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normally_crazy 4th September 2004 16:03


just got a call from modi hyundai. read on,

modi - sir, have u inquired for an accent ?
me - no i havent.
modi - r u interested?
me - no , im not interested in an old model of hyundai.
modi - in any other car ?
me- u tell me?
modi- getz is being launched
me - when?
modi-10th of sept
me- when do i get a test drive
modi - sir we'll call u on the 9th or 10th

so what do u make of it?


Rudra Sen 4th September 2004 17:54

Probably you'll get a call on 11th or later. It'll be long Q before you get to drive the car.

X-Machine 4th September 2004 20:27

Hmmm....i guess u should`ve given these guys the T-Bhp bookmark.They shud know how many people have been waiting for the car since sum time.And ofcourse the Hyundai criticism.

speedsatya 5th September 2004 01:47

the Continental Hyundai guys told that only the 1.3l Getz wud be available for a test drive ,and that too after 13th.

GTO 5th September 2004 04:57

Nice. Just the kind of news I like to hear in the middle of the night.

Too bad about the delayed CRDi though.


jesal 7th September 2004 10:14

hope so fast i wanna see this one.

Dippy 7th September 2004 14:39

Well if you see, huge billboards promoting the Getz are all over the city. I guess it should be out soon


speedsatya 8th September 2004 01:57


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (speedsatya @ Sep. 05 2004,00:17)]the Continental Hyundai guys told that only the 1.3l Getz wud be available for a test drive ,and that too after 13th.

today the hyundai person calls up to say that the car is only for display,no driving.

RJK 8th September 2004 04:11

I almost had a drive of the Getz when I'd gone to pick up my new CRDi today but instead just ended up revving it. Btw the car is pretty big inside & it looks pretty good.

lamborghini 8th September 2004 18:56

hey rj
congrats on ure crdi..
how did u like the car ....
dd it seem comfortable - seating posture....
how bout a review when it is launched an will it be comin with a diesel engine....

RJK 9th September 2004 05:39

I liked the Getz. Its pretty big for a small car...both outside & inside. Infact its not a small car..a big car without a trunk. Interiors are pretty spacious & airy. Rear Seating especially was don't sit low down like Accent or Honda city. It was pretty good. Review?? dude it was a 10mins see that I got. Started the car & revved it & I had to rush to Mahalaxmi temple..Dad was waiting at Breachcandy hospital
Btw CRDi in Getz would be offered next year he said. My estimate would be around Feb-March. As of now only one engine-1.3L & three trims in that. GL,GLS, GLS with ABS. Base price around 4.7-4.9L.

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