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98000 Kms on my 2006 indica Turbo & going strong.
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3,40,598 on my Toyota Qualis anniversary edition. Still giving 12 kmpl.
No problems with the engine at all. Even after being driven by office drivers from last 4 years.

Nobody can beat toyotas in reliability.
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Default 2.4 L 1998 Esteem Vxi

My Pearl Black Maruti Esteem Type II Vxi 1998 has run 2,40,000 km and going.
1. All engine cylinders still have good compression.
2. I changed the carburettor at 2 L and now get 12 - 14 kmpl.
3. Owe it to Fully Synthetic Oil (Shell Helix Ultra SAE 15W50, API SF/CJ) instilled at first service and I progressively increased the drain interval to 40,000 km to offset the cost.
4. The Oil filter was changed every 20,000 km. Oil top-up was always nil/ minimal in between.
5. Though body noise is bad, the engine runs like a dream. But then the car has been through the worst possible terrains and max possible speeds (upto 180 km/hr) at times.
6. Tyres: initially standard Goodyear, then 185/60 Michelin Certis tubeless on Mag Wheels, Now Michelin XM-1 Energy tubeless. Tyre Life 30,000 to 60,000 km.
7. A lot of parts have been replaced over the years. My Verdict: It's still a value for money workhorse !
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Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
As for the merc taxi's, one theory I read (but slightly exaggerated) is that the engines are always warm and running - the cars run on a 24/7 system and are never switched off when drivers switchover and due to cold weather, idling to keep drivers warm.
I think it is only slightly exaggerated. Here right outside my office entrance a number of Taxi Mercs and a few BMWs queue up everyday because it is a taxi stand. I have observed only the first car in the queue or at times the second car too have their engine running whilst they await for the next passenger or drive off anyway. The rest of the cars have their engines shut off even during these chilly winters when the temperature generally hovers below zero. Although I don't seem to have ever seen a car at that stand for more than half an hour.

OT: In fact some really nice Mercs and BMWs I see here almost everyday - one of them I like is the S500. Looks like it has been a long time since i've had a meeting at the vendor's office for which we use one of the Mercs to drop us off Unfortunately, the ride is short lived - it takes only about 15 mins to reach the vendor's office :(

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I see some crazy numbers here, guys are into major driving. My 99 model Zen is at 98600
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Originally Posted by thiyags22 View Post
I see some crazy numbers here, guys are into major driving. My 99 model Zen is at 98600
You ain't seen nothin' yet!
If your car is stock, you'll see 200,000 kms on it without any protest from the engine!
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My Suzuki Shogun (July 04 1995 - Feb 12 2005) clocked 111600

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I saw a nissan sunny diesel taxi with 800,000 kms on its odo. The driver told me that he used to go to Indonesia through East Malaysia from Brunei (my place). 3 countries in a sedan covering around 1000kms one way! He also told me to my surprise that, the odo stopped working long back. Car doors had some problems, and other than that, it was ok to use as a taxi for me.

Our company car pool Volvos, had around 270,000k in the odo. Not sure whether it is miles or kms. Hadn't seen European cars doing such big nos lately!

O.T. these Volvo wagons going to be replaced by Ford Mondeo wagons. Wonder, Fords can do such mileages in odo.
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The car I had in US was a 97 corolla with 151000 miles on the odo. Ran just like new with slight rattle from the passenger side door lock pin.
As for the current car, the Indica is going strong at 110000kms
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Baleno 129000 km's going strong !
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My 2000 model Fiat Uno going strong at 105000 Kms. Back in UK I had a Jaguar XJ6 classic with 103000 miles on the clock and still capable of 140mph with 4 people on board. No sound no rattle. Seen lots of MB 190D doing 500k Kms easy without any rebuild.
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Some serious readings here!

Mine's only 59K Miles (93K Kms)

I was speaking to my friend who just informed me that his friend sold his Mercedes 190 (he didn't know the exact model) with 691,000 Miles on the clock! That's more than 1.1 Million Kilometers!

And the guy who bought it is thrilled to bits as it runs without any problems!
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1,45,000 km and counting on my 1998 Maruthi 800, still had no problems at all except a few electricals.
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arnt you considering bikes here? my Bullet Electra read 1.24L in 4.5 years before i sold it in Aug 08.
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Toyota Qualis 2001 done 1,80,000 Kms and still counting. Great engine no loss in pickup or drop in milage. Still giving 12 kpl with AC.
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