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Old 4th March 2009, 13:05   #61
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Originally Posted by Jaggu View Post
My concluion: NO swift is NOT prone to brake failure, and rumors also needs to make sense at times
As a conclusion, can we say that things can go wrong with Swift brakes (may be by alternator drive belt failure, poor tyre/size, etc.) but at the same time they can go wrong for any car / any brand / any make.
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I own a Swift vdi (ABS). It was bought in end october 2008 and the tyres and rims were changed on the first day itself to 195/60/R15 (bridgestone potenza) (HR Rims)

The car seems fine to me even after 5500 kms..brake pressure does lack some bite but that may be attributed to the ABS system regulating the pressure under heavy braking.

The steering assist is poor at low speeds especially while turning or sudden changes in direction, but that may be attributed to the wider tyres.

I dont think and surely hope not that a Company as respected as Suzuki would try to ignore such a problem and sweep it under the carpet if it were actually manifesting in a number of cars.

As such in todays age of the Internet and Forums like Team-Bhp things like "sweepng things under the carpet" is not possible.
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couple of my friends have Swift and I have not seem them complaining about breaks at all. also one of the cars was involved in an accident which required the outer shell to be replaced but again not the fault of the breaks.
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Old 4th March 2009, 15:05   #64
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I have not been able to get more info on the events that lead to the accident.But like I said before, he confirmed that the engine was not off. I shall definitely try to find out if during the repair they found that the alternator belt had snapped.

Very valid points brought up here by many of our members I agree. And really good to hear that the majority of owners have not faced any such issues. Good for all of us.

But a couple of them I dis

Now if folks here have different connotations about how he can surely say that the engine was not off, I dont have an answer!!And I dont think any one of us nowadays cruise with the engine off.

I believe one does join a forum first and then post a thread - which would be his or her first thread. However, I am given to understand that there is an expectation that folks should be reputed "Posters" before joining a forum. I dont know how!!Looks like a chicken and egg conundrum.

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in my 8 months of owning a swift i haven't faced any problems with the brakes. bite isnt the same as before but that can be rectified by brake cleaning (done 15k kms).
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Old 4th March 2009, 16:48   #66
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Have had a Swift Vxi for almost 3 years now. Have had a few panic braking situations and found the brakes to be adequate. She stops without any drama. Of course, the wider non-OEM shoes help.

Originally Posted by lin-jo View Post
4. Is this a rumour? -As far as my co-worker's experience is concerned, no! He was driving Bangalore Chennai- and the Swift brakes just failed. Steering also froze...
The brakes just went hard is what he said. No response on pressing the brake as hard as one could try.
Like others have said already, this looks like an engine-off situation. And if it was caused by an alternator drive belt failure like in Sumit's case, that's scary. Nothing much you can do except have the car serviced regularly.

Originally Posted by SumitBahl View Post
I agree with you. These all could have been caused by alternator drive belt failure.

I had experienced this first hand on my Scorpio (now sold).

A sincere request to Solly and Sriram. Guys do share if you too had a steering freeze and alternator drive belt failure. Thanks.
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Old 4th March 2009, 17:15   #67
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I guess what we are talking about here are one off cases. There are well over 3,00,000 of them on Indian roads already. A few failures here and there must be because of some rare problem, or poor servicing or some non natural event. If it was a common issue, am sure by now there would have been a lot of hue n cry over this.
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Old 4th March 2009, 17:33   #68
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Well as far as I can remember I have seen a post in this forum where a swift Dezire had a braking problem(failure) around the time it was launched. The guy, according to the post, had to handbrake it and get it towed to the service centre.
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Old 4th March 2009, 17:55   #69
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I own a Swift VXi and I don't have ABS. It's nearly 3 years and have covered 46000 kms and haven't had a single issue with the brakes. I have always felt safe while even doing 100+.
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Old 4th March 2009, 19:48   #70
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Originally Posted by ashwinpak View Post
The most effective brakes can fail. I too have driven a Swift extensively, and I can say that the braking is good. But I can't vouch that it will not fail.
Very true. But I think we on this thread are trying to find out whether the Swift suffers from sudden total or partial loss of braking efficiency (which may or may not include brake component failure), with a significantly greater frequency than other cars, and whether there are specific maintenance issues not taken care of by Maruti, which may cause this.
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Old 4th March 2009, 20:46   #71
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I think the swift's braking is one of the best in small cars.... This is a marketting ploy by some other company...
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Old 4th March 2009, 21:10   #72
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Its good to see so much support for the swift, but I think we should stop piling on the thread starter for asking a question. Maybe the thread title should be changed. But I see no harm in questioning a car's performance/safety, as long as its a healthy debate.

To answer the question
No brake failures yet.
on my previous petrol swift or the current Pete'd Swift VDi.
However, I have upgraded the brake discs so that I can enjoy my weekly ghat trips more.
Please note- I have always run 185/70/R14s from day 1 in both cars.
On stock tyres, braking is decent in a straight line, but rear tends to step out if we brake hard at speeds in excess of 80kmph on curves- not something most sane drivers would do
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Old 5th March 2009, 10:30   #73
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I'm sorry, but this thread cannot be allowed to run any more. It is nothing but a baseless rumour.

Thread closed.
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