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Old 30th March 2009, 13:51   #451
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This thread should not be closed untill Skoda and all other Car manufacturing companies do not learn a lesson that customers should be treated like a customer and not like a door mat.

In today's world, customer is the king and if he is not satisfied, your business will suffer.

@Skoda :- there is lot more that can be done rather than commenting on your service. Walk your talk is the need of the hour.
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Old 30th March 2009, 13:51   #452
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Skoda should be glad that this community acknowledges one of it's products (the red RS) so well, that it is displayed on each and every page of TBHP, despite so many Skoda owners going through hell.

GTO and guys - This is a great initiative and I offer my complete support.

Harish - Best Luck. May this be over soon and in your favor.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:07   #453
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A friend of mine in Mumbai was about to book Skoda Laura before 31st march to avail depreciation benefits. He has been dissuaded from buying Skoda Laura. He'll be buying Toyota Altis instead of Skoda Laura. A reference of this thread was enough for him to drop the plans for Laura.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:13   #454
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This thread and the other thread is not only a warning for SKODA but a reminder to all OTHER AUTO manufactures in INDIA who take customers for granted .
Its manufactures who have to retain a customer and not the other way round . Heck you dont care , I give a damn and will go some where else . Who's the LOSER ? ....

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Old 30th March 2009, 14:18   #455
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Default Successfully stopped 4 Car sales

Hey folks

In my company there is a public folder where people unite and buy cars inorder to avail huge discounts. Today after reading this thread i found a group forming up for laura(not sure where these folks have so much money during recession) , I made sure that no one in the pool would dare to think about it again.
As AshOnTheRocks suggested a reference to this thread had made them drop their plan. i am making sure that this would be communicated to all the contacts i know.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:26   #456
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Originally Posted by TakeOnMe View Post
IMHO there is unprecendented vitriol in this thread. Team-BHP is an automotive community. The industry is why Team-BHP exists, both have to co-exist. The carmaker has certainly paid attention. And this is what the supposedly aggrieved consumer originally wanted. The thread should now be closed to allow reconciliation.
i dont think so.why should it be closed? reason for this thread existing is because of the fraud done by skoda dealer to harish. This thread should be closed when the matter is settled to harish's satisfaction

i have forwarded links of both these threads to volkswagen ag the parent company.don't know if they will bother to read them or take any action

btw got a call today from skoda inquiring about the superb as we are existing skoda laura owners if the local dealer had contacted us regarding the superb. told them the facts
been waiting for the superb from 1 month had registered at skoda india website for test drive and had received prompt reply next day saying the local dealer will contact me once car arrives for test drive but no call from local dealer. I come to know after few days that the superb has arrived and its at their workshop so i call them and they say you can come over and see the car i start from manipal 60 kms away to mangalore and midway i get a call saying manager says you cant see the car come after 4 days after inauguration of car so i told them in that case i am not interested so he says i will talk to manager and call you back no call back even after 20 mins and i have almost reached mangalore so i call them again and he says if you come in 15 mins you can see the car like its going to disappear after 15 mins
I go to showroom and car is covered and they just lift the cover on 1 side and let me sit inside refuse test drive i ask them whats all the secrecy for car had been released 10 days back and people are taking test drives in other cities they don't have a answer the manager says he forgot to send me invitation will send 1 for the inauguration but no invitation arrives 4 days later 10 mins before their inauguration they call up and ask me to come i am 60 kms away in manipal so i go the next day still they refuse test drive
Its not like we are taking a test drive for fun we were really interested in the car and wanted to sell our laura and buy the superb but the way they are acting is like they are doing a big favor to us by selling us the car and we have to beg to see the car and take a test drive
Father now says no superb and i have also lost interest so 1 more sale of superb lost. good job skoda keep it up

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Old 30th March 2009, 14:28   #457
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Originally Posted by Nilesh5417 View Post
Its ironic that a red octi adorns the top right corner of the page!! I'm thankful that i don't own a skoda and mostly won't ever now. Word of mouth is far more powerful than most companies think. No amount of ad campaigns will change a customers mind if he hears a complaint of this magnitude from a fellow car owners. Hope skoda fixes its act. I would totally support the fight against this fraud!!
I agree, we should take it out.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:31   #458
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Couldn't agree more to what GTO has said. GTO's comments should solve TakeOnMe's doubt.

