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GTO 27th February 2004 20:00

Tough choice...But I can tell you why I dont like either of those cars

1. Toyota Corolla - Peoples car image (globally), flimsy build and a non-luxurious ride (especially on Indian roads)
2. Skoda Octavia - Rear seat is not comfortable especially keeping in mind the size of this car, Petrol engine is too lethargic.
3. Chevy Optra - Well...its a Daewoo, horrid gearshift, coarse engine, I hate the looks
4. Lancer 1.8 - NO slick 5 speed gear box, deteriorating build quality (compare with the Lancers of even teh 2000 vintage).

Buttttttttttttttttt If I HAD to choose one of these, it would be the Toyota Corolla. Its the fastest and the quickest, is Japanese, the most fun to drive,has huge potential for modifications and will last me forever. Beside the fully loaded ones have awesome interiors too!


Shan2nu 27th February 2004 21:13

I chose the Octavia bcoz, it has the most composed handling off the lot. It comes with ABS which makes braking that much safer.

It also has the biggest engine in it's class that makes cruising effortless.

I'm not really interested in the performance of these cars btu, i'd love to see these cars battle it out on track. Now how about an Indian verision of "Best Motoring" C+ class Challenge!!!


Stratos 4th October 2004 23:08

Skoda Octavia for me! reason.. its Handsome, equipped nicely, quality aint bad either, diesel version give awesome fuel efficiency.:D

Ps: I hate its back seat..but who cares.. i am gonna drive it!

normally_crazy 4th October 2004 23:58

Skoda for me....tough build , handsome european looks , awesome diesel engine with decent power , amazing FE ( diesel ) , great handling ...

ahh the rear seat ...whats that ??

normally_crazy 5th October 2004 00:49

Rudra ,

the chevy optra needs ur vote pronto !!
no votes for the optra !!

F50 5th October 2004 00:53

Octavia for me as well no need to say why

Rudra Sen 5th October 2004 00:58


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (GTO @ Feb. 27 2004,17:30)]3. Chevy Optra - Well...its a Daewoo, horrid gearshift, coarse engine, I hate the looks

Come baby. Come to my arm.
Have you driven an OPTRA lately???
I agree gearshift is no great shake.
Coarse engine??? How/why do you say that???
Looks, you don't like... that's a personal choice. Nothing to say on that?
P.S. I don't know how much more it's a Daewoo. Italian body design... English suspension... Australian engine... A proper b*****d version..I agree.

Rudra Sen 5th October 2004 01:01


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (normally_crazy @ Oct. 04 2004,23:19)]Rudra ,

the chevy optra needs ur vote pronto !!
no votes for the optra !!

I won't vote for any of those above.
Drive an Optra (1.8, cause I haven't driven a 1.6) and then decide.

X-Machine 5th October 2004 01:02

Well,i dunt like that Corolla thingy too much.
Lancer,well if u gimme a 5-speed manual with better quality interiors.
Optra wud be my 2nd choice.Like the macsuline character of the car.

Well,this leaves me with the Skoda which ofcourse has the best od the looks and great suspension ment for typical Indian roads.

So Skoda it is for me......


Stratos 5th October 2004 01:04


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Rudra Sen @ Oct. 04 2004,23:28)]A proper b*****d version..I agree.

Nice one...Rudra!!!

amit 5th October 2004 01:08

Octavia for me.

ported_head 5th October 2004 01:35

Octavia. European looks. Desi fuel economy. Handling and Diesel.

sid_lath 5th October 2004 12:44

Octavia(Diesel) it is. Build, FE, Decent performance, Good ride and handling. And looks good too(second only to Lancer).

Dippy 5th October 2004 12:58

Its the Octavia for me too for all reasons explained above and if its the RS.... oooooo


sid_lath 5th October 2004 13:05

Yeah would love to own a RS - probably the yellow one

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