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Minardi 27th May 2005 08:47

Any idea about FIAT Idea?
The photo is there on Autocar cover. It looks like a hatchback. A bit like Matiz. But it says "mini-MPV". When Fiat already has Palio, what is the idea behind IDEA?

typeOnegative 27th May 2005 11:00

No Idea dude. :) I think this is to cash in on the Innova's success. And maybe Fiat is running out of Ideas for India. They should have been looking at the Panda imho.

P.S. All puns intended.

hell_rider 27th May 2005 11:36

on a good note i guess it does mean that FIAT isn't going to disappear all that soon. sometimes any news is good news.

Abhay 27th May 2005 11:52

looks decent enough and may have a market here as well....not sure its gonna be a competition to the Innova since its mainly a small car with MPV type carrying capacity (but still smaller than the real MPVs)

typeOnegative 27th May 2005 12:16

Just checked the options availablein the UK. Looks good. But getting a good car is not going to be enough. Fiat has to underatke a massive image makeover.

islero 27th May 2005 14:34

I think they should start selling some Lancias and Alfas here.

lamborghini 27th May 2005 15:28

They should ideally launch the Idea as a Lancia for it to be a success and position it to fight with the Getz and Swift category.

merve_extreme 27th May 2005 15:34

Hey Lancia,who's idea was it????

anyways i think the Idea is not a small hatch but it is a Ford Fusion sized vehicle,so it will do well if priced lower than 6 Lacs , that is not considering Fiats image,considering that chop of another 1.5 Lacs for it to sell really well.

vahss_11 27th May 2005 15:37

i like the FIAT PANDA 4X4 ,,,dont know why the FIAT company is not bringing such a good cars to india.................

greatDrive 27th May 2005 17:49


Originally Posted by vahss_11
i like the FIAT PANDA 4X4 ,,,dont know why the FIAT company is not bringing such a good cars to india.................

What is the use of bringing one more model to india if they are not even able to give a good service to the existing models. Fiat should first start doing service with courtesy and satisfy there existing customer, then think of other things like marketing etc.

nishant_kingpin 27th May 2005 18:05

Hey the idea behind launching the idea is something that none of us have an idea about ;)

Ya but Fiat should really work on a great product probably like the Panda and have a totally new marketing concept probably led by a new head with different budgets and targets.

BuRnT RuBbEr 27th May 2005 18:53

i remember well that when i visited fiat showroom this november, the guy had told me that fiat is seriously planning on launching idea and panda...yes..BOTH... and he said it was march.... :confused:

i was actually looking for panda... but swift got my eye when i was going through some uk sites.... i must say here... fiat is loosing customers( tho yet to be.. coz d car is nowhere to be seen) to swift.... panda could have done well.. but again ASS needs more attention. Products.... palio can still kill them all ( swift has seduced me, but i cant get my heart off palio, dont know why... stupid: )

srasania 27th May 2005 20:02

Hi..there is something about the Fial Idea launch plans for India in the June Autocarindia magazine..I just saw the cover at a stall..but was in a hurry,so,didn't buy the,dude,you can grab the latest ACI copy and read about it..

Montoya 28th May 2005 12:38


I think they should start selling some Lancias and Alfas here
With poor dealership no one will bother to buy. THey should revive the brand and get car like Panda, Multipla and all here and really be commited in sales and service..

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