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jesal 29th July 2004 13:30

hey pplz. i havta go to DC today to find out about the luxury vans he makes. we are looking out for a 6 seater luxury van with all the imp. things like. bed, DVD player, chemical toilet and most of those imp things. can ne1 suggest wht chassis to order for and is DC the only one who makes them. if there are others and their work is good plz forward a link here, id like to hear from u . i have no idea about the cost, but cost is not at all a problem from what i am seeing. plz help out asap. thx a lot

Psycho 29th July 2004 14:01

The best Chasis for a van according to me would be the Mitsubishi Voyager. Have seen a lot of them being roughed around still performing... God the way the UPS drivers drive them around you would expect them to fall apart but they seem to be lasting really well. Havent heard to many negatives about them either.

As for going to coach builder's the first thing is the trust and the finish quality that would be completely dependent on the people you would know personally.

salil_kulkarni 29th July 2004 14:26

Dc's overall quality might look good cos of the kinda paint he uses, but he uses loads of filler coats under the paint which can be a big problem if ur paint gets chipped later on.
you gotta decide on a budget dude, to actually work out what base would be best. and the fact that you want a bed and stuff, then u gotta look big like a tempo traveller or something.

bhp 29th July 2004 14:29

hey jesal .
u can check with parikh coach builders

jesal 29th July 2004 16:02

the round off cost is around 6 + 12 + whtever electronics i want. so lets see goin to him in a while

jesal 17th August 2004 23:44

nikibusa i tried calling u yday plz call me on 9820169116 asap. regarding the DC van

aadix 18th August 2004 02:52

jesal stay far far away from the voyager, we had one to transposrt the staff and once a week it need to go to the garage for something or the other, finnally we sold it in ayear and bought a tempo traveller, that too gave us a bit of trouble

now we use tata sumos for staff transport,

hey why dont you check out the versa???

aadix 18th August 2004 02:53

or a second hand merecedes mb100/140 vans, i see quite a few in hyd for 6.5 to 8 lacs category in hyd

jesal 18th August 2004 12:56

voyager no no no. we want a bathroom as well and 6 ppl conference table kinda thing as well. versa and the merc do not have that facility i guess. so does not make sense. bsides no point gettin a used car in this huge mess. nikibusa call me asap man my dad is killing me here we need info asap so that i can buy the car tempo whatever and give it to u for the mods

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