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Old 28th March 2009, 03:31   #76
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Originally Posted by Brabus E V12 View Post
This thread has had in excess of 15,000 hits and TEAM BHP has over 40,000 members. Even if 20,000 of us talk to 5 people each, that makes it 100,000 people who won't even think of buying a Skoda. And these 100,000 will further talk to ?? people.
I alone within my organisation can post it on my public site (not on internet but on company intranet) and expect 1 lac 30000 people to see or get a whiff of it. Besides, in a remote way we are competitors of "other" cars in India. In addition, create furore in a global fortune 500 company with another public post
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No way i am ever going for a skoda vw seat or audi.They ask for high price with high maintaince charges and for what.I see they going the opel way expensive but useless german engineering.
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Old 28th March 2009, 03:45   #78
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Originally Posted by reignofchaos View Post
A little search leads us to the actual details of this Skoda shill - looks like they are really very scared of team-bhp for the head of corporate communications to frame such an ill worded message.

Meghna Choksey : Head of Corporate Communications
Phone: 09373844430

There you go - details of the "non functioning" Skoda PR.
Originally Posted by Harbir View Post
I don't know what Autobahn is since i don't live in India but from your post it seems it is a Skoda dealer.

So I googled "autobahn" and "Skoda". First link that comes up, is Autobahn. I look around the site till I click on "contacts" and got to this page: Autobahn

I took a screen capture of what I found, highlighted by me using a yellow box in the attached image.
My goodness. They all are hand in glove.

Draw you own conclusion. Add to this that ex-MD has joined terminated-Dealer to start a new automobile venture!

How on earth they will control the Dealers when Dealers seem to be created (made/ joined) by them?

"Simon Go Back !" ??
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Old 28th March 2009, 04:23   #79
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hmm what else can we expect from a company whos cars are only sold as Taxis in the UK .. i mean thats their only worth including the Superbs .. airport transfer vehicles

Piece of Advice for Skoda - Dont forget you are trading in a growing economy. Europe wont be the same anymore after the recession is over and if you continue as such God willing by then you may have packed up your stuff back to Czech land. Happy Selling !!
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Old 28th March 2009, 04:44   #80
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Based on past & recent developments, I have dissuaded 17 potential customers from the new Superb. And counting.
Hey GTO,

I am sure T-BHP as a site will further dissuade buyers of the VW AG.
If this thread was put up earlier, I would've convinced my sister against her new Passat. However, I shall do my best in dissuading them against the new Superb as well. Will have them look into the new Teana which is a very good alternative to the Superb.
To be honest, I went through the thread. Was slowly convincing my father to get an A6/A8, but with my recent experience as well as these threads, thats out for the time being. Have even dissuaded my friend and Cousin from purchasing a VW Jetta/Skoda Laura and shall continue until Skoda learns their lessons, makes things right with not only us T-BHPians but other customers as well.
The day I start hearing about how good Skoda's service is and how the spares are reasonably priced will be the day I would recommend another one.
Skoda needs to learn that pricing the Superb so well doesn't mean that it is going to get sales.

It was the same with Tata, after hearing of vaunroy's case. It was only after I noticed that they were making a conscious effort to improve their products and were on the way to become more customer oriented, did I start recommending Tata's again. That too, I have been avoiding the Safari after reading Tsk's experience.

I think as a Team, we need to stop recommending Skoda's to people until they apologize as well as make amends and others start receiving good service at fair rates.
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Old 28th March 2009, 05:04   #81
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I'm glad Meghna, that Skoda is taking the comments on Team-bhp very seriously. Although you might find a few criticisms on this forum hard to digest, the fact is that this forum has done wonders for potential car buyers. And I dare say for the Indian automobile industry, in general.

Car manufacturers could really benefit if they take this forum seriously.

There are dozens of disgruntled customers out there. And many members who could have been potential customers for Skoda India, but for the very poor feedback from current owners/terrible experience at Skoda dealerships.

I feel saddened after expecting so much from the VW group. First was the shocker of a scandal even before VW set foot in India and now this. I need more than just a PR mail to trustingly buy/recommend a Skoda/VW in future.

