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one thing that can make difference is money. ask every single offender to pay exact amount of penalty. and increase the penalties where they are not affordable daily. make it based on the fraction of the vehicle's value. so that a BMW driver can't get off just by paying 500 Rs.
people care only if money goes out of their pocket.

and above all, have some honest cops to implement these. oops.....i have to wake up now.
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I've really thought abt his problem too - and being a Bangalorean from my birth 27 years ago, I've seen namma Bangalore's transport infrastructure deteriorate - they were originally not designed to handle the prosperity that descended on Bangalore over the last 2 decades.

My thoughts on making Indian roads motorable:

1. On all roads segregate traffic- and enforce speed limit for lanes. Allowing heterogenous traffic to intermingle adds to 60% of the current problems.

2. | 6 wheelers and all commercial vehicles -Left (wide) lane | 4 wheelers - Mid lane to accomodate 2 simultaneous streams | 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers - last small lane |

3. Move bus stops from archaic roadside benches to self-contained bigger bus stands, positioned well away from the road

4. Ban nonmotorized vehicles on main roads.

5. Government-driven dedicated multistoried car and bike park building on every major road. A simple covered concrete structure will do - no need for any expensive to build/operate multiplexes. This leads me to my next point.

6. Ban roadside parking in any form or manner. A road is to be utilized across its complete width for traffic movement only.

7. Pedestrians banned from walking on road. Government-driven pedestrain over/under bridges across every road. Wheelchair assistance for elderly citizens across these over/under bridges. One such bridge/underpass at the beginning and the end of every road. Tall barricades on footpath edge to discourage/prevent people from getting on a road.

8. Fully functional service roads parallel to all roads. Seperated by green belt running along the entire length and footpaths from main road. All shops/commerical establishments to be on the serivice roads and none on a main road.

9. Good maintenance of roads. Yearly/biannually resurface a road as required. Having a well disciplined multi-lane system coupled with good service roads provides the redundancy required to asphalt/concretize a main road. Finish road works (flyovers, repairs etc.) at an accelerated pace.

10. All road maintenance works to be executed during night times (2300-0630) only. Then, during the day, the road becomes fully usable.

Whew! I'm gonna take a breather now !

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Originally Posted by normally_crazy
ban all autos from the eastern and western highways
make cops more resposible
make license laws more stringent
take proper action against errant taxis, autos and private vehicles
have properly demarcated auto and taxi stands
train the best and st drivers in lane discipline
ban all trucks from entering the city
You have not mentioned the biggest culprit: the infrastructure. The roads themselves are too narrow for the kind of traffic loads they see. Just see the roads and highways in China and then take a look at India, India is like a slum in comparision.
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Originally Posted by SuperSyn
You have not mentioned the biggest culprit: the infrastructure. The roads themselves are too narrow for the kind of traffic loads they see. Just see the roads and highways in China and then take a look at India, India is like a slum in comparision.

Agree with you on the point of the roads being narrow. But thats changing now - travel on the western and eatern express highway and you will happy to find 3-4 laned highway with proper lane markings. Infact I see that road signs are coming up on these 2 arterial roads too....things are improving only if the people improve.
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I love Indian traffic. endless source for humor, anger, patience - whatever you like. All my traffic related observations go here:

Anyone wants to join as author/contributor? We could do a blog dedicated to Indian traffic - jokes, videos, suggestions, cops - whatever you please. Should be fun. PM me.

BTW, post #47 (theMAG), excellent and common sense suggestions! If parking and pavement encroachment could be controlled - and we could have 100% width of the road available everywhere, (you ritems #5 #6 #7) - that itself will ease things up a lot.
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Originally Posted by theMAG
10. All road maintenance works to be executed during night times (2300-0630) only. Then, during the day, the road becomes fully usable.
Have you guys seen the work progressing on the ring road? its not like the equipment is cleared in the day time.... it just lies there and STILL blocks the roads; so it would be better that the same is used and road work needs to be done 24x7 - not only at night. Also, they need to plan an alternate road before they dig up the existing road - eg., Ram murthy nagar on ORR where an underpass is being made..... if the road towards KRPuram was to be repaired at the same time, why couldnt they have repaired the service road 100 metres more so that inconvenience to all could have been avoided?

