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vishnuvijay 24th July 2007 23:05

Where have all the cars from 60's and 70's gone?
Hi guys. Back in the 60's and 70's we had a lot of imported cars here in India, mostly from the USA. Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Dodges etc. They were widely used even in the movies of that era along with ambassadors and fiats. I have seen them being used in a vast number of old south indian movies as well. It's special to watch these cars in Indian movies than English movies for some reasons i just can't explain.

But where have these cars disappeared? Some years back, you could see old Imapalas in dust and rust in the roadside workshops but now even they are not to be seen. Are they all scraped to be recycled?

If you or your parents or your grandparents or friends or neighbours etc ever owned or still owning any of these beauties, please mention it here. I'm not talking about vintage cars, but amercian cars from the 60's and 70's brought to India, used and then scrapped. Please mention the model/year/color/engine spec(if you can) etc. Pictures are not necessary.:)

Does anybody know of any Shelby Mustangs in india?

vishnuvijay 24th July 2007 23:09

oops. i think i have posted this thread in the wrong section.

1100D 24th July 2007 23:29

Dont know what you are trying to dig up, but there is a thread/graveyard for these in our forum.

My granddad (Fmily) had a few cars over a period of time few of which I have seen and remember, one of them had survived through but then I can remember a Dodge Royal and a Willys. He also had a Mercedes 190 (ponton) and a plethora of cars from Chevrolets to Buick. A foreign car dealer was his Brother in law who used to supply cars to Bhutan. Who in turn owned some Mosckvitch's an Volga's as well.

Gordon 24th July 2007 23:35

There is another thread too:

A look at supercar imports from the 80s/90s

vishnuvijay 25th July 2007 01:46


Originally Posted by Gordon (Post 510777)

hi gordon, i was pointing to cars imported from USA during the 60's and 70's.

anybody ever saw or heard about shelby mustangs in india?

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