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Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
In Bangalore, I am yet to see one driver gives way to a pedestrian on a Zebra crossing. Why do we have to blame the lorry drivers. I tried to do it couple of times and only get dirty look from the other road users. My worst worry is that guy behind me may overrun the pedestrian if I stop and give way to the pedestrian and the blame will be on me
Exactly same thing happened near my house. I was supposed to take right turn and the sumo coming in opp direction stopped and I started crossing. But suddenly, a 2 wheeler came on to the left side of sumo and just managed to stop near my car. Otherwise, my FR LH fender would have been hit badly.

Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
I can also see many pedestrians walking on the road instead of the foot path when there is a descent foot path of nearly 5 ft width exist. Especially in the morning hours I can see many of them taking their morning walk on the road. God only can help them from the mad BPO cabbies.
IMO, this is because they do not want to hurt their ankles as the footpath will be not even and some of the tiles/stones put on the footpath would have come out.

[/quote]We can also see the foot path is used by the bikers instead of the pedestrian, may be this is a first in India.[/quote]

Only thing to escape this is make the foot path a little high so that the 2 wheelers cannot climb on to the footpath to drive along.

[/quote]Yet to see one traffic signal where people wait for the signal to turn green when there are no cops around. [/quote]

Patience, my dear friend. Nobody has patience to wait for the signal to turn green. Even if we wait to turn it green, others behind us will overtake us. And if it is green for us, then we can expect traffic from other side will also move along with us eventhough it is red for them.

This is the case with IT/Knowldege/Garden/Science City, so what to expect from other places. We are like this only.
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It is funny that Indians are demanding Audis and BMWs, yet roads cant drive.
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Default Its all of us... so lets stop blaming everyone else

I am actually quite ashamed to call myself an Indian at times - you know why - because so many of us just do not care about anyone else / or are just too selfish. The ones who do - are just a minority.

Why do I say this?
  1. Most of the people do not bother to help people in an accident or ... leave the roads alone - there are so many incidents in our day to day lives where people get eve teased, bullied, etc but no one comes forward to help.
  2. Almost no one gives a damn about traffic lights and simple road rules like sticking to a lane... however they lose their cool when someone breaks a signal when they are on green!
  3. This is the only country I believe where the government has to request people to wear seat belts and helmets... don't people care for their own lives let alone others'???
  4. Basic safety equipment like functional brake lights are not adhered to at all
  5. So many people drive with their high beams on... not bothered about what inconvenience it causes to the on coming traffic
  6. Our famous - "me first syndrome" - so many times there is no place in a traffic jam and a person from a side lane is trying to ease into the traffic ...but no one just gives that person the space... what's the point... its not like the stationary traffic is going anywhere???
I could go on and on, but what's the point? Why do we need rules and then people to reinforce the rules (cops) - when its just all common sense.

I hope people understand - there is a huge difference in being a fast driver and a rash driver. I would prefer to be the former any day.
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Originally Posted by diabloo View Post

In 2006 - the latest year for which figures are available - more than 100,000 people died, and an estimated 2,000,000 were seriously injured.

India loses 3% of its GDP to road crashes every year. Many of the deaths happen in rural areas, and one study found that 70% of families who lose their main wage earner in a traffic accident subsequently fall below the poverty line..
Are these figures right? 2 million serious injuries per year seems very high even for India. i visit BBC often and find their content having an anti Indian Bias. They seem to report Witch Hunting in Bihar which no Indian News paper/ media knows about immediately, but take 3 full days to acknowledge that we have launched multiple satellites in a single rocket.

100% of families will undergo financial hardships if they lose the main wage earner not only to accidents but otherwise too. I agree accidents are avoidable easier compared to other modes of death. This article seems to be exaggerated.
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