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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Originally Posted by PGA View Post
Strange that a democratically elected Govt is so far off from understanding the pulse of the populace
On the contrary, this Govt absolutely understand the pulse of the population. Going by past experience the government is confident that the people will understand that the government is doing all this for our own good because we dont know what we want.

Net net the government is on cruise control in the fast lane and is confident that they will reach the destination even if they have to inconvenience the public for a small while until the elections.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

My Fuelio log since 2013:The Official Fuel Prices Thread-screenshot_20211031000157_fuelio2.png

From last year or so the hike is very steep.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

People here wondering why the state's don't lower the taxes, Remember that with GST fuel is one of the only direct revenue sources for state government's. With the central Government delaying GST payouts to most states they cannot discount the few revenue streams that they already have.

Reminds me of an episode of Always Sunny where the gang hoards petrol to sell at a profit due to the rise in prices.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

I remember a time when I used to go for joyrides. That time has long gone. Even during my highway commutes, I can't gather the courage to put the foot down in my VRS because there's a sense of guilt that follows. I remember when I used to wait for the Braap! sound from the exhaust during upshifts in my vehicle. All that has been lost and the brainwashed public can't be more ignorant regarding the prices. I don't know why opposition is quiet. Really sad for all enthusiasts! I won't be surprised if the government states that all of this was for us to make the transition to electric vehicles in the future. You never know what they might come up with and how the media will glorify it!

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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

We can whine all day about the fuel prices but it isn't going to go south at all.

Fuel prices have had a strong impact across all sections of people. Only thing in our power is to manage of finances better by proper budgeting.

For instance, fuel expenses was 20% of my monthly budget last year. It has gone up to 30% this year. It will keep increasing and there will come one point when we will have to cut short on pleasure activities that we actually enjoy doing. I had to keep my 2 tonne SUV as a back up car and had to get a fuel efficient turbo diesel as my primary, as a measure to keep the fuel expenses in check.

Well, my heartfelt condolences to every high monthly mileage users who have bought turbo petrols.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Tyre prices set to increase as a result of increase in input costs (crude oil) and transportation cost (diesel)Name:  F44B3D4BAC924D07901E20FBE06B6481.jpeg
Views: 202
Size:  336.4 KB

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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

This has started hurting real bad now. We are spending approx 25-30k a month on burning up this liquid gold.
What is surprising is the ease in which the present govt is doing this with zero protests. People have become sheep including me perhaps. Accepting what is being thrown at whatever price. Some morons think they are actually helping the country by not voicing out as apparently the govt needs this cushioning to stabilise the economy and of course " nation building".

Wonder what are they stabilising though..
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Interestingly, conspiracy theorists suggest - All this extra money collection is being spent on improving our defences against China which has become really big threat over the last couple of years. The opposition is also in sync with government on this and hence, they are also not making much of a noise.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Originally Posted by RJK View Post
Surprisingly the opposition is silent while the fuel prices are going through the roof. All said and done, central govt has no clue how to tackle this problem of revenue deficit, consequently are busy raising prices left-right-centre. I support the govt on many fronts but in this case, there’s no room to see logic in their behaviour. Absolutely headless chicken type situation.

Today afternoon went to Goregaon from Powai, distance of barely 10kms, took me 1hr and 20mins. Colossal waste of fuel, time and money. Entire city dug up, everywhere for “Metro construction”.
I agree and sympathize with everything you said except the dug up for Metro construction. That should be deemed as a short term pain for long term gain.

And before one complains that it's been going on for many years, bear this in mind: Building one apt complex within a closed system of a 5 acre plot itself takes 4-5 years. So it's not at all unreasonable for the construction of a 150+ kms long metro system to take 5-7 years, with its myriad of issues involving utility shifting (read *UG cables, pipes*, etc), land acquisition, litigation every now and then, and stations construction *each* of which itself is comparable to an apt complex.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

I donít think thereís going to be any relief for next year or so

The Official Fuel Prices Thread-aa09d06381014e78b0cceb07ccaccb64.jpeg

Source: Google Search

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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

I find every members posts immensely valuable in this thread, thank you for all of your contributions.

