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hasopi 19th November 2004 12:40

Guys...Let us find which car company in India care for safety of passengers?

Stratos 19th November 2004 12:52

Arent most of the companies providing Safety missing in the list???

lamborghini 19th November 2004 13:43

by mistake i voted for the company that would loose he most ....
the safest from the list is fiat with most of their cars offering abs and airbags as an option before the others
also their cars feel really solid and safe
then comes ford and tata in a tie (because of safari)
hyundai comes last as even though they boast of a lot of safety features in thier cars the fact that in some elantras the safety features are problematic and the accent got a 1.5 star rating in the ncap makes me most unsafe in them
if i were too choose from other indian companies apart from the ones mentioned here i would definately go for mbenz

deepakhon 19th November 2004 14:06

i voted for fiat amongst all the ones mentioned here b'coz i own one and i know how safe and sturdy it feels. the reassuring thud with which my beautiful purple palio's door closes itself is a treat to my ears. the overall vehicle feels very safe. if given a chance even today, i wud choose my vehicle again, even over the wannabe european from hyundai entering the race for small cars.

BikerSG 19th November 2004 14:59

i think honda is the most respectable car companies in india.

they put their reputation at stake when they did a recall of all the honda accords in india (and the world) recently.

they surely put safety before anything else.

Aditya 19th November 2004 15:53

The safest cars in India are made by none other than Mercedes Benz. Most of the necessary safety features are offered as standard equipment. I don't know how MB have been left out of this poll.
I don't know who makes the worst cars in India when it comes to safety. Certain models manufactured by HM, Maruti, Mahindra and Tata are so old that would not pass even a prehistoric safety test let alone comply with European safety standards.

Revvmaster 19th November 2004 16:23

I'd have to say Ford. The Mondeo of old has a 4 star Euro-NCAP rating. The fiesta of old, on which the Ikon is based i suppose received a 3-star rating. The endeavour is yet to be rated. I am not aware of Fusion's rating.

Maruti would be the last on that list. Has done nothing as far as safety is concerned. DCIL has done a great job in providing its customers really safe cars. Can't say the same of some C++/entry-D segment manufacturers who don't even provide a Rs. 15k safety device like the ABS which is available as an option on a Hyundai Santro for chrissakes.

Hyundais have done reasonably well with the Santro on safety issues but as pointed out, the same isn't the case with the Accent. Inconsistency isn't good.

Tata. LOL. Dr. V Sumantran said that their cars are built heavy as they are a safety device. C'mon, some jap cars that weigh less than similar Tata vehicles perform better in safety ratings.

HM.... hmm... does that company still exist?


Shan2nu 19th November 2004 16:55

Hard one here, i null my vote. it's too hard to decide.


lamborghini 19th November 2004 16:58

hey revv
the fusion is the new fiesta so i guess it too recieved a 3
hey biker i forgot that honda recalled their cars but i gues that shows their ethics

shravan316 19th November 2004 23:11


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Stratos @ Nov. 19 2004,10:22)]Arent most of the companies providing Safety missing in the list???

How come no Skoda or Mercedes Benz??
Both are supposed to offer best-in-class safety packages.

Shan2nu 19th November 2004 23:20

The biggest safety feature you can have on a car is seatbelts. Princess Diana died in a custom made Mercedes at less than 80MPH, one of the main reason for her death, was that she wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Buying a safe car doesn't make you safe, you need to learn to respect those safety features and use them appropriately.


DCEite 20th November 2004 00:19

by mistake i thought that the poll is reverse.. ie the most unsafe manufacturar to be voted... (bcause the title is confusing..).. so i voted for TATA... i think Skoda is the best in terms of saftey and TATA the worse... agar european saftey norms aa gaye to... KUCH LOG SUMO NAHI CHALEYENGE... he he he.....:D

amit 20th November 2004 02:12

if the choice is on the safest car in india then Merc's are the safest cars today on our roads.
From the list here the safest one is Fiat. Their cars are solid, feel utterly safe and are built to last - in true European tradition. I agree with deepakhon. I too own a palio and more than a year later i still get amazed with the THUNK with which the doors close. neither ikon nor accent or the NHC have that magic in them. I even checked out the made specifically for europe car - Getz and even it couldn't replicate the thunk that fiat's and skoda's give. It's fiat for me.

speedsatya 20th November 2004 02:33

the merc shud be excluded from this list as where ever u see a merc in a poll,u have to vote for it.
my poll goes to tata for making the truck like indica.and then to fiat.
maruti is the last.the 'patra' on most maruti vehicles easily cave in even on small impacts ,the forget wat wud happen in case of a big shunt.

lamborghini 21st November 2004 22:49

well guys
my corolla just got rear ended today by a fiat and it pains me to see this but the fiat looked better off then the corolla
by the way do the airbags operate when the car is rear ended cause if they do, mine is a bit faulty

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