To add few cents more, this thread is indeed to spead awareness about Skoda's A.S.S., but it's also to protest against general practice of taking the customers granted. This thread is also to raise our voice against "sab kuchh chalta hai" approach of service providers, when indian consumers are concerned.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:34   #459
Team-BHP Support
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Originally Posted by kalpeshc View Post

They are actually losing potential customers - not just members of this forum but others too who would end up knowing about this case via the word of mouth negative publicity that will happen. A lot of members of this forum act as decision makers or have a say in the decision making process of their companies. I am sure that they views about Skoda would be heard across many potential buyers - both individual and corporate.
Add me to that list, I had been on the verge of finalising between the Optra Magnum and the Laura, deals worked out e.t.c but I guess I'm going to give the Laura a miss, second time this one.
Not that I have shortlisted the Optra, but the Laura is mostly not happening for me.

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Old 30th March 2009, 14:39   #460
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great if skoda is not responsible for its dealers why is the above dealer still existing since the past one year? they should have taken back their dealership if they were a responsible company soon after they came to know about harish's incident
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:40   #461
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Certainly audacious - what else should we expect? The good thing is (though would defer to Raveendra's coments) it has been established in previous rulings the Principal cannot wash its hands off. Skoda cannot wash its hands off saying that what the dealer does is the dealer's problems and not Skoda's!

In fact I would go on to say that if an employee of Skoda has had or continues to have a financial / fiduciary relationship with its dealers then that can be used well to counter this. For instance,

1. Does the Head of PR of Skoda Auto India have any direct or indirect relationship with any dealer? We may have grounds to believe so - but needs to be ascertained

2. Previous MD of Skoda has joined hands with a terminated dealer to set-up a work-shop. Clearly it indicates the relationship goes beyond what they say it does.

So how can one believe that Skoda or its employees may not have any role to play in this?

Besides you too have enough other ammo to contain this water gun above.

All the best friend,


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Originally Posted by dockap View Post
great if skoda is not responsible for its dealers why is the above dealer still existing since the past one year? they should have taken back their dealership if they were a responsible company soon after they came to know about harish's incident
Dealership was terminated on 5th September 2008. Their ego trip against me continues.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:46   #463
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Default Nothing audacious

Nothing out of the way in the Counter/W.S./Version of events, that is scanned and posted here. There are no statements therein that are either wrong, contradictory or audacious. In fact these first paragraphs are 'boilerplate' or standard formats.

'Principal to principal' has a specific connotation in law, and is a standard denial in every case.

Sorry to be a wet blanket but, I see nothing untoward, unusual, unethical or audacious in the pages posted.

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Old 30th March 2009, 14:46   #464
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Default After Sales Service - Dealers Matter

Originally Posted by vivekji05 View Post
Superb may be a good product but looking at the 'Skoda experiences' of many a team-bhpians, I think Honda is the way to go.
I own a Civic for two years and still own/have owned brands like Lancer, Maruti, Hyundai etc. in the past.

Honda Service has also not been outstanding in the past. (refer discussion on the V6 Thread). Perhaps that can be attributed to the dealer I bought the car from (Dakshin Honda). The service was indifferent and my attempts to reach the owner was scuttled by a Sales Person. Later contacting them on phone was also difficult and finally I shifted to another Dealer (Whitefield Honda). Now the service is excellent and the attention is far better. Even the General Manager Service is available for feedback which I find quite heartening.

Hence the conclusion is simple. In some of the cases the dealers make the difference. I will not hold Honda responsible but I will never go back to Dakshin Honda.

My experience with Skoda a few years back when I wanted to buy an RS was so horrible that I decided not to proceed. The Sales people were lax, irresponsive and had not technical details. I wonderd if the Pre-Sales was so poor, how the Post Sales Service would be.

I finally managed to reach the GM at the Dealer (TAFE Access) who promised to act and also wrote to Ahmednagar. However, the follow-up was so poor that I finally never bought the RS and instead went for Civic.

Last bt the not the least, my close to 9 year old Lancer is still rocking and in best shape (touchwood) due to great service by Dealers (Southern Motors). I can buy a Mitsubishi with my eyes closed any time because of this experience.

Food for thought. In all cases perhaps the Dealers make the difference. If they are keen, the company will go by their recommendation and make amends. Perhaps the same hold good in case of Harsh who has been wronged here by Skoda. I extend my Moral support to him and his family.
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Old 30th March 2009, 14:49   #465
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Harish: This response is expected. I dont think they would make any other posts here officially. One post has done enough damage already.

Hope skoda is watching the threads here. Its pretty much saddening to see they way they & their dealers handle the customer. Don't understand which moron gave them a suggestion to threaten a community of car enthusiast who eventually are people who buy their cars or recommend them to others!! Its like sawing off the branch you are sitting on.
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