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Old 9th October 2007, 20:55   #391
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the wooden bit is disgusting. hopefully it can be changed to the cf on the petrol getz. and the speedo is marked till 220. this cars gonna be fast. it should do 190 or so.(thats IMO before you start asking where i got this figure from). and wheres the temp gauge gone. hopefully not the nhc way with just a light.
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Old 9th October 2007, 21:38   #392
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Post An Example how people book cars without TD .

[quote=lamborghini;589700]The interiors of the older Getz were so much more pleasant and sporty.
How can someone book a car w/o taking a TD of the car?

Lemme answer to this question .

@ Mods its slightly Off topic plzzz excuse .

As i was getting all the formalities done (document submission etc), my super supreme sales guy took the documents to check with the manager & went away .I saw a sales rep attending to a customer (he looked like a typical IT guy with his company id hanging around his waist) for the Getz CRDi .

To kill time i thought of playing "Spot the not" game b/w petrol & diesel which were parked side by side .A few words from the sales rep attracted me towards there conversation .

here it was like this

Sales rep "sir this is the revolutionary technology engine tuned to give more mileage & power " .

IT guy "what is the mileage of this car ??"

Sales rep "Sir as you already know that this engine is giving mileage of 42.XX in verna which is a big car, the same engine in this small car it will defnitely cross 50kmpl".

took the IT guy towards the cutout to show tat stupid ad of verna delivering amazing 42.XX kmpl .

Thats it after some time i see this IT guy coming towards me as i was busy checking out the suspension spotting the difference b/w the two.

he asked me
IT guy " HI, i saw you looking at the getz are you buying it " .
me "No , i am interested in this vehicle but i have to wait for the TD till then i cant say anything " .

In the middle of the conversation i told that i am buying a verna

IT guy "Hey i think you dont know theres already waiting period of 2.5 months if you book now you will be given top priority & you will get the vehicle quickly " .

he started whispering in low tone

IT guy "hey this car is really nice & whatta mileage it is offering i have booked it ."

I asked him was this his first car , he said yes & couldnt stop myself from asking this question (actually i have to apologise to him for asking it rudely )
"have you ever heard of Team- Bhp " .
He said no .
Then told him about this website & invited to join us on behalf of all our Bhpians .

@ lambo

people so easily get conned by these sales guys , they book the car immediately . It just made me think how these people invest lacs of rupees (there hard earned money ) jst going by the words of these sales reps .
ALL i can say is no one can con a Bhpian (not even Oceans 11, 12 ,13)
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Old 9th October 2007, 21:51   #393
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The interior looks very cheap. I wouldn't want to look at that and drive all day. IMO, swift interior is better looking.
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Old 9th October 2007, 22:54   #394
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Oh !!! So Sad !!! Now why is Hyundai doing this to the Getz CRDi ?

The new wooden finish Dash Sucks !! It had such a nice sporty looking silver console thingy !!!

Subbu come back !!

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The engine seems to have been shoe horned into the bay..seems to be a tight fit. Anyway with 110 BHP and those puny tyres, lack of stability aids are we going to reaffirm to the world that we have the worst road safety record?
No ABS, and no wash wipe either. The wood looks terrible...should be reliable and backed by hyundais solid after sales network though
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Old 9th October 2007, 23:58   #396
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Originally Posted by rajahamsa View Post
I agree with you. Getz is far superior to Swifts(both diesel & petrol). Swift can't match in space to Getz. Swift's crouched interiors and frugal boot is a pittance when compared to Getz. The arrival of Getz CRDI is a check & mate for Swift. Hyundai should agressively price its CRDI Getz to establish its deserving product on Indian Roads.

In case you didn't read the whole thing, pricing is out, and it can't be termed aggressive by any sense!
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Old 10th October 2007, 00:54   #397
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I do not know why everyone insists on calling that stupid looking plasticky central console as wood trim. Wood my foot. The look reminds me more of those cheapo sunmica top metal leg tables seen in saste ka hotels in the interiors of India. Sunmica on those tables are either made to have a "wood" type look or marble type look. Either ways they end up looking like this center console.

I think there can be two solutions to get rid of that sunmica look,
1> Find out the part no. for the silver finished center console that came earlier. I am sure they still procure those for existing Getz cars which need a replacement. Get it replaced. Better still see if you can negotiate a change before you book the car.
2> Get it repainted. I am sure they can easily do that. Get it painted silver.