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Talk about stirring up a hornet's nest !! Did you have to do that with a proverbial stick..i.e with legally unsound and incorrect words?? LOL

Meghna, Are you posting as a Skoda PR Rep or as a director of Autobahn. Sounds like a huge conflict of interest to me.

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Old 28th March 2009, 06:22   #83
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when you have something to hide,you always fight it foolishly!!

thats what is happening here,first of all,the cars themselves,then the pathetic servicing and now 'the icing on the cake'..the attitude of a skoda representative!!
just remember Skoda India,when greed of 'money making' covered your eyes,the very integrity has been taken away from your faithfulness and passion to this automotive industry.
you seem to be just a whole big 4 walled structure adding some metal to 4 wheels and pushing it to people who have/had trust in you!!and now you have lost that dignity too
Tbhp will rule in this case ,hands down!!!
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Old 28th March 2009, 06:47   #84
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Could you guys please remove the red Skoda from TBHPs Layout, its kinda killing what TBHP stands for. Yikes!
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Team-BHP Support
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Team-BHP is the largest automobile forum in India. And most Team-BHPs members are very passionate about cars and possess above average knowledge about cars and general automotive scene in India. And in most cases, their family and friends know about that. In other words, most Team-BHP members are Opinion Makers in car purchase decisions of their family and friends.

By threatening the forum and the members, the Skoda representative is repeating the same pattern of behavior reported by Harish. After this public threat, how many of us are going to believe Skoda even if they prevail in the court? Skoda needs to realise something here, real battle is not being fought in the courts, it is being fought in the heart and mind of the opinion makers. Yes, you do believe we are opinion makers, if not you wouldn't be here trying fix the PR damage, pity about the shody execution though.

Skoda cars have been very popular on Team-BHP, despite the bad service reputation and high spare parts cost. However, in a single afternoon, Skoda Marketing manager has turned the tide.
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what really apalls me is the callous attitude of Skoda and their nerve is sending such a thinly veiled threat to GTO and T-Bhp. there are a few of us on T-bhp who are lawyers (me included) and have on various occassions tried to render whatever little help we could to fellow bhpians.

Going by this attitude of Skoda, I am inclined to be even more active in supporting fellow bhpians whenever they put up a post for advice on a legal issue, so that companies such as the VW group know that even though there are no class action law suits in India and the legal process is fraught with delays, the Indian consumer still is not helpless and an independant forum like T-BHP will stand by its members who have been wronged.

and there is enought depth and breadth of talent in this forum to really make a difference.

My cousin is in the market for an exec saloon and was hell bent on the Jetta. I have almost managed to convince him to up his budget a bit and go in for an Accord, and have sent a link to this and Harishv's thread to him to clinch the argument.

Cheers, and let us all do whatever we can to make that tiny bit of difference. it is only when consumers start to actively demand their rights, will these arrogant car makers start to sit up and listen..We are alrady seeing a small but perceptible shift in the way companies are reviewing customer feedback, so time for all of us to step on the gas, give up our "chalta hai" attitude, and take things to their logical conclusion.

EDIT: Mods, why not make this thread a "Parked thread" so that it is always on the home page?

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Originally Posted by Torqueguru View Post
Could you guys please remove the red Skoda from TBHPs Layout, its kinda killing what TBHP stands for. Yikes!
I was thinking of the same but then thought if it would be appropriate to post here or not.
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Old 28th March 2009, 07:45   #88
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Harish, more power to you!
GTO and mods, kudos for standing up for this.
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Old 28th March 2009, 07:57   #89
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yes i agree this was cheap tactics on part of skoda india.
Maybe Skoda is not completely at fault but the dealers are. As they try to make profits by swapping counterfeits with orignals so that they can make fast money.
I think Skoda India needs a complete Remap (as VAG engines are easiest to remap )
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Old 28th March 2009, 08:03   #90
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I think seeing the number of horror stories of skoda we encounter on team-bhp, there is a need for a dedicated section named "Skoda horror stories". We should put in so much info there, that if anybody searches for skoda in any of the search engines, those threads should show up on top. Its not like so many people are making up stuff about skoda. Whats true should be conveyed to everyone.
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