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Default Save me from Skoda. Several Laura issues!

well.. my first bad experience with a great company..
Its starts something like this..
I bought new Skoda Laura in April,2007 from Krishna Autos Ludhiana. I never thought i was making a mistake.. after a month with just a usage of 3000Km.. i faced the problem with Airbags.
after two mounts in july i was in chandigarh & i faced problem with a/c my car showing near 8500km run and its really hard to drive car without ac in those days.
krishna auto took a weak to repair my car. After some days i faced the problem with the rear door window. Problems werecoming from everywhere... then got problems with the car speakers. AND THEN!! a huge problem with clutch start, it was doing slipping. Finally my clutched changed on near 18500 and i paid half payment for it as company refused to pay it..
I got clutch start replaced with a new one.. can you believe i just drove it almost 1500km after the replacement and clutch stopped working.. its completely failed to work..

Its simply unacceptable, that clutch failed after using it for 1500km... i don't know its a negative point of Skoda Laura or bad servicing and repair.. of Skoda workshop.

Now skoda is simply refusing that its not their fault.. and they are tending to move backward.. not accepting input from my side. I got call from Krishna Autos today evening they said that I have to pay all the repair amount. This is something which is pinching me a lot after all i faced with this car..

I am thinking to give a visit at Consumer court.. and put my point forward there.. i just want a suggestion from you friends.. tell me how should i move forward.. what is the best thing to do now..
waiting for your replies..
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Thats a very bad experience. Let somebody from Skoda read this and learn how their bad service is creating an ill-repute.
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Thats really bad service from Skoda. GO to consumer court and make sure you get a replacement, someone got for his Merc S Class.
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Its sounds like they sold a TD car for you .File a case against them on consumer court.It is too bad.

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The right thing to do- is to go to consumer court, and teach them a lesson.

However, its not at all as simple as it sounds. Please read well, and prepare well before going to court.

Please read this thread too.
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Damn it... Just move on to court and Im sure they will cry for your mercy. I seriously doubt they have given you a TD car. Otherwise such a MECHANICAL complaint is very very rare. That too from a company with such a heritage. Atleast the engineers in there will be knowing to make a clutch assembly... Its your dealer no one else... Dont let him walk away.

Your dealer have the responsibility to sort out your case , either by compensating by any means acceptable by both sides or repair the car free of charge ( Im sure your vehicle is in warrenty). If he is not doing it, you can start your legal proceedings.

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I would like to see the VAS report of each problem if you have them.........Skoda is a very good car and i think the dealer made the mess....

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Welcome to the "Save me from skoda club" Devil_666 cheers:

I have 2 skoda TDi's lying in front of me. One done 68K km and one just 27K Km.

Elegence have done 68 K and is suffering from he following
1. MAF

3. TURBO GONE KAPUT (Most probably)

Both cars bought from Krishna Autos and has been serviced pretty well atleast the rider has been every 5k km.

No doubt skoda make good cars. Very Safe, Fast (great throttle response), Nice design but whats the use of a car that get stuck in water where a M800 can pass very easily
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No need to think, Go to Consumer court man. That so irresponsible of SKoda! I have heard clutch problems in skoda from many people, you seem to have got a heavy downpour!
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Sorry to hear that.
Not very sure if this might help, but I have seen many people solving these kind of problems by writing (or contacting) AutoCar India Magazine. At least, they publish one case solved per issue.

Good Luck.
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Wouldn't have been able to believe that even skodas have al sorta problems.

Just curious, what issues did you face with airbags? My limited understanding says that either its inflated, saving your life, or it just sits there inside.

What problem was it specificaly?
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Shoot a mail to the top people at skoda. I think its the dealers and the local (low level) guys that try to ignore the problem. I dont think aosmeone at the top would do the same with you if you give them a aritten complaint. Probably some owners could help you with the e-mail ids / phone numbers. If it still does not work send a mail to Autocar and Autoindia magazines. I'm sure they have a section where they help sorting out things like this. Atleast they might give you a hint on what exactly you need to do.

THe last thing (and i really hope you dont have to do this) would be to file a petition in the consumer court. Bt be sure you have all the papers ready by that time (bills/service records etc.)

And it you bought it in APril 2007 Why is it still not under Warranty??!!
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Yesterday i had talk with Skoda's Customer support, but they didnt tell me the final decision yet. They gonna tell me on Monday If decision is unacceptable than i m gonna sure write to autocar and gonna file a case in consumer court.
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I don't know if this helps.. but there is a software+cable for diagnosing Skoda cars.. you can run the software program on your car to scan the "error/fault codes" and and search the net for what these problems mean.. this software is for all VW cars and there is lot of support information on the internet..

you might not be able to solve the problems.. but you will definitely have more information on what could be wrong and hence in a better position to work with the dealer to rectify the problems.. i have this software with me and anyone wants to use it in Bangalore can PM me.

Here is the link to the product:
Ross-Tech: VAG-COM

btw, all dealers will also be having this software (similar but more expensive) so you get the auto-scan report of you car from the dealer to see if you can find more information from the net.

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