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fill her up & fill us up meet would be fine
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If you stay close to hosur , you can alwys drive up from blr , fuel up in Hsour and get back. But is it worth the effort to save the 3rs / litre. You can save upto Rs150 each time ( Assuming your tank capacity is 50 lit )
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Im not particularly unhappy that some other city is bearing the brunt for a change. It has been Mumbai all along.. We used to crib crib and crib that Fuel is priced highest in Mumbai. Now Bangalore takes the crown..
Sorry dude. Nothinig much that you can do about it. Just grin and bear or Start using vehicle number 11.(our 2 legs). My sympathies..
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Slightly OT : i remeember in my last trip to Mauritus thius guy was cribbing about the high prices of petrol in his country. it was nice to see his jaw drop when I quoted the prices in India !!!
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i wish there was a union territory near bangalore... just like Mahe!


if only wishes were Horses!
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Since auto fuels are cheap in Pondicherry lets try to tank up as much as possible when we pass by. Not only pondycherry & Tamil nadu citizens, even people from kerala & Andhra Pradesh also can take advantage of lowest fuel prices.
Because: Pondicherry consists of 4 territories
1) Pondicherry, about 150kms from Chennai,, surrounded by Tamil nadu

2) Karaikkal, Nr nagapattinam, surrounded by Tamil nadu

3) Mahe, Nr Kannur & Calicut, surrounded by Kerala

4) Yanam, Nr East Godavari Dist, surrounded by Andhra Pradesh.

So Pondy's Low auto fuel prices can be had by not just Tamil nadu people but also keralites & andhraites
Pity no pondy territory near Bangalore or Karnataka
It is a great injustice when pondycherry is scattered across all the south Indian states except karnataka.
I guess we have to blame the French colonists for that.....

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In Bangalore, the people stay near Electronics City go along the Hosur road, cross the Karnataka - Tamilnadu border and fill the tanks. They can save around Rs.4 per liter.
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hey i had recieved an email saying the price of petrol in pakistan was 14 rs or so a litre.thats too expensive a fuel in
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WHAT..? Petrol is just Rs.14 in pakistan.
man oh man... Are you sure.
Even Kerosene is much more costly here in india. Imagine how much the government is sucking our hard earned money..
If this is true then all I can say is atleast some thing is better/cheaper in Pakistan than in India
No offence meant to our pakistani neighbours.
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Nope... the fuel prices in Pakistan are about the same as India... and diesel is lil bit cheaper.....

Most of the fuel in europe is almost twice the price in India. In US the prices are about 2/3rds of that in India.

The cheapest fuel prices in the world are Iran (Rs 3.5/lit), Turkmenistan (Rs 3/lit) and Venezuela (Rs 2/lit)
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Yahoo - Hike in Fuel prices again!

GoM bites bullet: Hike of Rs 2 for petrol, Re 1 for diesel

Fri, Feb 1 03:26 AM

The Group of Ministers (GoM) today ended the number-crunching on pricing of sensitive petroleum products and agreed to recommend an increase of Rs 2 a litre for petrol and Re 1 for diesel as an interim measure until the Budget.

It has also proposed that the government bear a larger share of the losses suffered by state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) through issue of bonds.

"OMCs are compensated by 42.7% of their under-recoveries through release of oil bonds. It is proposed that to keep the burden on OMCs to last year's level, the bonds should cover 59.9% of the under-recoveries for the year (2007-08)," says the GoM's recommendation.

While the raise in petrol and diesel prices will offset OMCs' losses by Rs 1,000 crore for the remaining two months of the current fiscal, the government will have the need to issue bonds amounting to Rs 42,414 crore as its share of the final under-recovery of Rs 70,808 crore for the year.

The Cabinet in October approved the issue of Rs 23,457 crore worth of bonds. With the GoM proposal to maintain OMCs' burden at last year's level of Rs 4,759 crore, upstream companies Oil & Natural Gas Corp, GAIL India Ltd and Oil India Ltd, would have to bear the remainder of the under-recovery of Rs 23,635 crore.

The GoM has also suggested to its member Finance Minister P Chidambaram to cut custom duty on crude oil by 2.5% and excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 1 per litre each while abolishing the 6% ad valorem component on both products.

"As the Budget is to be presented shortly, the Finance Ministry will consider rationalizing the customs duty on crude and excise duty on petroleum products while finalizing the Budget. Depending on the proposals in the Budget, a comprehensive view on the pricing policy for petroleum products will be taken by the GoM," says the proposal.

The GoM's proposal will now be sent to the Cabinet. With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh out of the capital until Friday and Petroleum Minister Murli Deora in Mumbai until Monday, the Cabinet is likely to meet next week to take a final decision.
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Originally Posted by nitrous View Post
Reliance have a hiked price owing to "A grade" petrol.
Regular Petrol in chennai costs Rs.47.44.
Come fuel here,dear bangalore-ite.
For a better deal, go to pondicherry.
damn i wanted to settle there after seeing the price of fuel there
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I too heard by next weekend Fuel price will be increased, Petrol by 2 rs and Diesel 1 since Left parties opposing it they decided to do small raise instead of 4 and 2 rs what they were talking last month. Today morning I did full tank in Shell it costs 54.25/- so once final call is made on fuel hike even they might raise it.

I am curious about it because last month Shell people have raised the cost. If Shell raise the fuel cost again now it totally looses its value :(


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Wow petrol seems costlier than gold in bangalore. Here its only 48.85 (Shell Normal) till today. Pray the hike won't be soon.
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Originally Posted by TrueDreamer View Post
Wow petrol seems costlier than gold in bangalore. Here its only 48.85 (Shell Normal) till today. Pray the hike won't be soon.
It will come into effect from next week. CNN-IBN was showing the news clipping y'day. Hope the hike is not too steep. As it is the Petrol is costlier in Bangalore. I hope it will be affordable after the hike.
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