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Indeed, i am stunned after having gone through this case study.

Great contribution Revv

This is a perfect example for the whole of China, which has to adopt a cleaning the slate strategy if it really wants to get back and do business that commands quality in the long run.
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Thanks a tonne for this thread.
Found it searching for information about my coursework.
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Originally Posted by abhinav.gupta88 View Post
Thanks a tonne for this thread.
Found it searching for information about my coursework.
The original thread is from 2004, you need to look at today's reality, the entire team-bhp community is up in arms against skoda and its dealers' ill-doings!
If your coursework involves skoda, let me direct you to the scary side of skoda
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Few flaws with the Octavia in addition to some stated above, which otherwise is a success story are:

1. They never upgraded the Octavia diesel which has started showing its age now. Seems like they followed the Maruti strategy "why upgrade when its selling well". Laura is not an upgrade. they have positioned it as a different model altogether.
2. As mentioned, the rear room is/was always a concern and in this segment when the competition like Corolla, Civic manage space very well. They could have surely compromised on the boot space here.
3. A nut in Octy costs 5 literally times more than the competition. And its not a fact that it lasts 5 times longer. This is just for saying and not an exact theory.
4. They offered a lot of gadgetry which sounds beautiful on paper but how many people really needed it. Xenons could have been avoided and if they cost approx 50k to change in case of an accident, people surely don't want them at the price point. Cruise control though nice is not really a must feature. Omitting these 2 features could bring the price tag down by about 50-75k in my opinion. Instead it would have been better to equip the base model with alloys. A car costing 12 laks should come with alloys as standard. It appeals to the eye of a new car buyer. Civic/Corolla too once made the mistake of launching a bare basic big car stripping most features. Don't know when well it sold to retail individuals.
5. The RS though a highly regarded vehicle was not selling well at near 15 laks OTR. The RS is/was regarded a great used buy and not a best new buy.
6. Company attitude towards the owners or the Indian population on the whole. They forgot that we are the smart people hence most work is outsourced here. We are not a under-developed nation but a developing nation where people have real brains to think, analyse or everything cannot be taken at face value. We, like others need reasons to justify things. How difficult it is for the company to settle things outside court in the case of an owner whose car hasnt been returned since more than a year. Forget facts, right or wrong, imagine the positive publicity they would gain from this action. This is the cheapest way of gaining lost confidence of prospective buyers. They still don't do it inspite of the fact that this story is spreading like waves.

Overall, it offers a lot more than the competition but where it falls short big time is PEACEFUL OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE. You don't want to live in fear everytime the car goes for service or everytime some repairs need to be carried out just in case. Owners ask or worry about how expensive is the 60k or the major service just for a Skoda. Have we seen any Accord, Corolla, Civic owners worry or ask about the service cost. Just goes to show the peaceful mental state that these cars offer. Enthusiasts (though in limited numbers) are afraid to even put on a free flow or a filter (forget touching any of the internals) on the car worrying about warranty. This was/is usually the case with MB/Bimmers/Audis which are in a different segment altogether.

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Skoda is absolutely the Worst Auto Maker I have come across in terms of Products and Service. They take their Customers for a ride just because of their brand name. Hope they wake up soon and start taking note of Customers complaints, else they will be wiped off.
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You have made your point in other relecant threads. Please do not troll every skoda thread
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Very good point made by Amit about Indians and mileage. IMO, the USP of Skoda has not been anything other than its mileage. That's how the word about the car first spread. "diesel luxury car with 15kmpl mileage!!" "Really?? where's the showroom?"

Btw, great read Revvmaster.
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This thread gives the ascent of Skoda in India through Octavia but further update is not listed. With the subsequent tarnishing of image due A.S.S., it would only be relevant since we term this thread as a case study in brand and products. Otherwise, till the time of writing the OP, very good info, makes one understand some of the reasons for the subsequent erosion of the brandname Skoda. Nice effort.
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Talking of brand.. Has there been a corolla diesel, the Octy would not have taken off and possibly Skoda would have became another Peugeot.
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The word of mouth publicity has helped the brand.

However, off late, the bad reputation of the A.S.S has not helped matters.
Moreover, owners have issues with the cost of ownership and the high cost of spares.
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Excellent write up, force behind the Brand Skoda were its people who were car passinate's, people like Nitin Ahire, Prashant Naik, Ashwin Deshpande, Anjan Mohanta, Sashank Vaidya, Imran Hassan were the people who knew how to creat a brand & sell...but unfortunately after them & over the period time the glory of Skoda has gone now the company officials are spending more time in consumer court.

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Ajay it would be best to not post the entire prior post with a new post.

Welcome to TBHP. Yep the writeup from 2004 is nice, and the current day update by Dipen is also a reality today.
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Excellent write up.

Having done a couple of projects on the brand and working with in the auto sector, I can tell you that the Skoda brand had taken the country by storm when it entered the Indian market. I agree that it had a clean slate to begin its Indian journey and they have done it very well. Much before the Civic was launched, Octy was doing exceedingly well.
Diesel is a fuel we Indian's swear by an we believe that it would give high maintainance et al but good mileage as well. Skoda sold a lot of TDi cars vis-a-vis petrol.
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