OT: I just wonder what will happen when X1 comes into the market with its Dicor and walloping MJD options. If I am to believe the sources Tata is planning to set the cat amongst the pigeons both in pricing and in performance... but then thats the story for another day.

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Old 10th October 2007, 04:21   #398
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I think one Mr. Kevin Prasad Singh AKA ZenKP here, was in charge of the interiors.

Why does all the Hyundai vehicles launched these days come with a delayed ABS option? In this case, it is Feb/Mar!
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Default Indian driving habits

[quote=vabs78;589634]I assume that you are not an Indian driver.

I am an Indian driver and I don't do any of the above. Also I don't understand what all this has to do with rear wiper? As per my understanding rear wiper is only for improving rear visibility. You have it or not, it can't prevent "unpredictable sidewise movements" and "the rude drivers on Indian roads".

I didn't say that rear wiper is not useful. I'm also an India driver (in Bangalore). I drive Indica without rear wiper. I'm quite confortable with right side mirror and inner back side mirror (apology if the terms are not right). I always plan and look before I make turns. Driving here is improving a lot, in fact better than many Indian cities. I appreciate drivers like you. I have seen that even some auto drivers are better than those driving cars above 10L working in big MNC companies (even in my office). The two most irritating aspect of city driving in India:
1. There is no median, and there seems to be a jam, then drive on the right lane, meant for the opposite vehicles.
2. Want to make a right turn:
a. There is no median, start moving towards right 50 meters early, blocking all other people coming from opposite. This is even worse when the driving is meeting a T junction and trying to make a right turn. People from the left arm of the T junction start coming onto the wrong side (my left and his right). If I stop and ask him to go to take his left side, i.e. my right, (I can wait), he takes as offence.
b. There is a median and some good people are waiting in line to make the right turn, then go from the left, try to squeeze the other waiting vehicles from the left or at least block median gap, where vehicles from the intersecting road cannot move. Also people from behind who want to go straight are also blocked.

And a less annoying, but dangerous driving is specially when they want to take a left/right or even in a curve, jump to the lane of shorter radius (no indicator required, automatically), thereby squeezing the other vehicles going in the lane of shorter radius. This is the most scary habit in highway driving at fast lane curve. People just don't think that they could crash others on the other lane.

And the unpredictable sidewise movement is the most dangerous on highway driving. If you happen to be in Bangalore, please try to drive a little fast on the Bangalore/Mysore express way on a moderately congested time. You will know what I mean by unpredictable movements. Trucks are the only good drivers who make planned lane change on highways. Most Indian drivers drive very immaturely.

If you are still not convinced, I can take some videos on any weekdays morning and upload. I can ask my friends in other cities to get the same if you need from other Indian cities too.
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Old 10th October 2007, 12:05   #400
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I was looking at the images posted in this thread. Does the Getz CRDi have a ICE? Doesn't look like to me. Their website also doesn't state anything about it. I guess they have gone the Swift VDi way.
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Old 10th October 2007, 12:42   #401
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Originally Posted by balaji_n29 View Post
I was looking at the images posted in this thread. Does the Getz CRDi have a ICE? Doesn't look like to me. Their website also doesn't state anything about it. I guess they have gone the Swift VDi way.
No ICE. Even the petrol Getz didn't come with one.
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Old 10th October 2007, 12:54   #402
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No ICE is fine - as quite a few of us have the freedom then to put our own system of choice on it

I would give away ICE, floor mats, rear wiper etc for something as basic as ABS, unfortunately hyundai doesn't understand that and want to charge us more if/when they release it in 2008

Lets wait and see if upcoming fiat grande punto, skoda fabia, swift zdi (??) have what it takes to beat the diesel getz!!
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Old 10th October 2007, 13:15   #403
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Looks like this car has been launched in a hurry,just to take adavantage of the waiting period for Swift diesel,what with only one variant available & a whole lot of features missing.......cheap centre console,no trip meters,no clock,no ABS etc etc.What will the price look like when they launch one with all these features....8 lacs OTR
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With a 2.5 month waiting period for getz crdi, i don't see how they can take advantage of the swift diesel waiting period
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Thumbs down

btw, If it's 8 Lac OTR, who is queue?
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