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GTO 11th May 2005 23:06

New Hyundai Sonata - July launch @ 16 lacs

So Hyundai is going bang against the Accord with an expected price of Rs. 16 lacs. The original versus the counterfeit! What do you think will be the markets pick?


On the main features of the new model, he said it would come with a completely redesigned body and a far more fuel-efficient engine.
Just cant fathom how important fuel efficiency is to a cars image that the company president mentions it as ONE of TWO points that highlight the new car.


Source : MoneyControl Article

jesal 11th May 2005 23:18

as much as i like it. for 16 laks i have a lot of options including the honda accord too. but the 3.0 is for 18.5 right. so if they place the top line at 16 it should have buyers since there are a lot of buyers for the sonata 2.7 V6. what are the engine spces of the car like

west 11th May 2005 23:34

Hyundai has done it again clap:

A failure, dont know why 16 lks is their new lucky number or just want to imitate crv and accord of honda in pricin, shape and features

Hyundai A COPY CAT gotcha

comfortablywacky 11th May 2005 23:37

The rear lines look very similar to that of Accord .... 16 L's for a Korean Co. car???well ... i'm still thinking ..... My obvious choices (Accord,C-RV) making me think otherwise .... specs anyone??

freakrz 11th May 2005 23:47

initially sonata was a mix of jaguar and merc the rear end imitates the a masterpiece ...!

Shan2nu 12th May 2005 01:17


What do you think will be the markets pick?


RJK 12th May 2005 01:42

16Lakhs eh? Good luck to Hyundai.

Shantanu...I like your reply :D

gr8guzzler 12th May 2005 02:26

Of what I could find on the net the Specs look like this:

* 2 engine options.....2.4 Ltr producing 161PS @ 5800rpm & 3.3 V6 producing 233PS @ 6200rpm. The 3.3 V6 is mated to a new five speed H-matic gearbox (which allows the driver to switch between a ‘stepped’ manual or full automatic).
* Also probably in the near future a 2.0 common-rail turbo-diesel with a six speed manual or four speed automatic.
* Size...4798mm by 1829mm, height going up to 1473mm
* USPs...increased Size...more space....improved chasis for better ride.

shankaranand 12th May 2005 02:31

Last week, they showed the car and Car and Bike Show in NDTV Profit.

I liked what I saw.. Looks quite good. But rgdg pricing, I have the same doubts as all of you..

Beemer 12th May 2005 02:41

What !!!!! 16 lacs ! Man , i think Hyundai should better take an exit from the indian car market and better concentrate on the other gadgets like electronics and all ,coz IMO they might get a success over there but here....... NO WAY . Donno what the hell is going on in their mind !

p.s Donno what the hell they are putting up another factory here for, if they are to continue this way then better Take an exit before they are forced to do so . Ridiculous !

SuperSyn 12th May 2005 02:52

It all depends on which version is being priced at 16 lakh. The entry level engine shouldn't cost any more than 12-13 lakh. Otherwise Hyundai will have another "Getz", or Elantra on their hands.

Hyundai is trying to reposition themselves in this segment, but frankly their marketing antics are inconsistent and they have no image in 10+ lakh segment. Hyundai makes a nice chavmobile like Santro, but this is a different segment.

Let us not forget that the biggest reason for the sales of previous Sonata was that it gave a big-car ambience, copy of Jaguar design elements, and a relatively cheap entry level price.

With this car, they have copied Accord's rear end, something not everyone likes, and are now trying to command a premium too! Of course, what we have to watch out for is how much discount they give to customers at dealership. This is a typical Hyundai tactic: Price the car high and then during sales negotiations, give a huge "discount", thus making the customer feel that he or she has got a good deal.

But people are picking up on this. You can't fool all people all the time. Not when you make imitation chavmobiles. Good luck Hyundai.

Sahil 12th May 2005 03:08

16 is too much for this car. But i guess the reason they have increased the price is to create a gap between the Elantra and the Sonata, or else the elentra would eat into it's market.
There is no way it can come close to the accord's sales(why would anyone buy a fake rolex for more than what an actual one cost? ;-) ). It will probably compete with Mondeo sales. The only reason the older version sonata sold well is coz of the 'bling' appeal it had to it in the start...but this one has a more down-to-earth appeal.

Beemer 12th May 2005 03:10

The main reason i ve(or most of the people) always liked hyundai is coz IMO they ve always been giving VFM to the indian customers , but lately , god knows what's goin on in their mind that they are trying to compete head on with the undisputed leaders of indian automobiles .

P.S , if by any means this car is priced more than 13 lacs(top model , not a v6) then Hyundai india president , for sure need to go to a psychiatrist . sorry:

Mpower 12th May 2005 03:24

My advice to Hyundai is simple. If you are going to anyway copy...........then copy from the best like Merc or Jag. Why copy from a lowly Honda that is almost the same level as you.
As far as this car, its the Elantra story all over again. The diesel might scrape some sales simply because there is no diesel in the D segment. (excl C200D)

X-Machine 12th May 2005 04:43


Originally Posted by Mpower
My advice to Hyundai is simple. If you are going to anyway copy...........then copy from the best like Merc or Jag. Why copy from a lowly Honda that is almost the same level as you.

Exactly my thought.The earlier Sonata was a Jag rip-off.Wonder why they've dropped to the Honda level??
Dont want to comment about the car till i see and drive it on the Indian roads.One cant judge perfectly through the pics.


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