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aadix 30th June 2004 16:05

hi guys!
my grandfather is looking for a 2nd hand vehicle he can drive
today we came across a well maintained maruti esteem automatic done 15 k kms, white colour, new shape
and has power steering, power windows, etc

will the autobox give any trouble?, what's the maintanence cost?
what are the points to be looked into??

my gramp's budget is rs 3l, this autobox esteem is up for sale for 3.8l neg, so he is ready to shell out 50k for ,

is the car worth for 3.5l?

how much milegae will it give in city?

do you suggest any other car???


ps:bought 10 bridgestones 235 size for 3.5k each, good bargain huh?

v12 30th June 2004 16:17

Which year???

Though the Esteem never had any engine/transmission problems, you can also take a look at the Zen and Santro A/T.

Dippy 30th June 2004 16:30

The Esteem and Zen AT both share the same transmission a 3 speed box.. Both cars are pretty easy to drive in the city and the autobox is a boon in traffic .. should be good for your grand father. Mileage should be around 9-10 kpl . No issues with the transmission as such but the transmission oil.. checking and changing is very important for smoother shifts and increasing the life of the autobox.

I drive a Zen AT myself..

You have mentioned the price but not the year . what year is it?


aadix 30th June 2004 23:12

hey sorry guys
it's a 2001 white vxi model

aadix 17th November 2004 20:53

hey guys
seen a 1999 dec esteem ax done 34k kms ,white colour, guy is asking 2.40 neg,might agree for 2 lacs,worth a buy??
car is for my dad's mentor like person
still running on oe tyres,car looked fine for a 5 year old car,has no extra fittings expect dealer fitted tint

Dippy 17th November 2004 21:29

Hey aadix 34k is decent for a 5 year old car. Just get a check up done on the car. And the most important part of buying an AT vehicle is its gearbox. Test drive and see if the car shifts properly. Try out the kick down features. All of this should work properly. AT boxes are generally hassle and problem free but then if something goes wrong its a big task to get it repaired. Check for any gear oil leaks as well. This is because the box works on basis of the gear oil. If theres no oil then the transmission will be damaged.

I hope these few tips help you in your decision


lamborghini 17th November 2004 23:50

i would prefer the other 2001 model but then again the 5 yr old 34k done version is also quit good and u can put some good tubeless tyres which will help handling and ride alson
get it checked by a good mechanic also just to be on the safe side

aadix 18th November 2004 12:33 dad drove the car...put it up on ramp and saw the car accidents or dad was after driving that it needs the clutch and brake pads work....coz it wasnt kickdowning properly...gave an offer of 1.90 lacs...

Deeps 19th November 2004 03:55

Comparing the 2001 model to the 99 model, the 3.8L price seems to be abit too high. However, 15,000 on the odo is always better than 34,000. Does any one how old the auto transmission technology of the Esteem and Zen is??

aadix 19th November 2004 11:56

hey deeps
that 2001 esteeem is different and this 199 esteem is different...
the 20001 esteem my grandpa uses...this 1999 is for another old person who is very close to my dad....
whats the 2nd hand car prices in mumbai? of the esteem ax

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