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Palio 1.6 Stile Sport 68 58.12%
Swift DDiS 49 41.88%
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Old 8th August 2007, 09:09   #1
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Default Fun to drive hatch- Palio 1.6 Stile v/s Swift DDiS!

A diesel against a petrol. Whats the comparison? Well- Loads, as a drive in both the cars revealed.

Palio 1.6 is the best among the powerful hatchbacks in the country. Picks up nicely from lower rpms even with ac on. After 3000 rpm, the pickup is awesome. Excellent midrange. Coupled with adequate seating, this is one car to have long distances trips in. But the petrol pump guys is going to be your friend soon. Also the low-end response is not all that great either though the cars pulls cleanly from low rpms.

So, is their no other hatch to match the fun to drive factor of the Palio 1.6?

The answer is yes! But its not the Swift petrol, but the diesel. The torque machine pushes you into the seat at 2k rpms, and picks up speed amazingly fast. Outright power may be less than the Palio 1.6, but the torque more than makes up for it. Fun-to drive factor is right up there with the palio and it wont hurt your pocket either. Coupled with Maruti Suzuki service, its a package that can be ignored.

Ex- showroom price- Palio 1.6 Sport is priced at Rs. 4.39L in trivandrum while Swift diesel starts at 4.74L.

Palio 1.6
+ points
  1. 100 bhp
  2. Awesome midrange
  3. Comes loaded with features
  4. Good build quality.
  5. Space/comfort.
- points
  1. Mileage.
  2. After sales and availability of parts still not upto the mark.
  3. Quality of materials/build quality has gone down.
  4. ABS not an option.
  5. Engine noise is high both outside and inside the car.
Swift DDiS
+ points
  1. 75bhp, 190 Nm torque. Wonderful DDiS engine.
  2. Power surge @ around 2k rpm with turbo sure to be addictive.
  3. Mileage and economy of diesel.
  4. Excellent handling.
  5. Maruti Suzuki service.
- points
  1. Build quality- rattles are an issue.
  2. Waiting period!
  3. Space/comfort at backseat.
  4. less features compared to Palio 1.6.
  5. Ride quality a bit on the hard side, though better than Swift petrol.
As for my vote- I go with Swift diesel. Wonderful engine, fun to drive. Wont hurt the pocket either. Palio 1.6 has better pick up after 3000 rpm, but swift DDiS has more of usable power and excellent torque, and the power surge with turbo is addictive.

So guys- fun to drive hatch- Palio 1.6/ Swift DDiS?

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well you may call me a Fiat biased but Palio 1.6 (formula red) anyday compared to swift petrol or DDiS. But its a personal preference
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Yeppers Palio 1.6 in red anyday.
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Maybe you forgot to mention that the DDiS is almost a lakh more expensive than the Palio 1.6
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Well to zip around in the city on good roads, i'll take the Swift DDiS if it was priced atleast 50K less. That is one really highly priced car. But Maruti will sell it coz its sold and marketed by 'Maruti'. The engine is really cool. But as far as i see it, thats all. Everyone with a Swift(Petrol/Diesel) end up investing an extra 30-60K on acessories immediately after purchase. Its just coz the car does not have most things that we would want to have on sucha car. Again, if it was 50K less, i would surely go for it.

But for now. And Since you have mentiones 'Palio 1.6 Sport' and not the stile-ized version. I would go for the Palio 1.6 with closed eyes. But for the Stile, i'll surely look around a little but before buying. But for long drives and bad roads, Its always the Palio not the Swift.
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my choice will be the pocket rocket Palio 1.6.
awesome power to play around with great handling & the sound the engine make is bliss.
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Palio 1.6 Sport any day. Comfortable at long drive, macho looking. My vote goes to Palio 1.6 Sport in Canary Yellow colour.
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Lets not forget something which makes both this cars fun to drive hatch...FIAT

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Originally Posted by gemithomas View Post
But for now. And Since you have mentiones 'Palio 1.6 Sport' and not the stile-ized version.
Oops! It should have read Palio Stile 1.6, as thats the one available now.
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Swift DDiS=FTD+Mileage+A.S.S.+Looks+Peace of mind
Palio 1.6=FTD+Tank like build quality+Doors that close with a reassuring thud

I would pick Swift.

Butttttt.. if i was very rich (which i am not ), or Palio 1.6 was a Maruti car, i would have probably opted for it over Swift. Because, at heart, i am still a petrolhead.

Suzuki please give us the Swift Sport 1.6!
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so the question was ... do you love Fiat engine in a Fiat car or a Fiat engine in a Suzuki car?

I have a question what would you choose it it was Swift 1.6 and Palio DDIs?

OT, did you guys TD it last day?
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BS motoring has done a nice review, comparing the two in its august issue. The author thinks the Palio 1.6 it is.
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I was talking to one of my relative who runs service station and takes care of pretty much every car on the road. He says to get a normal spare for the fiat it takes around 10 to 15 days from the day it is put into the service. There is no counter sales in fiat service for the spares. So guys if want peace of mind go for maruti.
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CrazyDriver, you have made a great unbiased comparison.

I had to go through this debate as well.

Personally, rear/interiors of Stile 1.6 is a turnoff. The deciding factor of course was mileage. With my dads car already being a gas guzzler it would be crazy to opt for another. With this in mind we made a down payment for the VDi. I think the car will only be alloted around Christmas though :(

If your in need of the card immediately then Swift DDis is ruled out.

That being said, a black 1.6 stile, choice rims, tints and you have a HOT LOOKER (well except for the bum)

Finally, Fun to drive? At the moment - 1.6 Palio based on my experience with the GTX... but once the DDis is delivered!!!!!?!! So will vote then. HEheh

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If Swift handles better, does it mean Palio is just good in straight line only. Since this is a vote for fun to drive and not rear seat comfort. I would vote overwhelmingly for the Swift.
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