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lamborghini 30th December 2004 19:54

most improved car of the year
hey guys ...
its the last days of 2004..
in this past year many cars have had improvements ...
so ...
according to you t-bhpites, which is the most improved car of the year ...

Dippy 30th December 2004 20:34

IMO it has to be the Tata Indica. Tata keeps inproving their cars all the time.


shravan316 30th December 2004 20:47

I second Dippy, Tata Indica was a revalation, i like the new image.... looks good IMO.
But, then i jus hate the way the "new" Zen looks. It was a beauty in its old design, now looks.

X-Machine 30th December 2004 20:49

I agree with Dippy on the Indica thingy.But i wud also like to add the NY Optra and Esteem to this list.I really liked the new Optra with its revamped front grille and the clear headlamps.And even Maruti has done quite justice to the Esteem.Atleast better than the previous look.


Gordon 30th December 2004 21:03

I accept Dippy. The Indica has improved a lot. It now looks great. The paint work and lights also look good.

The other car is the NHC. The new Honda City is way better than the older one in terms of quality.

Shan2nu 30th December 2004 21:04

For me it's the Honda Accord. What else can you say about a variant that's build around a completely diff chassis. Compare it with the old version and the only thing they'll have in common is the H logo.

In the engine department, i'd say the Skoda RS takes the cake by giving India it's first Turbo Charged Petrol engine. The CR-V and the Vitara too have been getting doses of power increase. And yeah, not to forget the Accord V6. 3ltr, 6 cylinder, 221bhp engine mated to that awesome 5 speed A/T. (I'd have preffered a M/T though).


sridhar24 30th December 2004 21:20

I think its the New Honda city because they have made it much more practical.

Gordon 30th December 2004 21:22


yeah the only car that has developed in "all" areas is the Honda Accord and Skoda Octavia RS.

lamborghini 30th December 2004 21:26

hey shan2nu ...
the accord V6 does 0-100 in some 9.06 secs ...
thats amazing for an auto ...
manual will only be better ...
it should do 0-100 in a mere 7.xx seconds ....
for me the most improved car of the year was the rider 1.8 as its been improved.. i.e not a new variant ....

DCEite 30th December 2004 21:40

Most improved car: Tata Indica
No doubts...

X-Machine 30th December 2004 21:43

Well,well,well i skipped out on the Accord and the Skoda.Remarkable cars.


Shan2nu 30th December 2004 22:25


hey shan2nu ...
the accord V6 does 0-100 in some 9.06 secs ...
thats amazing for an auto ...
manual will only be better ...
it should do 0-100 in a mere 7.xx seconds ....
Well, the Accord V6 Coupe in the US with 240bhp has been timed at 6.2-6.3 secs for the 0-60mph acceleration. The Indian version with M/T should manage around 7-7.5 secs easy.


fasbond1412 30th December 2004 22:40

New Honda City way improved also Esteem improved alot.. specially its price has gone 40 k down..wowww

GTO 31st December 2004 09:47

The Skoda Octavia RS : From being a lame ignored puppy...that engine alone has transformed the beast into the most reverred.

The Accord I would term as more of an entire generation replacement than an improvement. Ditto for the NHC.


speedsatya 31st December 2004 16:52

its the palio NV for the Nv has got a lot of improvements over the previuos one.
also the indica cud be the second most inmproved car as TATA is always improving it.

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