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ajmat 5th September 2004 17:59

Look s like they need to bump up the quality fasr - read here

Aditya 5th September 2004 18:11


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (ajmat @ Sep. 05 2004,16:29)]Look s like they need to bump up the quality fasr

You bet! It's a wonder they've been able to keep themselves in the international scene using the same old engine and without and significant improvement on the product. I guess, the price is the dictating factor here.

GTO 5th September 2004 18:27


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]And it drives like it looks. It steers like a hovercraft and smells like a swimming pool. But with only 89bhp to propel what is a Discovery-sized truck, any improvement on stationary is an achievement. The trick is to use your momentum, brake as little as possible, and pray you aren't required to change lanes suddenly, for environmental catastrophe will surely ensue.

They got what they deserve


Rudra Sen 5th September 2004 20:52

"Has it really come to this, that the fate of the last all-British car manufacturer lies in the hands of a few Indian trucks? Yes, I'm afraid that it has."

So what next from TATA's stable for those all-British? Marina?

shravan316 5th September 2004 23:02

They need to up their quality levels if they want to survive and get a good reputation in the European markets.....The Safari engine hasn't been changed for donkeys years now.

salil_kulkarni 6th September 2004 00:25

one chance for us to show them that we can make a decent car, and this is what we give them

GTO 6th September 2004 00:55

As Aditya told us this evening

"Its revenge time. The British gave up crap, and now we are returning the favor with even more crap - The Safaris and Indicas!!"


Rudra Sen 6th September 2004 10:49

In a bid to cut costs, British car maker MG Rover's engine division ? Powertrain Ltd ? is driving into India for producing and sourcing 2-litre common rail diesel engines. These engines will be locally produced by Punjab-based International Cars and Motors.

Source : Times of India


aadix 6th September 2004 12:55

hey rudra, the guy whose' factory is making those enigines is an member of, this was discussed there months back

the only postive point given in that article was abt the off roading capabilities!
wonder how many safari's in india go offroading!lol! and this is supposed to be india's premier suv!! wonder how the endeavour is.......

sriny_blr 6th September 2004 18:22

I remembered an ad in the BBC (cant remember bbc1 or 2 or 4) in uk. this was an ad of peugeot which was shot in India. a guy was jealous of another guys peuget car and makes his amassador car similar ame as peugeot using an elephant.... damn i hated it.
and now indica and safari is for Uk....

Hatari 8th September 2004 18:48

Rivals :
Any knackered old Land Rover; a horse and cart
hahahaaaaa !

says it all i think !

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