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Originally Posted by freddie View Post
Sadly, with it's relatively puny engine(s) the Linea would be slightly breathless running on its 90bHp, 1368cc Diesel engine or the rumoured 95bHp, 16v, 1368cc twin-cam Petrol engine that actually does duty in the Grande Punto. With these engines I doubt the Linea will be able to blaze away against the competition.

Sigh! what did we do wrong to not deserve the 120 bHp, 16v, 1368cc turbocharged engine from their new T-JET family known as 1.4 16 V T-Jet. Given Linea's size, even the 150 bHp engine that does duty on some variants of the FIAT Bravo would have been an awesome option.
Though more powerful engines are always welcome, I'm not really sure why people jump to a judgement that this a relatively puny engine even before any TD experience...relative to which car and class?

For the record, I've driven this car with the same engine specs while I was in Italy and found it to be atleast at par if not better than other vehicles in its class...Though not a road rocket, I never felt it was underpowered. I hope Fiat has not detuned it much for India...Atleast the engine specs look the same to me IIRC.

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Car is good (we can always crib about engines). The pricing is what will make or break Fiat.
According to OD, the Linea scored over ANHC because its a diesel and the interior quality.
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Default The Linea Review.

When I first saw the car, I was a little apprehensive, which I still am because it looked too rounded and long for 8 Lakh cars, it reminded me of a catfish, with its snout stuck out like that.

Name:  800pxChannelcat.jpg
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The very next day after the Training commenced we were given the Details of the car , it's competition that Fiat Mainly Targeted was SX4,Fiesta,ANHC & the Verna. So along with the Linea the SX4, the Verna & Fiesta were there, as the ANHC wasn't launched then it wasn't available then.

The Car is sure loaded to the gills with features, If you guys go through the other Linea threads we can get a clear-cut idea of all the features in the car. The Linea on the road felt planted, might be due to it's low squatted stance, while in the car the whole car feels really low, the Power window switches and door locking switches are situated on the door armrest and all these felt enveloping around me, but the cabin was wide enough, to not feel claustrophobic, the Blue and me and MY CAR Function Switches are located on the steering wheel and also on the dashboard on the extreme right side under the steering wheel.

Fiat Linea has arrived-fiatlineainterior.jpg

And no the Car haven't been stripped of any of it's features all that you see in the picture is there in the car.

The Overall fit and finish of the product seemed good, but still there were some grouches that can be seen in the car like the Steering column cover which had many unfinished rough edges and panel gaps, But the Steering wheel was Very good to hold and it had really good shape. The Rear seat space was "okay" and the seat reclining angle was very comfy, the ride in the back was unbelievable comfortable especially after getting rides in the competition cars. Even when going over speedbrakers or large potholes never did the Linea lose it's composure or give out loud noises when the suspensions bottomed out with 5 heavyweights in the car. The Ground Clearance of 161mm for the diesel car maybe a little problem but on the bright side the Skoda Octys are running around with 138mm GC , so that might not be much of a problem. The Petrol car's Ground Clearance is 165mm.

The Power Delivery from the Diesel Engines was smooth and It was very quite inside, outside there isn't much noise except for the usual Fiat Engine cooling fan which is soooo loud and it makes a huge racket just like in the Palio/Uno etc. Also the Fan's angle of deflection is same as that in the Uno/Palio which means all the Dust/dirt that is on the ground gets blown up and there is something like a sandstorm when the car is around. Typical Fiat Problem. Other than that the Engines were quite good, The diesel engine's Turbo lag is very low or unnoticeable, I just kept on flooring the throttle expecting the Swoosh like in the Swift/Palios but I was amazed when nothing like that happened till the redline at 5000RPM. The Diesel felt quick enough for that car, Maybe A Pete's Tuning box can be of much help to this car. The Petrol Engine felt Creamy Smooth and it sounded sexy, and there was adequate amounts of torque too but somehow, it felt underpowered to my taste after all 94.2PS is not something to write home about.

So the only question that remains now is, Is the Linea a better buy than the All New Honda City? Except for the engine everything is yes, then again there is no auto transmission even as an option, the engine is underpowered when compared to the ANHC,The built quality though much more solid than a Honda any day lacks the quality of the Honda. The service will be another aspect which we will have to wait and see, but I don't expect any miracles to happen in this part of the story, all the parts of this car is said to be heavily subsided up to 40% ,localization is still going on to keep the affordability factor in hand, the service intervals are quite long at 15000km between a service, the warranty is amazing at 80,000km or 1.5 years which can be extended to 3yrs or 1.5Lakh Kilometers.

The other cars like the SX4,Verna or the Fiesta don't even come into the picture in my opinion because of the unbelievable pricing of this car. The SX4 being too bland, the Verna Being bouncy, the Fiesta being too cramped, But it's just my opinion. This car like all the other cars when launched will have its own honeymoon period, when it will be selling like hotcakes for no particular reason, letís wait and see that's all that I can say.

This is the Make or Break point for Fiat, If all goes well we can see the Grande Punto in 4 months time I guess ,but now your guess is as good as mine. As one of the Fiat India Production head said "If the Linea doesnít do as well as we expected we can just pack up and leave".


Ex-Fiat Guy.
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That's a hell lot of information. Thanks Muneem for your contribution !!
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why again why ? the beige why not the dash with complete black it would look more classy
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Thanks Muneem for that wealth of information! I like both the interiors as well as the exteriors althought the exterior does get some time getting used to. I really hope FIAT can turn the tables around this time for the sake of the GP
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The interiors look exactly the same as what muneem posted. I have some more pics shot with my bad pda camera phone on the first day, will post them in the evening
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Default Thank you...

Thanks a ton Muneem, thanks for all the information...... It really helps... I would stick with the Petrol....
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Originally Posted by muneemmk View Post
"If the Linea doesnít do as well as we expected we can just pack up and leave".


Ex-Fiat Guy.
That means, if linea doesnt do well, Linea owner will have to suffer
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Thanks Muneem, liked your honest detailing about the car, inspite of your dislike for the makers/distributors of the car (in India)!

I loved the looks; front grille is awesome, very "bullish" and mean, raring to pick up a duel with others! Also being a Fiat, the engine no doubt would be great specially in the diesel var and would take head-on with other cars in the same segment. However I would love to see the pictures of the "interiors" of the Indian version, no matter how much one says that it would be exact to its foreign brothers.

I would be inclined for the diesel variant though!
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thanks for all that info muneem.pricing is the key here for lineas success to happen.
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Have always liked Fiat cars, high time Fiat tasted success in India with the Linea. Hope it works for them this time.
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Everything is good and OK - engine, pricing etc. But I think Fiat Linea sales will settle around 1000 per month, after 2-3 months. That's because of the Fiat fate.
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Originally Posted by akshay4587 View Post
Latest issue of overdrive has rated Linea higher over ANHC

although i dont rely on OD's claims
but higher rating than a All new Honda is first.
I totally agree. Somehow car-critics have always favoured the Honda City over others. If Linea is shown with a better rating, it speaks volumes of the car itself.

In my opinion, the Linea looks imposing- size and appearance both. It also implies that someone spending 7-9 lacs will get a bigger car to show off.
The front double-grill is impressive - Somehow seems like they have tried to do a rounded Audi grill. From my side, thumbs-up for the linea
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I think Fiat might be happy with 1000 Lineas a month. Any idea how much are they targetting ?
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