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Old 14th October 2007, 21:26   #46
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The same site has lot of lauras also, but civic sales are double than laura or accord or cedia or any other car in this segment,,, well too many civics on road, many accidents aswell so may be repaired and then selling them off, some cant afford the huge EMI so selling it, many coporates and bpos have company car which they sell some times early or so.. iam sure all team bhp owners of civic planing to keep the car at least for 3 years...and they are happy with it. AS about mileage i get in my A/T around 9 to 10 in city, about low seating people dont adjust their seats well, and the guy who said astra handling is better than civic, iam sure he doest not know much about cars, this car is car of the year in india, and around the world is selling very well... and we get the same car in india . well people find ways to put things down when it is on top... civic sell coz it is a world class car, if it had soo many problems as people assume it wont be selling..
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when exactly was the civic launched in India?
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Old 14th October 2007, 23:47   #48
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Originally Posted by CaliforniaKnight View Post
when exactly was the civic launched in India?
July 2006.

Blah blah blah.
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Old 14th October 2007, 23:59   #49
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I just checked the resale price of Civics on carwale - they are very good. If the cars were sold because of some problem(s), it would have been much lesser, right?

One of my friends wants to sell off his Civic, because it has become so common, that he no longer considers it a luxury car or a status symbol (if it ever was). He's stupid and doesn't really know about cars and is another thing. What I'm hinting at here is that there could be other reasons.
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Old 16th October 2007, 09:41   #50
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Originally Posted by kartikkumar View Post
Somehow this logic seems a little skewed to me. If a car is popular in the new car market and its owners are happy with it, why would they want to sell it?
Well, think of it this way : If a car didnt sell when new, what are the chances of seeing it in the used car bazaar? When was the last time anyone of us saw San Storms and Tucsons up for sale? My point is....the more a car sells when new, logically the more of that car you will see in the used car market. There are several categories of new-car buyers who sell their cars within 1 - 2 years of ownership.

That said, the Civic really doesnt have any major issues to make their owners sell it only because of the problems.
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Old 16th October 2007, 10:43   #51
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It may be a concern to see more civic's in the second hand market. However the price in the second hand market and the time it takes to sell one dictates the popularity of the car.

I know a friend who sold a civic mostly due to personal reasons. He sold it within a week for a decent price.
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Old 16th October 2007, 10:52   #52
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Wonderful car, I own one. MAY be forced to sell it (because I MAY be relocating to another state).

But I would buy a Civic again at my new destination. It is still the best overall package available around!
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Old 16th October 2007, 11:01   #53
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Great car to drive on good roads, but come bad roads,it's a different machine altogether.A friend of mine sold his civic after 10,000 km mainly because he scraped the belly a dozen times.He lives near Somvarpet,Coorg.
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Old 16th October 2007, 11:37   #54
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Surprised with the comment that mileage is not good on a Civic.
Could be that people want a high visibility, sit high up kind of a car or could that people get good resale value and want to move on.
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Old 16th October 2007, 11:48   #55
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It is perhaps far fetched to say that just because there are so many Civics in the used car market (perhaps the thread starter would care to give the basis of this assertion) signifies something wrong. Could be because a lot of Civics were owned by people who move up rapidly (celebrities, etc) who get bored and want another toy. Go through the used car classifieds (as I do occassionally) and you may find a lot of used cars of all makes of 2006-7 model. There are so many reasons for selling a less than 1 yr old car of which very few would perhaps relate to owner dissatisfaction.
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Old 16th October 2007, 11:49   #56
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Here could be another possible reason.
Not space but the low seating makes it difficult to get in and out of the Civic, specially if you are in the 50s+. Heck, i was uncomfortable getting in and out.
Maybe thats a reason. once you are in it's fun but getting in is the problem.
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Old 16th October 2007, 18:29   #57
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Here's my take. I'm not a businessman but I know a lot of them. They buy cars and then sell them to offset their income tax. Buy a car for official purposes, use it for sometime, then sell it. They can claim depreciation and loss due to selling the asset and this they will offset on their tax liabilities.

Now I've usually seen them buying and selling skodas a lot because it used to sell well. Someone I knew well had 5 Skodas at one point of time. Now its Civic. They don't want to get stuck with a car which does not have good resale or doesn't sell well. So they go in for cars which are hot in the market.

If a car is NOT ok, I'm sure there will not be many second hand buyers either. There are a lot of Swifts on second sales, does that mean its not an OK car?
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Old 16th October 2007, 19:48   #58
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Originally Posted by chandan View Post
Great car to drive on good roads, but come bad roads,it's a different machine altogether.A friend of mine sold his civic after 10,000 km mainly because he scraped the belly a dozen times.He lives near Somvarpet,Coorg.
I agree with Chandan here. I had the opportunity of driving my friends' civic. I was hardly impressed with the car. As the old saying goes " Be a Roman in Rome ", we do not think much about cars before buying especially if it "Foreign/Phoren" brand like toyota or Honda and we go on criticising Indian car makers like Tatas. These cars are not " made for India".
Who would like to pay 13.8 lacs in Bangalore and imagine how you feel when the bottom of the car hits the road at the next speed breaker. This could even happen when you are taking the new car from the showroom to your house for the first time
I am glad that I bought the Safari given the Indian roads, Indian politicians and Indian drivers you find on the road
So, its high time we start embaracing such over hyped products without thinking about the suitability for our conditions. Remember that these companies charge more than double the money for the same model compared to US prices or European prices
So Of Indian, By Indian and For Indian seems to work in our country more than anything else

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Old 17th October 2007, 05:27   #59
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Its simple ,most people bought this car because it was new, looked good and had snob value but then it became too common so people started selling them off and they ended up in the used car market.
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Old 17th October 2007, 09:08   #60
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Originally Posted by aks_karthik View Post
Yes Ofcourse it's a Good car.But doesn't suit for Indian condition.ingress & egress are not easy even for small frames.For city like chennai,It's not possible to drive the car with peace.Easily caught in potholes.Defn owners heart will break.hahaa.Even @ my TD ,i experienced the same.But I like that car very much.so many dislikes,though we can see a lot of Civic's in chennai.
Surprising surprising... With over 400kgs on board on potholed roads I never experience the bottoming out. Probably the potholes you drove upon were the real deal
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