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Old 10th March 2008, 17:35   #76
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Originally Posted by suniljathar View Post
Not only this!Even if you ask a service station guy as to which cars visit him ofetn out of the Logan and Indigo. The answer is TATA Indigo.How can Indigo be a winner?Just because its the cheapest sedan?Its not always about the price.
Ahem... it has been almost 5 years since indigo was launched and LOGAN is not even an year old my friend.
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My vote goes to Logan simply because it's designed by Renault who is better than TATA at making cars.Why don't you wait for Swift Dezire?.
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Old 10th March 2008, 18:09   #78
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For me, TATA Indigo is better value for money for sure. Also, after reading some of the post, I have a feeling that since TATA is Indian, we have a perception that it is lower in quality than Renault. I may be wrong, but thats how I started feeling after reading this thread...
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Default Service stn guy is not a fool!

Originally Posted by abhibh View Post
Ahem... it has been almost 5 years since indigo was launched and LOGAN is not even an year old my friend.
you mean to say that since Indigos have been sold more, so they are found more at the service stations?.But what i think is, judging by the nature of problems these cars face, a service person will tell you,that its not bcoz of many numbers sold, that you find many Indigos[as compared to Logan] in service stations!Its just that you have to agree that due to extreme cost cutting, TATA has compromised on many important issues!And these are getting highlighted at the service stations.A service station is not so ignorant and immature, that he cant figure out as to why many Indigos are hitting the service stations than the Logan!As far as quality and style goes as compared to Indigo, LOGAN is far more superior!If you say price is your only factor for judging a car, INDIGO wins the contest!!!
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Well this review is dedicated to all those who have been writing only about your product and never got a chance to interact directly face to face with the people who thought otherwise and bought a car you had rejected ... This review invites the users of INDIGO , INDIGO CS and LOGAN to share in and add on to the comparison between these three cars ..
Ok lets start with my opinion which is very neutral and unbiased being a non user of all these three cars .. This comparison is purely on the basis of my test drive experiences and dealership experiences at the TATA's and the Mahindra's

If you look at the presence of the showrooms in the city which shows the presence of the brand .Mahindra and TATA fair the same having upto 8 showrroms in a city like Mumbai.

If you look at the price bands. INDIGO CS has all its petrol versions and 2 diesel versions in a price range of 4- 5 lcas. Indigo and Logan do not even feature in that range ... After that more or less its a race between Indigo and Logan ranging from 5 -8 lacs to cover all its versions .

Logan - upto 50000 on 2009 models and upto 80000 on 2008 models
Indigo - upto 50000 on 2009 models and upto 30000 on 2008 models but mind you these figures vary drastically from dealer to dealer
Indigo CS - Upto 800 corporate discount provided you work for a corporate .. he he he

TATA Motors : Finance options are TATA FINANACE(15.75%) , AXIS BANK(13%), HDFC(13.80%) , RELANCE FINANCE(14.5%) , SBI (10%)
Mahindra : SBI (12%) , HDFC ( 13.5%)

Logan : Fuel economy , space, comfort , superior engine from renault , European design , extensive features , mileage
Indigo : fuel economy , stylish biege interiors , trust worthy diesel engine
Indigo CS : Fuel economy , biege interiors , sedan car for very low price , sufficient engine , new exterior looks , value for money

As you can see my comparison is very surface level and purely based on observation...

What I would really like to see is the brand perception and brand experience with the existing users .. Why did one buy a Logan or a Indigo .. Which brand did they feel as a superior brand ..Why was logan rejected or Why was Indigo rejected...

Experience with the car on parameters like
Looks ,Interior ,Pick up / Acceleration , Riding comfort , Driving comfort , Leg room , Head room , Dash board feel, Gear shift feel , Steer ability, Braking, Instrument cluster/visibility, Fit and Finish, Air conditioning , Visibility

Answer to these question would actually bring out the gaps in the three cars ..And as you can see these questions can only be answered by the users of these three brands... I invite the users of the three brands and pull in their experiences and perception .. I would like this review to actually give out the truth to the customers who are looking for a car in this segment ....

I am lookin forward to the responses.. I would also like to hear suggestions abut how to make this blog better ....

