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BunnyPunia 16th November 2007 14:57

OTR of B7R / Globus / Luxura / KingLong
I know the B7R costs around 70+ OTR, what about the likes of the Globus (with a/c) , the Luxura, KingLong and other buses. Also, does any one know how much does a non a/c push back seat Indian bus cost?

AMATMO 16th November 2007 18:21

well ling back in the news i had heard the Lexia costs between 30-45lacs i am not sure though

in the above statements you missed the lexia

Mpower 16th November 2007 19:27

Tata Globus is also in the same range 30-45 lakhs and the new Mercedes Benz buses should be around 90 lakhs to 1cr OTR. At this point you really begin to wonder if Volvo is worth the price?

AMATMO 16th November 2007 20:54

actually volvo in goa costs 88-90 odd lacs onroad

AMATMO 16th November 2007 20:57

i think bluelines travels in bagalore already has a merc bus
its golden colour i had seen it 2 years ago it it has two levels of window i believe hence it looked a bit like a double decker
i had seen the add even i papers once saying its the only merc bus in india conduction tours for shravana belegola ,hampi,halebid etc

BunnyPunia 17th November 2007 09:37

Thanks for the info. yeah , merc buses have been here in india for some time, although very few. GD Goenka school in Delhi have merc buses too!

if merc gets their buses at under 1cr, the B7R will seem pricey!

BunnyPunia 17th November 2007 12:05

Spoke to a tata representative. The Globus costs 34-35 lacs in Delhi including Reg/Insurance. Hmmm.. Thats half that of the B7R. and if im not wrong, the B7R returns around 3.2 to 3.5 km to a litre, while the Globus goes 4 to 4.5 ,right?

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