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normally_crazy 21st March 2005 12:07

Euro-3 Fuel - Confusion !!
the oil companies have said that from April 12005 they will start supply of Euro-3 petrol and diesel an additional cost of 30 paise per litre for petrol and 24 paise per litre for diesel.

I mean what kind of stuff or technological breakthrough is needed for Euro-3 fuel that they are going to charge extra ?

speed 93 / power 93 / 91 octane xtra premium - all these dont qualify as euro-3 fuel ??

and what about people who have euro-2 cars ? they have to fill euro-3 at increased rates or they will get the euro-2 fuels at old price ?

can anyone throw some light on this ?

is the hike on euro-3 fuel justified vis-avis the fuel thats going to be supplied ??

whats the difference between euro 2 and euro 3 fuel ?


speedsatya 21st March 2005 12:55

E-3 fuel means 91 octane petrol as the base quality fuel instead of the present 87 octane you will be getting only upwards of 91 octane in petrol.

dont know about diesel ,but maybe it will have reduced sulphur content .

MADESH61 21st March 2005 14:16

1) Briefly, the key differentiators for E II,III,IV petrol and diesel are as below


Sulfur Content : This is measured in ppm ( parts per million parts, roughly equivalent to miligrams of sulphur per litre of petrol ) : the figures for various Euro grades are as follows,

E II -- 500 ppm, E III -- 150 ppm, E IV -- 50 ppm

Benzene content : This is measured as weight percentage of benzene in petrol : the figs are as follows,

E II -- 3 %, E III / E IV -- 1 %

Octane No : This relates to the knocking characterstics of the fuel. The number is obtained by comparing the test fuel with standard hydrocarbon fuel using an IC engine test assembly. the figs are as below,

E II -- 88, E III/IV -- 91


Sulfur Content : E II -- 500 ppm, E III -- 350 ppm, E IV -- 50 ppm

Cetane No : E II -- 48, EIII / E IV -- 51

2) For petrol, Euro III will applicable in 11 cities of India including the 4 metros, from 1 st April 2005. E II will be applicable all over India from 1 st April 2005.
From 1 st Apr 2010 E IV will be applicable in the 11 cities and E III will be applicable all over India.
similar time frame exists for Diesel E II, III,IV.

3) Since oil refining companies ( who manufacture petrol and diesel ) have made substantial new investments to make their existing fuel grades, compliant to the newly coming Euro norms, they are looking for some premimum to recover their investments.

4) Euro III fuel can be safely used in Euro II compliant cars ( the reverse is NOT TRUE. You may damage your cat convertor ). You may not get the best benefit of Octane increase though, since higher Octane no. goes with higher compression ratio engine and your E II vehicle may not have higher compression ratio ( I believe GETZ has the best compression ratio to derive benefit from higher Octane ).In any case in those 11 cities, I believe you will have no option but to buy E III ( perhaps at a premimum ). This is logical since new cars will be E III ( and they cannot take E II ). Making two grades available is a big logistics problem and it does not help the oil companies ( monetarily ) anyway! Also the whole objective is to go to higher Euro grade to reduce sulfur in the emmissions.

If you have a Euro III vehicle and want to go countryside, you should be careful since you cannot put E II in the tank.

Trust this helps to reduce confusion. The numbers quoted are out of memory but I generally expect them to be correct.


Samurai 21st March 2005 17:22

Correct if I am wrong. Aren't we getting the Bharat III norms from April 2005, and Bharat III norms are not same as Euro III norms. Bharat III is the modified version of Euro III, adjusted for Indian road (sic) conditions.

lamborghini 24th March 2005 00:37

Will using 93 octane help on cars like palio 1.6 or corolla.
Whats the ideal compressiopn ratio needed to benefit from higher octane fuel?

amit 24th March 2005 07:52


Will using 93 octane help on cars like palio 1.6 or corolla.
Hey Lambo i used to use speed93 for my Palio regularly although now i have switched to Reliance 98 octane. Even ACI recommended that Speed93 should be used for the Palio's 1.6 engine to derieve maximum benefit from it's high compression ratio. The few times that i used speed, the difference between sp93 and sp was startling to me. The car felt so much more smoother, refined and peppy with speed93. I would say go for Speed93. The Palio GTX will feel like a different car altogether.

skamb 24th March 2005 11:47


Originally Posted by MADESH61
If you have a Euro III vehicle and want to go countryside, you should be careful since you cannot put E II in the tank.

This scares me !!! We can't use EURO II fuel into EURO III vehicles !!! Isn't that the ECM will be taking care of the vehicle in case of less octane fuel.

(Getz has compression ratio of 10 and it still works with current EURO II fuel. EURO III fuel will give a boost to its Fuel efficiency and smoothness in driving)

speedsatya 24th March 2005 12:48


Originally Posted by MADESH61
1) .

If you have a Euro III vehicle and want to go countryside, you should be careful since you cannot put E II in the tank.


no i dont think that you cannot use E-2 fuel in E-3 cars.most companies have already launched their E-3 cars ,but E-3 fuel will be delayed.
u can safely use the present fuels in all cars.maybe the PUC readings will be differnt with E-3 fuels.

MADESH61 24th March 2005 15:49

I understand that the new E III vehicles are no different than E II vehicles with regards to catalytic convertors. Therefore I suppose I am wrong in thinking that E II fuel cannot be put in E III cars. This is also confirmed by speedsatya's observation that E III vehicles are on road and running now on E II fuel. IN CONCLUSION ONE CAN GO ANYWHERE IN iNDIA WITH E III CAR ALSO.

Fiat 1.6 DOHC engine has high compression ratio and hence I suppose will benefit from Sp 93. Although if you see Petra user manual it recommends only 87 octane with no mention on higher grades.

Generally for any engine, "engine feel" ( smoothness ) will improve with higher octane but benefit ( may be FE ) may not materialise.

Also these formulated fuels have other additives which I suppose benefit all compression ranges.Thus better feel could also be due to the additives ( than the octane improvement ).

As far as I know, Bharat Stage III is fuel grade wise same as E III.

pingme 24th March 2005 16:41

I think we can use EII fuel in E3...if I remember right Opel Corsa/sail were E3 right from their launch

DCEite 24th March 2005 18:15

News just in: Euro III norms deffered till October 2005.

dev 24th March 2005 18:44

Can I use Unleaded Petrol in my Euro 3 vehicle? Dealers informed me, I can use any petrol for E3 as it is supported.
Any ideas?

speedsatya 24th March 2005 20:04


Originally Posted by dev
Can I use Unleaded Petrol in my Euro 3 vehicle? Dealers informed me, I can use any petrol for E3 as it is supported.
Any ideas?

yeah you can use unleaded,Power,Speed,Speed 93,Speed 97,reliancepetrol,extra premium from IOC in your e-3 car. ;)

pingmepal 5th September 2005 19:50

Petra ELX BIII - 91 rating
Gone through this thread but still confused after reading the manual for Petra. It says for BIII petra use 91, for BII use 87.

* Is it mandatory to use 91 on my BIII petra?
* What happens if I use 87 on it? (yesterday only filled 30L tank) :confused:


typeOnegative 5th September 2005 20:17

Pingme stick to 91 octane if you can. I am not too sure if continuous running on 87 octane will be good for the car in the long run.

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