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Default @mukherjeejoy2. hope this helps.

we have a tata indigo ls TDi. And i have to say am very happy and impressed with this car. the car has logged 33000 kms+ and apart from regular service has just gone to the wrkshop once for tightening a bolt causing coolant to leak. this happened just after the 30000kms service and after that no problems(touch wood!)

we got the car in 2006 september?( forget the month)

chose the indigo cause we needed a good VFM diesel car. we previously had a indica which was totalled in a crash. tata's built quality impressed us so much we wanted to go for a tata product yet again.

SPACE: excellent. great boot.

COMFORT: great for long journeys. have done many long trips in this car and neither me nor my family members ever complained about the ride.

INTERIOR: a bit disappointed as it was exactly the same as the indica. was like buying the same model all over again( not that i dont like the interiors of indica)

MILAGE: pretty gud. highways w/o A/c 20 may be bit moresometimes.. cannot give too much speed in our highways. say max speed of 100-110kms for very short stretches.

DEALERSHIPS: got the car from ghosh brothers in guwahati, assam. have no complaints about the ***. by the way we have four showrooms in guwahati so dealer presence is not an issue.

LOOKS: looks are subjective and open to interpretation. i like the way indigo looks.

DRIVEABILITY : its not that bad to drive in the city. pickup is a bit sluggish initially but stay in the rev range its fun. and the best part is the kick the turbo provides when it spools up. great to drive on open roads.

And yes i prefer the indigo over the logan also, yes i have sat in a logan before.

P.S. sorry for the long post
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Old 2nd April 2009, 13:55   #82
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Cool Logan

Go for the Logan.
You will know the reason after one lakh kilometres.
Take the words of Taxi owners who prefer Logan over Indigo because of all round better performance.
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while i was looking for a nw car this month, a visit to mahindra dealership made sure that i dont buy a logan: the dealer was least interested in selling the logan diesel, when he had a xylo and scorpio parked in showroom. if he wasnt ineterested in even selling it i am sure servicing would be way off.
better go for indigo, has been selling in decent numbers and does not seem to be going off production any tile soon - a route logan might have to take.
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my vote goes to mahindra logan
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IMHO the Logan is a much better car. However there have been reports that the joint venture between Mahindra and Renault has run into trouble; and Mahindra has denied this. Read:

Mahindra unveils defence auto facility in Faridabad - Corporate News - livemint.com

However, as the old adage goes there is no smoke without a fire!
Remember the xylo ads wherein they "killed" all sedans.
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Old 6th April 2009, 15:55   #86
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My vote goes for Indigo ! Having said that; I must mention that during test drives I found Logan engine to be quite responsive. There were few other trivial points where Logan scored better.Particularly, I just hate first gear of Indigo .Logan was better there! However, overall Indigo is a definite winner to me.
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Old 6th April 2009, 16:31   #87
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I do have my grouses with the Logan, but it is definitely a better car than the Indigo in terms of high speed stability, handling and linear acceleration of the diesel. I also suspect that after 5-6 years and 1,00,000 kms, a Logan will hold itself better.

Another interesting thing I find is that a lot of people are comparing the Indigo CS with the Logan, which doesn't make much sense. By that logic, the Indigo CS beats all sedans hollow in terms of VFM. The correct comparison is between the regular Indigo and the Logan.

(OT: Tata has so many variants of the Indigo / ca that it gets painful specifying them. That's the problem with the Indica and Fiat 178 platforms in India: too many variants around.)
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Reliability is an aspect Tata's have completely ignored. A Tata vehicle is like a lucky draw, it may run perfectly or may give sleepless nights. Way to go TATA !!
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Logan, though a nice car, but after it become a taxi car in many cities, it is not worth buying. Ikon diesel, Dzire diesel are having upper hands.
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Originally Posted by gaurav.28ch View Post
Reliability is an aspect Tata's have completely ignored. A Tata vehicle is like a lucky draw, it may run perfectly or may give sleepless nights. Way to go TATA !!
That really is ! Though a tata vehicle owner, I must say they have long way to go to achieve much much lower "defects per thousand/million", which other competitors offer.

Here are few of my opinion from my experiences:-

Model : Indigo Marina Dicor - 2007.
FE : ~13 kmph in city, ~16 on highways
Top speed driven: ~140 kmph

+ve : Midrange torque and response, gear shift
-ve : Low speed driveability, significant engine noise in cabin (i think logan is much better & refined)

Problems till now: Luckily nothing major. Once had some fuel sensor wiring problem.

Overall impression: If it is your first car, you will enjoy. If you have driven / still driving another mnc make, you will always find something lacking. Somehow it doesn't give you the complete satisfaction of owning a car.
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