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GTO 8th February 2005 23:16

Toyota India : The Emperor is preparing
Toyota has diesel engines, it has MUVs, SUVs, small cars, mid-sizers, luxury name it, Toyota builds it. As THE player in the automotive industry whose production process everyone from Daimler Chrysler and Honda try to unsuccessfully emulate, Toyota is all set to become the worlds no.1 car manufacturer after temporarily pipping Ford at the no.2 slot. In one year, Toyota makes more profit than GM/Ford/DChrysler combined. The Qualis and Corolla are already the best sellers in their respective segments while the Camry is nothing but an ornamental presence in the D segment. Does Toyota have the potential to become Indias no.1?

Toyota with Daihatsu are working away silently to prepare their small car for India and China. Expect lots of practicality and petrol/diesel options.

Apparently Toyota are gearing up for the Indian small car launch in 2006!

The two Japanese have previously worked together on these cars:

Source : Economic Times Article


man23ish 9th February 2005 12:31

Yeah, I agree that Toyota has the expertise, quality and the range of products to lure the indian market. But it remains to be seen how quickly Toyota can capture the indian public with their products. Of all their products in the market only the Qualis was popular, and that too amongst the travel agencies and fleet operators because of its low maintenance and good quality. The corolla is still perceived to be a rich mans vehicle or maybe a poor mans Merc. Toyota will face stiff competition from Maruti Suzuki in the small car segments primarily because of the MASS and the cost of owning those vehicles. In the MUV/SUV segment the Tatas and the Mahindras are already gearing up for the competition, but this is one segment that Toyota can target for now.

In order for toyota to succeed in the indian market, it has to bring in fuel efficient rugged vehicles, with the latest technologies. The hybrid car market is one where toyota is a hands down world leader. Toyota would do well to bring in hybrid cars in the indian market in 2006 to snuff out the competition and carve a niche space for itself.

My 2 cents.


speedsatya 9th February 2005 12:36

doesnt the above car look similar to the Swift

sridhar24 9th February 2005 17:38

These small cars from Toyota will be of high quality but the pricing of these cars will be very important, only time will tell.

Deeps 9th February 2005 23:26

No doubt that toyota are the Japanese automotive leaders. But i tend to think that they haven't made the impact in India as one would have expected. Hopefully, this'll turn around and ultimately benefit the indian car buyer!

maedi 11th February 2005 17:58

i'll tell u one is not ever going to sell its cars at maruti prices.....people WILL pay for the is public knoweldge that the cars are low maintenence....thats one of toyota's biggest USPs....and it comes at a cost.....

they have the engineering prowess to take the best of the world, head on! and they're muscling their way there!!!! if you think they wont compete in india you're very mistaken.....they will overprice the cars margianlly but the sales wont stop....hybrid isnt necessary....coz you're still not playing the volume india they need no introduction and the hybrid wont really add value to the bottomline....due to ignorable numbers.....

i cant wait for the fortuner and the diahatsu small car....expect a b+ segment.....bang up against the swift.....

sometime back i read this article on about honda and toyota's plans for india.... toyota entered with the qualis to take the local manufacturers head on with the sumo and the bolero....with less sales in their most profitable segment they'd have less money for R&D and so eventually would fade out....the rest of their would handle....just as they take them on across the world....

similar with honda....they launch scooters to kill bajaj scooter sales....and thus eat into the largest source for R&D cash....then they launch their newest bike bang opp the pulsar....

with less profits and more advtg. (to maintain sales) the competition is less futureready ....

phenomenal business sense!

islero 11th February 2005 20:41

people have paid an atrocious price for a mediocre product with excellent quality, the qualis, so i dont see why they wouldnt pay a premium for a small car with looks and quality and the badge. Toyota have arrived, and how!!

.anshuman 12th February 2005 02:39

toyota is a a hell of manufacturer it will surely be no.1 soon,i saw the the innova advertisement in the times of india staing that this vehicle will change the automotive concept in india,if qualis can sell like hotcakes innova will have months of waiting list like the nhc had when it was launched.

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