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150 in a Santro, my friend you need to be very very very careful. thats unbelievable. I had a Santro for a few years and I never crossed 120 as I found it pretty unsafe,but then that was the 1ltr. model.
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i have done 150 on my santro xing erlx - it does have 185/60 yokos and a K&N CAI. As far as stability goes, I guess the wider tires make it manageable, but you definitely need to slow down on anything other than near-straight-line
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Default Opel Astra!!!

While Talking about Highway behavior I have to mention this car. Though it is no more in production but having driven one recently on a Trip from Bangalore to Kodaikanal (1200kms) I have to say that Opel Astra is one hell of a highway car.

In India Highways cannot be standardized. While there is the GQ and other expressways there is also that Country side State highways which have a totally different requirement from the car.
Most Highways are somewhere in between.

While speed and good handling and braking are important parameters, but Indian highways demand even more (thats my experience so far). You need a car which also absorbs shocks on bumpy roads, should be happy to take on potholes even at 100+kmph and be confident when you need to get off road to either overtake or let aside a trailer truck without slowing down. I feel such things matter even more unless you are driving on a nice 6 lane highway.

I drove an Opel Astra 2002 MPI on this 1200 kms trip which included almost all kinds of roads (good and bad).It was amazing to see how composed this car is even on broken roads happily gliding at 110-120kmph while the likes of OHC, Accent CRDI and even a few Skodas couldnt keep pace. Not that they were'nt fast but because the roads were not supportive, it was broken in patches and often there would be a pothole peeping out of nowhere. I know this car will not do a 150kmph as easily as a Corolla or Civic but on typical Indian Highways it can take on even the best IMO.
It doesnt have ABS but however hard did I try (even intentionally) I couldnt get the Wheels locked, even under extreme braking. I dont know how it manages to do so without ABS. Moreover I felt that the chasis is so built that you dont get that nervous feeling at any speeds and even when you are braking hard. There is very little nose dive and the car just sticks to the road as if it owns it. With all these amazing characteristics it also rides well. It keeps its passengers really happy, eats away potholes without passing on much to the cabin and munches miles after miles without a fuss. Yes there are better handling cars which are even faster but how many of them inspire you to drive them hard on ANY kind of roads without soaring your butt ??

I just loved it.

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I am surprised how people have forgotten the Ikon 1.6.
Cruising at 140-150kmph- not a problem. Have done so multiple times.
I am sure Cedia is good at handling due to its genes but i would really like to meet one while cornering at speeds.
The Ikon is stable under high speed braking composure-wise but the brakes...well!!...they SUCK!!!
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Originally Posted by asr245 View Post
I really really really doubt that Verna is the faster of the 2.. if you mean pick-up and not top speed (I am not sure about the top speed of the 2). Stock civic is faster than a stock OHC VTEC (I have driven both and tried the 0-100 dash in both). Civic clearly felt the faster of the 2. According to various mags I have read, the verna is a close 2nd to the ford fiesta in a 0-100 dash with NHC VTEC the fastest for the 3.

About breaking... driving the CIVIC at ard 130kmph (on highway between Pune and Hubli) I had to brake hard as a dog came from nowhere. The car didn't even twitch under heavy breaking at that speed. I was favorably impressed!
Sorry to reply to an old thread but I couldnt help it:

HAve you tried the Skoda 1.8TPI. It is for less than 12lacs, I know cause I paid less than that. Same engine as the vRS but without the gizmos.
I do mumbai-pune everyother weekend, and it is sure footed even above 200!!!

Look left to my avtar it might help.
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I am going to try the magical 219 kmph on the Skoda Octavia vRs

By the way nanu is the 1.8tpi skoda's speedometer caliberated till 240 only?
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Originally Posted by RX135 View Post
The way I have seen Elantra handling, its rear keeps on going all over the place. And, many times competing with its own front. To be honest, I never thought it is even decent handler, forget about being good handler. I'd be glad if I am wrong since I consider Elantra as great VFM package for its price.
Actually, I am suprised to see some of the guys here not mentioning about how quick an elantra was at the last track day and also the fact that it emerged as one of the quickest cars around the Kari track during a test held by one of the auto mags as well.

Having driven the car around track and at some extremely high speeds I can vouch that the Elantra is a bit front end heavy but one has to know how to steer a car into a curve. The key is to know the composition of a car and drive it accordingly. Not all cars handle the same way given the same technique, steering input etc.

In the under 12L categ, I'd pick an Elantra anyday for high speeds. What makes the elantra win is the marvelous braking distance that is as good as some mercs and beamers. I don't think any other car can beat this in that price point.
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