tints.
Then 1ce i reached mumbai,after a few days i see this car outside H.R.I asked my sis who studies in the same college as to who this car belongs to,as to which she just said,"maybe a student or a Ex-junkie of this coll".
I had to leave India the following day.So i dunno where the car is now.But yeah,an absolute psycho driver behind the wheels as i seen him drive in traffic conditions too......

Woooo,and trust me pal this car was fast and it rocked.Probably the only modded astra i've seen in Mumbai.
Any clue who this car belongs to???

P.s : pics captured in nov 2003.

Rtech 15th July 2004 18:49

I think I've seen this car a few times while at the haji-Ali signal. IMO, i think it looks quite terrible! I've seen way better Astra's than this.

But i'm confused though, did you mean you saw the same car later on and it had been modified from what it is in your pics?


gTr 15th July 2004 19:01

yeah,i meant this 1 which was later modded......but the fully modded version was way superior,and the engine was raw power i feel.

adityapd 15th July 2004 19:27

Has anyone heard of LPG/CNG kits being fitted to astras ? Used astras (97-98 models and above) are availbale for a song in the second hand market

The astra is well known for its awesome build quality , riding comfort, safety, etc... so buying one from the *used car market and fitting it with one of those kits would really make this beast "frugal" on the pocket too...a terrific value proposition !!!

what say guys ?


GTO 15th July 2004 21:14

Darn, this is so gawdy! And I cant understand how ignorant idiots put a ralliart sticker on everything from Astras to Tata Sierras - Ralliart is only Mitsubishi!!


navin 16th July 2004 17:30

hey i have an astra. 1996. can anyone recomend a shop where the engine mod can be reliably done.

Shan2nu 16th July 2004 17:52

That's a bad modification. Even the stickers are wrongly placed. From no angle does this car look balanced.

Red side mirrors on a white car?? Reminds me of those old hindi movies where Jitendra and gang used to dance about in their red shirts and white pants. LOL

This car could have looked so much better.

I just hope i never see a team-bhp sticker on this car.


navin 16th July 2004 18:04


At the risk of getting kicked of this forum...i must add....

Lets not put down the car or person. Maybe it is not to your taste. Somone put his/her heart and soul and a good deal of money into the car. He/She probably is proud of the car.

Just let it ride.

Shan2nu 16th July 2004 18:24

U got a point there Navin, maybe we were a bit harsh. But, i still don't agree, that car looks good enough to be appreciated.

I'm very frank with what i say, i've openly said that i hate the NHC's styling even though i'm a hardcore Honda fan. If my Vtec had an average engine, i'd have sold it long back.

Maybe after reading these posts, the owner will make an effort to change it.

Xterior styling (atleast in India) is used, only to make a car look good. And when it doesn't, it's our job to let them know about it.

Bottom line is, the car looks ugly, i'm sorry but, that's how it is.


v12 16th July 2004 18:29

The only good modded Astra i've seen are DCs Opel Astra Touring and also a blue Astra with modded front bumpers. Very much similar to that of the 360 [sorry for the comparo].

Anyways i find this Astra pretty OK.

GTO 16th July 2004 18:39


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Shan2nu/GTO,

At the risk of getting kicked of this forum...i must add....

Lets not put down the car or person. Maybe it is not to your taste. Somone put his/her heart and soul and a good deal of money into the car. He/She probably is proud of the car.

I cant stress enough that NO member will ever be kicked out of this forum for honest opinions. Every member is equally important to us, and individual views/opinions are highly valued on Team-BHP.

Only members who intentionally create trouble with abusive language spamming and the like will be dealt with strictly.


Rtech 16th July 2004 19:57

hey, everything in the world is relative. whats good lookin to me may look plain ugly to someone else.

What Navin says is spot on, but remember, this is an open forum, and negative comments are all part of it. we can't have everyone agreeing here now can we, that'll just be too boring!!


artofzen 17th July 2004 17:11

i am only concerned with alloys and i shud say thi sone aint that good..;-) ...i think that was te old design and at that time it mite have been the rage..

hey gto ,post more of your CJ photos pal...and is ralliart ,the racing/rallying arm of mitsubishi

lamborghini 18th July 2004 01:30

my bro taking me to see his friends modified car.
he says its unrecognizeable.
when i see it i will post pics.
the cars meant to have acc. worth 13 lakhs incld a top of the line system.
my brother claims its an astra
will come to know when i hv a look

gTr 18th July 2004 03:12

Well,i knew i wud get a mixed opinion on this car......But seeing is believing.I myself dunt appreciate the car in the pics,but then if u look at the fully modified version of it,dude it rocks.I mean it looked so very different.
Those Ralliart stickers do look sick to me,but then all the stickers on the car are imported.look at the print n u'll know.u cant even get then made here.
the skirtings,spoiler,bumpers,neons,exhaust were mindblowing....the bonet fabricated,and if u cud only see the car at its peak pace......
Well,in my opinion we shud'nt be offending the owner of this car much,as he must've put his heart in2 it.rtech and navin said it right......
and besides that 1 does need ballz enuff to #### around wit the engine of this car.its not a lancer or a city.....freakin german.......and think bout the average he wud be gettin after all dis!!! my frank opinion as i think im the only 12c the car in person,i really liked it.....sumthin different than the usual lancer,city,esteem,zen etc......


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