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Rs. 21 - Rs. 40 99 37.22%
Rs. 41 - Rs. 60 64 24.06%
More than Rs. 60 16 6.02%
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The lowest I remember dad paying for fuel was Rs. 25/l; some time around '97, ~Rs. 35/l around 2000.

Good times then!
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We bought our first car ,obviously a Padmini in 1988.I remember filling motor spirit at INR 7. Then gulf war 1 started and MS rose up to INR 14 overnight.
In College it was 23 in 1992.

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OK My age shows up here. My dad had a Austin and we were located in Poona, today Pune, I was in class something and to improve my multiplication dad used to ask me the total cost after filling xx litres, and since petrol was 0.xx Rs/lit (not a typo) multiplication was mental exercise.

The day it became Rs 1.00 per litre, I would volunteer the cost of xx litres of petrol. This would be 1960's
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When my dad gifted me Suzuki Shogun on July 4th 1995 petrol was available for Rs 19.80. Oh! for Rs 100 five liters of petrol with 1 rupee balance.

Missing those days :-(


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I remember paying ~8 Rs/l of petrol back in 87-88. This was for my uncle's Vijay Super. He used give me the money and I would pay it at the counter. Those days, I used to go to the counter and tell 1-1, meaning 1l petrol and 100ml (or was it 10ml?) of oil to go with it. That for me, was a responsible job those days and I used to be really happy to do it.
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Petrol 7 Rs in 1986. Diesel Rs 2.50
Petrol 8 Rs in 1987-1988 with 100ml oil (used to say 1.1 to the bunk chap I remember) in a TVS 50. Diesel Rs 3.25.
10 Rs approx between 1988-1991. Diesel Rs 4-4.50.

after that its only been a steady increase to the current levels.
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The least i have paid if i remember was Rupees 18~22 per litre back in 95-97. Gone are those days!!!

Those days my friends dad used to tell, dont be surprised if in next 20 years the fuel price shoots upto Rs. 100/ltr. And today i can see it marching towards 3 digit
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Old 3rd December 2010, 11:19   #143
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I remember paying around 15-16 in 1993 (school) and then it touched 20 by 1996, when I was in college. Like many others, used to fill half litre for Rs.10 towards the end of the month after exhausting that month's pocket money.
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Remember my father paying Rs. 9/ ltr for Petrol and Rs. 3 per ltr was then the price of Diesel.

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In 11th grade, right out of college, all decked up to go to college on a LUNA, I used to fill her up once a week.
I used to tell the attendant in full ishtyle "FULL TANK PLS", the LUNA used to hold 3.5ltrs I think, pertol costed Rs.10 back then.
I really miss those days, not just for the cost, but for the uncomplicated lifestyles we had. There were no malls, multiplexes, places to blow money at. Restaurants were limited to Nandu's at Dhole Patil road (there's another restaurant adjoining that place, forget the name). Prem's at Koregaon park was reasonable but nice place to have lunch. Movies were at Rahul or Westend theatres in Camp.
Today, I have noticed most people giving up their health & time with family by spending long hours in office, in a futile attempt to make more cash to spend on these places. I have done it too, but happy I realized the more important things in life & backed off. I don't remember the last time we went to a mall.
Anyways, all I was trying to point out that life was much simpler & hassle free in those times.
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Originally Posted by diabloo View Post
I know petrol was Re 1 per litre some point in time. But I don't know the year .
Yes dear I know my dad filling full tank of around 40 ltrs for 40/- or so in his AMBASSADOR Mark2 in the year 1964 @ OF 1 Rs,a litr.
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Down the memory lane in early 80's, I can still recollect my dad used to fill his 1960 model Lambretta Li150 (we still have that scooter) at Rs. 5/lit petrol. That time Yezdi used to provide bike without a lock in the petrol tank lid, even Bajaj scooters. Petrol was not that precious those day's.

In 1985 dad got a Bajaj Super, that time petrol price was Rs. 7.5/lit.

Originally Posted by myavu View Post
When my dad gifted me Suzuki Shogun on July 4th 1995 petrol was available for Rs 19.80. Oh! for Rs 100 five liters of petrol with 1 rupee balance.


Vinu my dad gifted me a Suzuki Shogun too on 1st June 1995. That time petrol price was below Rs. 20 as you mentioned. On 9th May 2005 brought this bike to Mumbai from my native. By this time petrol price had incresed to Rs. 32/lit. Sold this bike on 25th Dec 2009 for Rs. 5000/- because of lack of parking space.

My Suzuki Shogun, The Boss.
Let's go back in history: What's the cheapest price of Petrol/Diesel that you paid-shogun.jpg

On 25th August 2008 I bought my first car, a preowned 2003 model Maruti Zen Lx, filled up the tank at Rs. 55.03/lit from Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Then December 2008 fuel price dropped to Rs. 49.03/lit (Navi Mumbai). Again last week of Jan 2009 petrol price had been dropped to Rs. 43.78/lit (navi Mumbai). Before selling this car on Decmber 2009, I filled up the tank at Rs. 48.06/lit (Navi Mumbai).

On 14th December 2009 I got a diesel Ritz, filled up the tank at Rs. 31.48/lit, and now one year down the line it is Rs. 41.94/lit (Navi Mumbai).
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I remember bying for Rs 10 a liter in 1988 in maharashter for my Bajaj Supre but 8.?? a liter in Delhi on my Bros RX100
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When I learned riding my father's Vespa 150, the cost of petrol was around Rs. 6/ltr in Belgaum
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In 1989, I filled-up 13 liters of petrol in my (brand new) RX-100 for Rs. 97/- that's 7.46 Rs./liter.

Soon after, there was the Gulf War, and the petrol prices rose to Rs. 25.xx per liter or so.


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