Myself being from a middle class family and the only earning member of the house, I have seen how the rise in prices has affected my household budget even with full WFH in place, a year and a half back placing an order on Amazon Fresh for 1000 Rs would fetch me 10-12 items, while a recent order for 1500 Rs fetches me 5-6 items and the rest has to be purchased from a local grocery store.

I am hearing from mom and the neighbors of how the prices of vegetables, onions, and spinach have all sky rocketed, she immediately goes into "conservative mode" when there is a price increase in certain vegetables. I am guessing this will be the same situation in every middle class family, I have had salary cuts during Covid 19, haven't received an hike after that.

I must says the govt is doing a brilliant job in misdirecting the general public, announce a scheme here and there and immediately our attention turns somewhere else.

The question is how much can the middle class "conserve & tolerate" before the dam bursts?
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Petrol prices will stabilise or even flat as soon as UP election campaigning starts picking up.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

The argument put forth by certain government ministers hinges around two things: a) previous oil bonds b) the money government spent/intends to spend on covid and vaccination.
I am sure those with a basic knowledge of economics will realise that this increasing of taxes to mop up revenue can't be played out till infinity. Increase in oil prices will directly impact overall spending, reduction in household savings, consumer spending and will eventually spill over into a self created recession.
Now if the government is smart they will realise this and perform a fine act of balancing and drastically reduce fuel taxes a year before election to lap up votes.
The big mystery is: why is the opposition silent? This is a golden chance to kick the government in the nuts (politically speaking) and they are letting a good crisis go to waste.
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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

I'm going to go against the grain here and say that all this hoopla, all this hue and cry about incessant fuel price hikes is ludicrous. Do you also walk out in the rain without an umbrella and complain about getting wet?

Do you leave your car unlocked in an area notorious for thievery and then cry and scream when your stereo has been pried out?

Do you fall asleep on the pavement and expect a celebrity to not run you over?

I mean..seriously, people. Grow up.


(Note!: The following is a hypothetical conversation dramatized for effect. All names and places if any are fictitious.)

Suresh: Did you hear about that celebrity kid taking drugs?

Mukesh: You mean like..all of them? Are you going to talk about how hot the sun is, next? puffs on a Marlboro

The news (overhearing): What?? Which celebrity?! Is it a big one?! GOD I hope it's a big one!! What a juicy story! This one will go for weeks!

fade to black. open to a brand new day.

Crores of Indians: These fuel prices.. They've been on a steady rise, huh? Household costs have doubled..everything from groceries to services. New highs everyday. Pretty newsworthy, I think.

The news: Celebrity kid pops pills. Arrested! Let's go to Smita for more!

Crores of Indians: Er.. hello? I said-

The news: And I said SHH.

Crores of Indians: Can I just-

The news: OMG a celebrity just had a heart attack! Oh no! OH NO!! CODE RED!

annnd.. scene!

This government has won a thumping majority twice now, despite the glaring misstep of demonetization in between (anybody even still remember that fiasco?) Even if there's a slow down in their momentum owing to the farm bill, the protests and the out of control fuel prices, pretty sure they're still going to be in power for the next half decade easy. Lots of families that'll adhere to the "Kamal hi dabaayein" directive without any comprehension or reasoning as to what it means.

That being said, Happy Diwali, folks! I hope you have a good one, if the powers that be let us.


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Re: The Official Fuel Prices Thread

Originally Posted by sunbaj View Post
I agree but I don't understand what is the current opposition doing. Either the current opposition does not have any interest/concern to the issues that the general public is as a whole facing or they are under the illusion that giving importance to other issues which we all know what they are makes more sense.

I anticipate by December we would be touching 150 Rs/liter if corona does not cause a lockdown in Europe and US.
The previous governments and the the current government are heavily dependent on the taxes being levied on the fuel, its a pity that India has not been able to generate alternate sources of revenue generation apart from levying taxes on essentials consumed by the common man. Probably with some prejudice I can say that Manmohan singh government had some empathy towards common man and hence tried to mitigate the uncontrollable fuel prices through oil bonds(its a good move or not is a different topic)
How will the common man get respite from this high fuel prices ? BJP and the non bjp government are in a tricky situation.
Current scenario is a result of collective failure on the previous and current governments heavy reliance on fuel imports and I do not see any plan in the horizon to tackle this situation.
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