Also, i seriously feel that one major reason for jams at bus stations has not been addressed - the commuters who stand ON the road at and most times much before the actual bus stop and block atleast 1 full lane at any time. Has anyone noticed that out of 4 lanes at the KR puram bridge starting only 1 may be usable (if no blocked by people crossing the road anywhere) at any point of time since 2 are occupied by commuters waiting for the bus, 1 by buses and only 1 is left over for the other vehicles coming in from Old Madras and ORR's (3 lanes), to ply towards the underbridge.

The traffic policeman have been absolutely and totally ineffective in enforcing the 'no parking' signs in KR puram as also in having the commuters stand at the designated bus stop and not on the road itself. This is only 1 example.
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[quote=Gordon]Rickshaws unfortunately cannot be banned. There are already tooo many rickshaws on the road. You'll know the BIG difference in traffic when there is a rickshaw strike. This is exactly why I said Rickshaw production must be stopped completely. Another thing, a person not owning a car need not always travel by rickshaw, they can even travel by bus, which is a much cheaper and safer mode of transportation [except of course when its crowded].

In Goa we have an alternative to the Rickshaws. Popularlly known as Pilots or motobike Pilots. Same Concept as a Rick but actually a black & yellow Bike which is more efficient when a single person has to travel instead of leaving two vacant seats in a rickshaw. also faster & cheaper then a rick.
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Default Signal malfunctions

Some thing needs to be done for these kind of signal malfunctioning. This one has been snapped at Nandanam Signal at Chennai at 9:27 AM. It was raining and hence the poor image quality

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I was late getting to work this morning by over 45 minutes because of a huge 7-axle telescopic boom type crane making a multi-point U-turn on Wind tunnel road in Bangalore. If anyone reading this is familiar with this area they can vouch for how narrow the stretch is.

I do understand that this is essential work that needs to be done in the interests of infrastructure etc. (The crane was required to lift a huge precast concrete section for some road / sewer work), but why must it be done at 9.00 in the morning when the road is already clogged with rush-hour traffic? A little planning could have averted this nightmare.
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There are two main things i think that could change the history of India Traffic Congestion :

1. Better Public Transport like the Singapore's MRT system. Better Trains connecting the major part of city underground, will surely bring the traffic down. Today, except in mumbai, and say delhi, in other cities, ppl travel in their own vehicles, coz they dont want to travel the public transport coz its Not good, not worth their status, Not timely, etc... In bombay, even the rich are forced to travel by public transport trains/buses coz there its a do or die situation. they are not having any choice but to suffer the local trains, if not lose out half a day jus sittin in traffic! This has to change and if trains like the ones in Singapore and other western countries come up in india connecting all prime areas properly, even the Rich can dump their cars at home and take the trains!

2. Discpiling the people. I think the amount of a fine levied to ppl should now be based on the car a person drives... i.e A rs.200 parking fee will not matter to a rich guy, but to some it might pinch. Unfortunately in India, there are many Illiterate drivers (wether educated or not) and the system has come like "laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi mante" and it is also human psycology that unless something pinches them, the thing doesnt go in their head for good. So if the fines are such that it pinches each and every person, rich or not, then people will be more aware and keep themselves away from voilating Rules.
- The other solution to this is to actually get all ppl on the computer, and have pointing system to their licence, as i had seen in Australia. If a person voilates a particular law, like speeding, jumping red, or stuff like that, their points are cut from the licence, and once they lose the 12 points they have in their licence, their licence will get suspended, and driving without a license is a serious offence then on. Here as of now, its difficult to trace ppl and get to know how many points a person has on his licence. Secondly, its very easy here to get away driving without a license.

the point is.... traffic is just one small problem in India, while there are many such problems solution to alll...
Bring the population down! and we can dream of a better country, with minimum corruption and pollution!

jus my opinion.
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