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I got my Vtec's A/C compressor from an outside source (thanks to iceman) for less than 50% of the price quoted by Honda. Infact, it was the exact same compressor made by Sandon. Haven't had any issues with it so far.

So, not all aftermarket parts are unreliable. Apart from engine and transmission work, i don't mind having aftermarket parts on my car.

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viper, you are probably experienced at this- how does one import parts on your own?
if its sent via courier the duties here kill the price advantage
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Originally Posted by Sahil View Post
viper, you are probably experienced at this- how does one import parts on your own?
if its sent via courier the duties here kill the price advantage
Hi Sahil,

To start with you need a import license or IEC Code no. If you have that you are set. As far as the duties go well you can under invoice/mark as gift(at your own risk) to address that issue. Or you can have some family/friends carry the parts for you.

After market parts are popular the world over and is not limited to India alone. Dealerships work on very high overheads hence the exorbitant rates. Few years back only the dealerships had expensive high end machines for diagnosis but that is now no longer true. there are plenty of private garages who have invested in equipment so that they can retain their clientele and diagnose & solve faults without having the need to go to a service centre.

Can provide several examples of overpriced parts at dealerships for cars like Mercs, Skodas, Hondas, Toyota, Hyundai etc.


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I have come across one such spare - brake pads for Bolero - the brand was Taiwanese, by the name THK or THG or something like that. The pads set was couple of hundreds cheaper than the TVS set but gave a very good life.
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I have been reading the posts on this thread and tend to agree and disagree with certain posts.
Actually it all depends on whether you have access to a person who supplies the genuine parts or not and then again do you have a person whom you can trust to diagnose a problem with your car, and fit that part.
Its like buying a Diamond. You trust only a particular jeweller and will go blindly with what he says.
Fortunately i have had the access to both, authentic parts suppliers and mechanics who are better situated than your friendly (not so) neighbour"Hood" service centre guys..
It all boils down to which car you are looking at.
One cannot generalize by saying "German Cars". That is because for a Merc and a BMW, almost everything is available in the grey market the prices of which being almost 30-40% cheaper than that in the authorized service centre. Secondly who knows whether the so called authorized centre is also using the genuine parts or not.
knows about the Skoda dealer who was recently caught red handed replacing OE parts with non genuine stuff, it was all over the papers I refrain from taking his name as that is not the issue.
My cars have been going to the authorised service centres for minimal work like servicing etc but for any parts replacement I always buy from the open market and get it replaced at my mechanic.
I find my mechanic to be more well versed with the product than the service centre.
Ill take an example.
I went to an authorized Mercedes centre to get a technical report on a 1991 SL300 R-129.
I was surprised to hear that they charge in excess of Rs 10,000/- for it and even then refused to touch the electric hood. Their reasoning was that if it refuses to come up then they are not responsible.
On a first look they found everything wrong with the car and advised me not to buy it or waste money on a technical report. They found fault with the gearbox, engine and suspension fro sure and big faults. My mechanic on the other hand pointed out small things that needed to be taken care of and gave a very clean chit to this very car.
Their estimate was around 7 odd lakhs at the minimum, for a car that looked and drove beautifully. One wise guy also told me the car might have caught fire sometime, looking at a black patch on the firewall. I think he might be watching to much C.S.I.
Any idiot would have told him that the black mark was a missing piece of heat resistant material, that is normally put on the fire.
I casually asked him if any other R-129s had come to him recently. He said the last one he did was more than 4-5 years ago and that car had problems which he had pointed out to me on this car.....I tell you!!
Now you tell me, who in their right mind would leave ones car there?

I had a similar experience wit my BMW. The car, after a service was found to have developed a slight rough idle. At first everything was found ok and I was asked to drive for a few days and report. The car became worse. Then on a second check they still didi not find anything wrong with it. I asked if it could be the mounts but having done only 25K kms, should the mounts have to be changed? Even an Indian car mounts run longer.
I insisted that they solve the problem and left the car with them.
The "Problem" was traced to the O2 sensor which was replaced. Still no difference. Then the Camshaft sensor was changed, still no difference and then finally they changed all my injectors.
No difference but I had had enough. The chief there told me that the car was running fine. I took him to another car which had done 92K kms and told him to see the difference. That car was idling beautifully, why not mine. I told him that if he wanted me to raise my voice and speak I could jolly well do it. I also reminded him that there was a choice available now so he should please stop trying to throw crap at me. Then he agreed that it is probably an engine mounting problem. I have to yet rectify it but an going to first check with my mechanic before that. such is the case of authorized workshops.

Of course I took the car straightaway to my mechanic who first laughed at my ordeal and then started work on the car. The car is being done in under 10% of the estimated figure of the authorized place.
All it needed was all oil and filter changes and replacing certain non oroginal parts with the original ones (viz; hoses, belts, wire clips and electrical holders etc.)

Coming to the second part of my post. I wanted to get my Santro's brakes checked. Having done in excess of 63K kms without any problems the brakes had got very spongy. It was diagnosed to a booster problem with disc changes too. To my surprise I did not find these parts in the open market and had to get them from a Hyundai authorized dealer. Was expensive (all parts etc cost approx Rs. 32K) but the brakes are good now.

At one time I remember, paying more, for the same parts, for a OHC Type-I, than fro a Pajero 2800. I changed the oil filters and petrol filters and front bushes.
For me its a combo. Small work I get done in the authorized workshop or any work that does not require changing parts, for the latter I go to my mechanic but the question is again, how many of us actually have mechanics whom we can trust?? (not that you can trust the authorized dealer)
I have spoken
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Can anyone recommend any importrs in Bangalore?
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Further to my boot lock issues here
Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
Rang the dealer, who had no idea about the part, gave him the number and he promised to revert. I somehow did not expect too much. Rang a UK dealer who quoted 37 pounds + shipping.

Today rang my dealer who said, "Part is despatched saar!"

"How much? "

"Rs 6000"

"Gulp, I said, I wanted only the motor"................

Dismantled motor........Snapped it together. Went back to the car and connected and "phatak". the motor turned and the rack moved. It was dark so am yet to fit it up. Till morning, and tomorrow is a holiday!
Anyway, the motor jammed again, opened it up, fitted it, and jammed a week later. Skoda dealer never rang back with his overpriced consignment - thank god!

Time to consult the net. Rang a UK Skoda dealer who ships

"40 pounds sir!, I need your chassis no and other details"

Followed up by email giving all details except financial. I never got a reply

Tried various parts locator services who trawl dismantlers - all quoting 40 pound for a used item

Then went to GSF Car Parts, cheap car parts direct to you. Gave my details and got a promt reply stating that my part no is obsolete but here is the new part no an we can do a speacial order from Germany which will cost 12 pounds, lets call it 17 pounds posted to India"

Did a money transfer, never heard for a few days, then got a mail apologising as the shipment was held up by the channel fire and it was posted.

Received it today and fitted and working in 10 min (I can do this blind folded now!)

So all you Ford, VW, Merc, BMW guys go to GSF Car Parts, cheap car parts direct to you for your needs. If not on their website, give the part no and it will be sourced!

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