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*** Completely offtopic but highly relevant post ***

This is Banwari from CarWale. Though it wasn't necessary to justify anything here but somebody very close got hurt after reading the comments here. I too didn't feel very good either. Hence this post.

1. Allegation of deleting the thread from our forums: Yes, it was deleted. Not because it was against Skoda but because it had references for another forum and was posted by someone who had never posted before. His first ever post in our forum was a complete mistery and was asking people to go read a whole thread in another forum. As a thumbrule, we delete such posts, with no exception. Team-bhp too has rules and regulations and never allows exceptions. I remember one incidence. Around a year and half back, I asked Rushubh (GTO) for posting in tbhp regarding the contest for aspiring motoring journalists. He had outrightly refused (remember, GTO?). I genuinely wanted to give chance to young writers and I did too but Team-BHP never helped me. Rules never allowed them to let me post such thread. I was equally upset that day and had similar feelings that I will have to carry out this task on my own. Nobody will help me. If CarWale didn't allow exceptions, what's wrong in it?

Anyways the thread wasn't deleted because tbhp didn't allow CarWale to post in their forum. If the person who posted in CarWale forums had described the problem then and there itself, trust, the thread would have existed. And if he would have asked for help, CarWale would have helped too. Today, we are in position to fight with manufacturers and get things sorted for our customers.

2. Regarding allegations of being commercial. Now, what's wrong in that? Do you expect every entity in this world to be non-commercial? Everybody posting in this forum is directly or indirectly associated with a commercial entity. This free forum too exists because its contributors have some other profitable business for survival. Why we at CarWale to be blamed then? Just because we are into car business and you guys are too attached to cars? Since we are into cars, our obvious clients would be car OEMs, insurance providers and financiers. Who else do you expect us to deal with? Please think about it.

I can only say, CarWale forum is as unbiased as tbhp or any other good non-commercial forum. No active moderator or member belongs to CarWale there. CarWale never intervenes in forum's activities and let its moderators take appropriate decisions. I am the only one from CarWale as a moderator/member there but if any of you is regular there, you would know, I am hardly available.

I have spoken my heart. It's up to you guys to believe it or not. And I may not come back to respond to this discussion. We take extreme care of our customers but when you grow too large, you're bound to have user dis-satisfaction of some sort. If anybody of you have a negative feedback about CarWale, please share it with us and we will try our level best to improve on it.

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OOOps...I voted wrongly. I misunderstood the question, my attention was elsewhere and I bit the NO option when what I really meant was to chose the YES button.

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I havent been 'instigated' yet.

Do we have to wait a year to be 'instigated', since Harish had to wait over a year for his car to get serviced?

Somebody please print some T-Shirts that say "INSTIGATE ME!"
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Originally Posted by dockap View Post
Forget overseas, they got involved in a bribery scandal in AP (not sure if they gave or accepted bribes??). Something to do with setting up a plant in AP.
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Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post

Somebody please print some T-Shirts that say "INSTIGATE ME!"
Maybe we can modify those BBC Top Gear t-shirts that says "I am the STIG" to "I am the inSTIGgated"
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I wonder if rural India can help during election times to help "instigate" Skoda,

If that were to be "instigated" it would be a free for all :-)
However we are all dignified souls, have laid our ghosts to rest.
It may not happen with our members. However who knows? (smirk)
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oh ho ho! it seems skoda corporate has been busy elsewhere!
Hi Ian, According to Wikipedia's own terms, the article for Skoda Auto (subsection criticism) is in breach on three counts: [14]
1) The sources quoted are from a forum which is speculative and factually incorrect. 2) The content of the sources are libelous. 3) The information contained within the entry is relating to an ongoing legal case that is subjudice with the courts of law here in India. The quote specifically states: "Skoda India authorized service center -- allegedly -- swapped parts from a car that was scheduled for service and replaced them with defective ones, resulting in an accident"
Kindly remove references (and block subsequent edits to this page) that reference the forum and details of the case. In addition, please remove the accompanying photograph which is in it's self part of the case! Skodaindia
User talk:IanManka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
harishv, can you give us a link of your story published in an online news site ?

Last edited by harishv : 7th April 2009 at 08:18.
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My my my, aren't they a busy bunch of instigators. Starting at an online forum and onto Wikipedia?

I can only hope, pray and beg to God Almighty they send something like that to digg. It will be glorious!

I don't know if you've noticed this yet, Skoda, but Wikipedia isn't hosted in India. Indian laws do not apply to them. Neither is T-BHP, if WHOIS information is to be believed. Don't bother trying legalese on Wikipedia - they've seen better. Oh BTW, Wikileaks will soon have this stuff - and you aren't gonna do nothing to stop that.

I just wish more people dugg the article.

Last edited by ImmortalZ : 7th April 2009 at 09:06.
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NOTICE by Skoda to avoid spurious parts !

Skoda Auto India Private Limited has published this notice in newspapers today.

Source: Daily Sakal, Pune edition dated April 07, 2009.
Attached Thumbnails
Team-BHP stands for the TRUTH. But Skoda wants to “instigate” Team-BHP and its users!-scan04072009_091543.jpg  

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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
Skoda Auto India Private Limited has published this notice in newspapers today.

Source: Daily Sakal, Pune edition dated April 07, 2009.
I think this is advt is more for 'autoworks'. Autoworks is a firm if am not wrong floated by Emraan Hassen the ex ceo of SkodaAuto India and the owners of Nummer Eins.

This firm i.e Autoworks is using Skoda and every other car brands logos for their communication.

This is to disassociate them with the same.

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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
oh ho ho! it seems skoda corporate has been busy elsewhere!

User talk:IanManka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Skoda are now instigating wikipedia. lol.

What a wrong approach. Rather than fixing the issue their approach is to force the law down peoples throat.

Despicable approach.
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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
Skoda Auto India Private Limited has published this notice in newspapers today.

Source: Daily Sakal, Pune edition dated April 07, 2009.
Similar notice has been put on Indian Express also I understand.

I was about to search for a news paper when I saw this post.
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The concern page has been there since atleast a year. It just looked different. As far as I remember, I had to put in stuff there to get a reply from them.

The best bit on this new page is:

"If you are not satisfied.....blah...blah....please discuss with your dealer first...."

Which is translated as

"Bother us only if the dealer really rips you off, and anyway its between the dealer and you, we are just a wholesaler to them"They dont seem to be learning, do they now?


These guys are so petty that its unbelievable. Dont they understand that PR works on positives and not on negatives!

Taking a bunch of journos to a spa in a chartered plane for the Superb launch and arguing with Wikipedia mods seems ok to them, but they wont give a man his car back! Damn. They are behaving in a manner which is irrational.

The journos arent buying Skoda`s AFAIK, I dont know how the company functions at all! They`ll not put money anywhere where the customer is, literally as if its their policy to single out customers for exploitation and make every non customer "feel special"!

Last edited by evo : 7th April 2009 at 10:37. Reason: Just saw how busy skoda was on wikipedia
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A few days ago,I had written to Skoda HQ in India as well as their international one.No one has bothered to reply!!
In the last few days,I have seen to it that none of my acquintances ever buy a Skoda from the now-famous dealer in Chembur. I have also seen to it that people see this thread and Mr.Harish's original thread before they decide on gambling on their 10L + rupees.
No matter what is the outcome of the case, I will never buy a Skoda India product again for sure.
I was contemplating a Laura ,but now I am thinking of a CRV or a Captiva.
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