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Old 30th March 2009, 11:22   #421
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I have heard umpteen number of horror stores about Skoda's A.S.S from not so cyber enthu's and they have vouched not to turn to this brand again!!!

Skoda, your honey moon in India is over... now poda (get lost in Tamil)
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:29   #422
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Skoda India seems to lost its sheer primacy in our market with that kind of attitude, and how can they act like this getting bhp threaten to sue, i guess skoda is loosing its valued customers by this behavior.Two of my friends cancelled their superb and fabia bookings and went with civic and city.
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:36   #423
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Originally Posted by navin View Post
Monster, I am very happy that you recieved good (if expensive) service from Skoda. Harish, Kapil, and a few others have not been as lucky. Then when Harish put forward his case on this forum (substantiated with facts and pictures) Skoda had the gall to threaten TBHP. TBHP does not take kindly to threats not when the threats are unwarranted, infringe on our basic rights, or are used as scare tactics. That is what has got the forum all upset.

Skoda, as you can see some TBHPians have recieved good service from your dealers and we are willing to talk about these incidents too. The sad fact is that these instances seem to be the exception rather than the rule.
I cant say they did a good job either, my clutch conked at 7,000km and they did the free warranty service for that but again at 25,000km it burnt and i had to pay for that out of my pocket. So i am not satisfied with what they did.

I dont think TBHPns should take any form of manipulation or bullying from a lifeless big enterprise. I am fully in support of you guys come what may.
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:45   #424
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Phew! This thread seems to be the most talked about thread on T-BHP. And I guess we simply have to thank Skoda Corporate and Meghna for that. Your posts seem to have woken up all the members here.

Threatening Team BHP and its members for providing a forum to discuss Harish's case. Wow, what were you thinking? Are you guys for real?

Anyways, my sincere advice to you guys at Skoda.
Resolve this issue at the earliest. I dont think you guys still understand the power of the Internet and of forums such as Team-BHP.
You might even manage to win the court case (if you're really lucky and the sun rises from the west that day), but what will you achieve? The damage will not be undone by a court order. People here are aware of the malpractices at Skoda's dealerships and are simply going to refuse to buy your product.
Where does that leave you then? A good product destroyed by bad aftersales and even worse management.

Think about the long term ramifications of your actions. Close this vexed issue once and for all. Clean up your act and focus on customer support. The market in turn will applaud your actions then.

@Harishv - Sorry about your ordeal. Wish you speedy redressal.
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:48   #425
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Here is another case of bad worksmanship and the subsequent legal battle. Vijay (vj_sr on the forum) is my neighbour and I know for sure the facts mentioned on the below thread are true. I get to see their skoda maybe once a month because they don't use it at all.

This and several other posts just show that Skoda Auto is thick-skinned and any amount of escalating (with the company executives) is just a waste of time.
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:53   #426
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Originally Posted by Hurrycane12 View Post
The change is done; I see a White Civic or A Black Amby (I guess Rudra's Car)

Ok, the picture on the home screen has changed. But the picture of the vRS on the forum still remains. It is shown only while using the BHP Silver skin. Mods, any plans to replace this as well? Lets have just one picture throughout the site.

Team-BHP stands for the TRUTH. But Skoda wants to “instigate” Team-BHP and its users!-forum.jpg
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:53   #427
Team-BHP Support
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As they say, 'One man's loss is another one's gain'.

What Skoda loses in terms of customers is added bonus for Toyota and Honda. the ball has started rolling, and its just about time the effects start showing up in your books, Skoda. Unless you want to start cooking them to show all is well?
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:56   #428
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This thread should probably be mailed to all Skoda dealers - to show them how their indulgent godfather (Skoda Auto) has, with the skills of their Communications Director, launched a national campaign to ensure that they all lose business by the bucketful !
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Old 30th March 2009, 11:59   #429
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^^ I say this thread be mailed to someone at SKODA AUTO. The main parent company. To give them an idea of how much bad publicity their Indian counterpart is getting. And how they are digging their own grave.
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Old 30th March 2009, 12:00   #430
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SKODA GO BACK, BOYCOTT SKODA if they are going to have this attitude.
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Old 30th March 2009, 12:06   #431
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There are quite a few posts in this thread about people actually changing their plans of booking Superb and Laura. I am sure that Skoda should be following this thread with a keen eye, if not, that is the first sign that they are only interested in the former half of a sale cycle.

They are actually losing potential customers - not just members of this forum but others too who would end up knowing about this case via the word of mouth negative publicity that will happen. A lot of members of this forum act as decision makers or have a say in the decision making process of their companies. I am sure that they views about Skoda would be heard across many potential buyers - both individual and corporate.

Skoda - you have made a big mistake in underestimating the power of this forum and their members.
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Old 30th March 2009, 12:06   #432
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Skoda cars are taxi cabs for the rest of the world and here we treat them as brand values and this is what we get. What does Skoda think of itself???? We do have our Freedom of speech and I would love to support Harish in his fight for justice which he rightly deserves. How about contacting NDTV and getting this on the BIG FIGHT, SKODA vs Freedom of Justice.

Harish, We are with you. I beleive the all Team-Bhipans can bring SKODA India down and accept their faults and apologize for 'instigating' us all.
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Old 30th March 2009, 12:07   #433
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What a response? Shows that Team BHP really has in it to use the word TEAM in naming the forum.
The management at SKODA has really pulled a wrong wire and going nose down. Unless some really drastic measures are taken this gonna really crash. In these recession times the last thing to do is to piss of the customer...C'mon!!

But Guys, why remove the SKODA car from the forum? I think each one of us like the car but we are against the management and its substandard practices. The Car can still be remembered (after RIP) for its potential and can add to old list of cars. I think we should not treat it as an abandoned child, the management got to act for sure.

Harish, kudos to you for taking it with SKODA.

SKODA, time to act. Really, really fast!!!

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Old 30th March 2009, 12:18   #434
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skoda, if you are awake, please understand that you continue to sell not because of the quality/cost/serive/attidue, but despite of lacking all of these. and you sell only to the customers who are unaware (eventually they will become aware). any customer who does a bit of google, talks to freinds etc, will obviously give a second thought. I remember GTO's comment on Bimal motors' bad attitude. whatever they come up with they "should be avoided like plague". skoda, you are plagued!!
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Old 30th March 2009, 12:23   #435
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Overwhelming, to say the least, to see the solidarity shown with this aggrieved Bhp'ian. This could set the cat amongst the pigeons amongst quite a few car-makers who take us for granted and mess around! We are wth you, Harish, in whatever way we can help! I'm talking to my colleagues about this and doing my bit!

The strenght of many, the power of one!

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