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nitinbhag 23rd May 2005 16:15

Toyota Fortuner pricing
Some fresh news from Thailand..

Toyota are selling the Fortuner in Thailand at a price point slightly lower than the Innova there!! clap:

The reviews and user opinions of Fortuner are also very good compared to vehicles in a similar segment.

Hope Toyota do the same in India.. They shouldnt import it as a CBU..

Here's looking forward to what could be the most exciting AND affordable new vehicle launch in the near future..

Dippy 23rd May 2005 16:23


Is the Fortuner being assembled in Thailand? Maybe thats how they are selling the car at a lower price. The killer part in our country is the duty structure and as far as I know the Fortuner will be a CBU . If thats the case there is no way it will be priced similar to the Innova. Buttttt... if Toyota do eventually decide to assemble the Fortuner here then its a different story. Till then I dont see it being priced less than 14 - 15 lakh rupees


nitinbhag 23rd May 2005 16:28

Dippy: Agree.. was just being hopefull / optimistic/ drooling..

They do make the Fortuner in Thailand for the SE Asia market.. However, since it based on the same IMV platform as Innova and they have converted the Blr plant to the IMV, what are the chances that they will start assembling the Fortuner here as well??

please.. please.. pretty please.....

Dippy 23rd May 2005 16:33

True the Fortuner is based on the same IMV platform as the Innova but IMO I dont see the Fortuner being targetted to compete against the Safari, Scorpio, Tavera etc..

They aim the Fortuner to fight it out against the big boys which are all CBUs namely the CRV, Endeavour, Vitara, Terracan . Anyways lets see how things go and I hope Toyota price the Fortuner aggresively even if it comes as a CBU


Rtech 23rd May 2005 17:06

Don't forget, in thailand, the major market is for crew cab pick-ups and MUV's like the Innova. Toyota probably priced the Fortuner at a lower price to attract sales to a traditionally low selling sector (in Thailand).

In India, its the opposite. We love our SUV's, which command a higher premium than other vehicles. Also, with Toyota determined to price all their vehicles a bit higher than their competitors, don't expect any nice surprises from them with its pricing here. If anything, it will be equal to the CRV, which means Toyota will be making a huge profit on it!!

GTO 23rd May 2005 19:38

Fortuner cheaper than the Innova??? I have the cheque in my hands, wheres the bookings.

On a serious note, I doubt it in India. Really dont know which version of the Innova is more expensive than that of the Fortuner. As has been mentioned, it will certainly be in the CRV pricing.


Watch it Dippy. Thats trademarked. :)


ajmat 23rd May 2005 20:06

The Fortuner pickup / crew cab is focussed on the Thai rural market - so what you might see advertised is a barebones utility vehicle

islero 23rd May 2005 20:29

yeah even I think so, that might be the base price of the base model for all you know!!

Mpower 23rd May 2005 22:50


Originally Posted by ajmat
The Fortuner pickup / crew cab is focussed on the Thai rural market - so what you might see advertised is a barebones utility vehicle

Pickup verison of the Fortuner is called Toyota Hi-Lux. Pickups are extremely popular in Thailand because they enjoy a favourable tariff/duty structure. This probably explains the low price.

dipen 23rd May 2005 23:55

Knowing Toyota , and knowing that its gonna be a CBU initialy at least , it gonna be just about a lakh cheaper than the CRV, thats just my guess work. ie 15 on road bombay

Beemer 24th May 2005 00:20

IMO , the price 'll be a little higher than the CR-V and Tucson cos i dont think Toyota would stop charging the premium for its brand .

However , even if it is priced higher than the cr-v , i would still say it ll be the best buy coz IMO it has everything an SUV needs to 've (atleast seems that way) and above all its a toyota .

EVO6 24th May 2005 01:07

Drove a Black Fortuner owned by a friend in Thailand .. Trust me people its a SUV to own ... It looks even better than the Prado .. Tho thats my review ...

3 Litre D4D turbo-diesel engine (120 bhp @ 3400 rpm, 343 @ 1400 rpm) Diesel Auto with full leather, twin airbags, ABS, reverse warning, trip computer, 6 CD/MP3 player etc it's.

The above version was for 1.19 million Baht = Rs. 13.5 Lacs Approx. on road price in Bangkok.

tsk1979 24th May 2005 11:51

Thailand is the FTA country right. This means goods made in thailand attract Zero customs due to FTA. Does it apply to cars too?

veyron1 24th May 2005 22:19


3 Litre D4D turbo-diesel engine (120 bhp @ 3400 rpm, 343 @ 1400 rpm)
yo evo, that's 120 KW, not bhp; even i was confused in the beginning, regarding that.

and that 120 KW translates into 161 bhp, dude...!!!!

regarding the pricing, i too, feel that it might be around the 13-14 lac mark, as the fortuner will at least come in as SKD, if not as CBU.

EVO6 24th May 2005 22:56

mistake on my part about bhp ... its KW ...
But i think the SUV will be priced at about 17-18 becoz the CKD's will be imported from Thailand and even if internal pricing is 10 lakhs with the custom duty will come the above mentioned priced

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