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jkdas 13th August 2007 11:34

Rates of phased out cars!
New cars at used ones's rates!

An article from rediff

benbsb29 13th August 2007 11:41

Checked out the link.
Hyundai Viva going at 4.5-5 Lakhs??! :Shockked:

Sahil 13th August 2007 11:48

The older V6 Vitara is a steal at 10 lakhs!
Where can one buy cars at these discounted prices?

Would be interesting to see figures for the current C-class on discount since new models due soon. MB usually gives huuge discounts to clear old stock.

Neel 13th August 2007 11:51

There was an ad for the MB C200K in today's edition of business standard.

LOW EMI or 9.99% Interest or Rs 29,999 EMI. Not sure it it was at a discounted price.

theMAG 13th August 2007 11:52

9 Lakhs for a used Elantra? Thats not right.

babhishek 13th August 2007 12:04


Originally Posted by theMAG (Post 530731)
9 Lakhs for a used Elantra? Thats not right.

Yeah! Definitely not right, if its a used one. These might be phased out in stock but new cars. However I took the TD for a Verna Diesel yesterday and as per the pricelist, an Elantra currently costs a few thousand above 9 lacs on road, here in Kolkata.

babureddy 13th August 2007 12:07

but guys, do anybody over have an idea about where do we get these phased out cars at those prices. even i read about it on rediff, but the place would help a lot of people here

compenn 13th August 2007 12:14

These seem to be new "unused" phased out cars.

Eg when a company like Maruti phased out Baleno there must have been few cars left with them in the factory which they probably sell through used car dealers.

As far as I know any dealer for any company gets the car from factory only when he makes full payment of the car. here I'm not referring to phased out models but current models. That is why dealers generally try and push the colour that they have when a new car is booked. And dealers stop buying the cars which they know is being phased out from the manufacturer.

There is a "New" i.e unused Accent Crdi 2006 model available with a Hyundai dealer near Akshardham temple Delhi.

weejai 13th August 2007 15:14

I am planning to buy a car (since my budget is less than 5l, I was looking at buying a used sedan), but if this is true, is anyone here on the forum aware of such discounts? if yes, please tell me where can I find one in Bangalore?

Baleno, Viva and Lancer are fantastic cars anyday....

GTO 13th August 2007 15:22

If you look hard enough, you might just get a fantastic deal. Will require homework but may be well worth it.

Line of the day :


*Although the company still makes the old Lancer, the Lancer Cedia
has dented sales of the older model
Hehehehe. HM will never improve its ways.

abhilashvk 13th August 2007 15:41

Well, I dont find this article true. Why should a dealer see his car through a used car dealer when he can sell it himself? As "compenn" mentioned the cars are released against the payment made by the dealer. So as a new car is introduced and the sales of the old model declines the dealer buy lesser cars. Sometimes as in the case of popular cars like Accent CRDi, Baleno etc which generally sell well, the dealer stocks them (if anybody been to Advaith Hyundai's stock yard on Mission road, Bangalore you could prob see close to a hundred Verna VGTs stocked) and when the sales reduce they sell them against cash discounts/ free accessories/ gift cheques when the old models gets phased out..

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