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Old 6th April 2009, 12:25   #1051
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Originally Posted by Sabareesh View Post
People check this,

Someone has posted this issue on Wikipedia too, Skoda Auto India Private Ltd. is going to lose its profits bigtime because of their stupid ego.

Jai Ho Internet, Jai Ho Team-BHP

Kudos to whomsoever who posted that on Wikipedia.
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Old 6th April 2009, 12:42   #1052
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Originally Posted by w 12 View Post
There was a thread by Arun Roy, where he documented the nightmarish service experience he had with Tata for his Sumo.

We saw many pledges in that thread not to buy tata products & also to discourage others from buying one.

Did that thread have any impact on sales of Tatas vehicles?
@W12, Tata Customer service is miles ahead and let us not insult them by comparing with Skoda A.S.S. I have been a proud owner of a Indica V2 in the past and own and drive a Indigo XL now. While TATA A.S.S may not be perfect, they never behaved the way skoda and its A.S.S have behaved. In fact their Customer service and follow up is a little overwhelming these days with the number of follow up calls and the courtesy they extend. I did not get this sort of a treatment from the Maruti A.S.S when I owned a SWIFT for 2 years!!!
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Old 6th April 2009, 13:07   #1053
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Originally Posted by zenx View Post
I'd mentioned this thread in my blog - and Skoda seems to have left a one line note this morning!
Our life in Bangalore: Skoda : Skeletons in the Closet ?
wow.. So Skoda India actually pays someone a salary to just go around Googling the net and post some random comments?? Whats the value add in this whole exercise? I mean, given all the issues, most Skoda customers would know who to get in touch within Skoda India. Are the problems going to magically vanish if the customer sends an email to Mr. Sudhir Srinivas?

The only outcome of this futile exercise is, I suspect, Mr. Sudhir Srinivas will get loads of junk/spam email, now that his email address is plastered all over the web. Hope he gets the Nigerian scam mail and falls for it.

Some times I wonder how corporates can be so dumb and egoistical. The proverb "a stitch in time saves nine" seems completely lost on them.
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Old 6th April 2009, 13:22   #1054
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Post in Wikipedia is going to be damage in unimaginable proportions to Skoda. And its a bit too late to do any remedies, except they come up with the proposals Team-bhp has made and follow it up with more media ads to bring this back to normalcy..
Good Luck Skods...
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Old 6th April 2009, 14:08   #1055
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i have been following this tread from the beginning but never added anything to the thread, anyways i am never gonna suggest any skoda to anyone and spread the awareness about skoda service

and kudos to Harish for doing all this, you are really doin one hell of a job.

I request someone to make a summery of all this and add it in the first page, it will give the thread a better visibility.
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Old 6th April 2009, 14:18   #1056
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Originally Posted by diffsoft View Post

Overall Skoda sold 638 vehicles monthly and that means about 10 - 11 vehicles per dealer monthly assuming all 60 dealers are active. The dealers must be running at a loss, especially the newer ones opened at the height of the real estate boom!

I guess Skoda officials and dealers must be busy getting their share right than responding to this thread
These dealers must be compensating and getting profits from their service know what I mean.
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Old 6th April 2009, 14:27   #1057
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Originally Posted by spadival View Post
wow.. So Skoda India actually pays someone a salary to just go around Googling the net and post some random comments??
Actually, a lot of customer-facing companies now keep a watch on the blogosphere and net either through an internal dept or a third-party firm. Usually, it's just silent observation, Skoda has obviously taken it a step further with active responses, although the templated response seems to suggest an outside provider is responding on their behalf.
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Old 6th April 2009, 14:39   #1058
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Guys? can somebody more knowledgeable than me in the ways of Wikipedia sort out the permission for the image I added to the criticism section?
Skoda India Criticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

apparently, it is going to be deleted in a week unless somebody sets the right copyright status.

off topic, I wonder if Srinivas Sudhir and co. are going to start an edit war there.

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Old 6th April 2009, 15:07   #1059
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Is this an attempt at an 'online' system? Or was this feature on their website, already in existence?

?koda Auto - Concern
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Originally Posted by ajayr View Post
Sorry to be so very repetitive, but guys, please Digg this thread: Skoda Auto sucks - threatens users describing their service

(I see only 50 odd Diggs so far).

If each one of the 1100+ members who have voted YES in this poll digg this, I am sure this thread will feature in the homepage of and we will get a lot of attention.

Thanks a lot
you will have to keep repeating this to get everbody's attention.
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Old 6th April 2009, 15:34   #1061
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Coming back to the constructive steps, I think the TBHP skoda owners should use independent service centres as far as possible. We`ll save money and they`ll loose revenue. A win win situation.

Further to this, Abhishek had pm`d about the places that I have used in Kolkata. I`m putting down the names. Other users can put up contacts for other cities.

For AC related work

Daga Autolek
Next to Imperial Honda on Chowringhee.

For general servicing/oil change/filters etc:

(I bought the Shell engine oil on my own)

Donkraft Hyundai, near Food Bazaar at Alipore.
Contact Person: Rabin Pal- 9830281022
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Old 6th April 2009, 15:38   #1062
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Hey all,

Got an SMS from +912402475999

For a pleasant & cool drive this summer get your Skoda car checked at no cost from 30th March to 11th April. Call your Skoda dealership for an appointment. T&C.

Is this another attempt from Skoda to take parts from our cars ?
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Old 6th April 2009, 15:41   #1063
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Good Job , customer is the king and the Skoda should take this positively and should come with positive changes , Im glad we have a forum like this where consumers can express their discomfort
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found this

Imran Hassen quits Volkswagen

and this

Car Crash: Bribery and a sex scandal devastate Volkswagen - Europe, World - The Independent

AP Govt still hopeful of Volkswagen project

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I agree a customer will be more happy when such courteus is shown he will be infact be a more loyal customer

Originally Posted by jasher26 View Post
i would like to look at Skoda sales numbers for next month and compare it with Jan 2009

But seriously, whats the harm in admitting a fault. Dont Honda / Toyota or any manufacturer recall cars publicly if there is a manufacturing defect and say sorry publicly? Hell it happened to a Civic I know of in Mumbai. They replaced the defective part and said SORRY and gave some freebies. Case Closed! No consumer would ever mind that.

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