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Old 10th June 2009, 14:31   #481
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The prices on road are too steep. The amount On road for which i got Linea top model, Honda is selling Jazz top model that too EX SHOWROOM

Am waiting to see 1st member on tbhp who will buy this car but seems till now not a single soul has even desired least of his wishes to get the car. Whatever good the interiors be or Honda name be this is just too much by any standards. Success has gone way up the head of Honda and they are milking Indians too much now with those "magic seats and Gcon" slogans.
How can they even justify such prices? Allrite ANHC had atleadt 118 BHP if not features but what does this car has - straight "H" badge, i20 anyday over Hyundai. Infact service network of Hyundai is better than Honda.
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In a way, this is a good news for me. Of late, I have started rethinking about my wish/plan to buy Punto because Jazz was coming to scene as an option. But now we have all the features and prices declared by Honda, there is no doubt in my mind. Honda is not for me. The people in the same class as I, do not have a place in Honda's plan , they don't make car for us. Sorry Fiat, I got distracted for sometime, but I have learned the lesson and I am back. Bring on the PUNTO.. I am waiting!
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What is the idea of Honda to keep 3 variants with a price difference of 35K. Difference between mode & active is only 5000/- ?

Is there any major difference in the features?
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Old 10th June 2009, 14:35   #484
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Originally Posted by kiren View Post
What is the idea of Honda to keep 3 variants with a price difference of 35K. Difference between mode & active is only 5000/- ?

Is there any major difference in the features?
The difference is only cosmetic, chrome strips, mudflaps, foot light, sports pedals etc etc.
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
EDIT: I believe the top end Jazz comes with fog lights! Amazing! Thank you so much Honda!
I'll bet Honda came up with this idea of Active, Jazz mode etc. after the bashing they received on THBP/other car mags over the last few weeks.

But they still don't seem to get it - we've been shouting from our roof-tops about the absence of alloys, climate-control, etc. and these guys come up with mud-flaps, corner-protector, side-moldings in a separate option pack.

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Default Another fabia in the making?

Pricing is not practical for a hatchback. I fear Jazz will soon follow the foot steps of Fabia. In this segment, I bet i20 is the winner. If we have 1.2 K12M swift soon, ZXI will be a best buy.
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Originally Posted by oss View Post
Honda is having a field day with City in the absence of any good competition. Hope Fiat improves its A.S.S and quality of part of Linea to provide some competition to Honda.
Honda having field day? I don't think so.

Honda used to sell consistently around 4000+ cars when NHC was in production. Desire has killed competition off the lower segment of the market. For upper C/C+ segment, Honda is still selling good numbers, but mostly between 3000-4000. Even though it's still a very good number, it is still less than NHC.

My friend bought NHC 6 months back since Jazz was yet to be launched. He was very very keen on buying Jazz and was waiting for it for few months. I talked with him yesterday about Jazz pricing and he was simply "***".

(P.S.: My comments are purely based on memory, so I may be wrong about exact numbers).
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I think everyone is being very unfair to Honda.
They have simply placed a product in the spot vacated by Fabia and before that the SRV.

As the title itself makes clear
Sometimes, we have to pay to be (jazz)y in our country

Your post just about sums up how a lot of potential buyers will feel about the pricing.

@Funda2Max: we posted the same thing at the same time.
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Old 10th June 2009, 14:39   #489
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Just came back from White field honda. Though official launch is happening at 3:30 sales guy took us to the yard to show the vehicle. There were three Jazzy's two different shades of blue and a red. Couple of the come with MRF vts and the one was with Michline XM1+. Interior quality is top notch and it very spacious too. But 8 lks + is nothing but a day light robbery.
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Originally Posted by luky_13 View Post
In a few days this big hangama about the pricing will fade away and we will get back to business talking about and fondly praising another honda rip off. We will talk about the honda built like a tank build quality and how the reliability factor is all important and finally justify the cost. Honda will reach their estimated sales figures and it will be a happy ending to a sad story.

My estimate is that this 'coming-to-terms' period would be around 8~12 weeks from now.
Absolutely. Look back few years & try to recollect when Honda Motorcycles & scooters launched. Recollect how Honda changed the entire game/ Industry with its geared scooter "Eterno" when the industry was putting the death knell on geared scooters & even the numero uno Bajaj was trying to come out of it?

On a lighter note, there is no rocket-science how Honda prices its vehicles. Honda just charges the 1st buyer upfront for very good resale he his going to get later. So, if one is selling his 4-year old NHC @ Rs. 4 Lacs now, out of that 4 Lacs, he is getting 1.5 Lacs back now which he has paid to Honda more which he should not have paid that time (of course, losing 4-yr interest amt on that)

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If i'm going for a company lease I would buy a SX4 for this price !!!!
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Complete waste of money unless you want to own a BMW wannabe. Most Honda cars don't retain resale value as they used to. Case in point Civic and now the new Accord. Even the discontinued City does not command any premuim in its segement. I have used Honda cars since 1989 starting with the 1990 new model Accord, then another one in 1992, and then a civic at University in the US. They were well priced quality alternative to German small cars. But all that seems to have gone to their head as quality still remains the same (not moved either ways) but they seem to be milking the Indian customers, just like BMW/Mercs did in the west in the 80/90's and now doing it in India/Asia. Honda is nothing but a state of mind that the company has created and are now milking. In the west it is considered similar to any mature brand form japan. My two bits hope it does not offend honda heads.

I am excited about Fiat's GPm not only does it look hot but is likely to be sencibly priced not to mention good diesel option.

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Come on guys. Let's not do "grapes are sour". Didn't we anyway expect this pricing from Honda? I will not buy for sure, because grapes are sour anyway But then see how ANHC is selling, not just in good numbers, but in number that could beat the total of all other competitions put together. It is a free market. They can charge whatever they want as long as buyers are there.
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Typical Honda overpricing technique, they have followed this since G3HC.
Parts sharing will be done, and this might extend to suspension.
I wish Honda all the best for sales. This Honda can go the Fabia way. Agreed that it has brand, but this alone cannot justify the price. It would be i20 VS Fabia VS Jazz. Swift remains at the lower spectrum with Ritz.

The only engine that can come close to jazz is from Ritz. A-stat's motor's dry weight is 47kg. I expect K12M to have less weight than G13 that is available in Swift. If K12M powered swift is made available, then it can mean some tough competition for Honda as Suzuki will have two products, Ritz and Swift to fight with Jazz.
I20 does not stand a chance to fight as far as mechanicals go. Fabia is again out of question as it does not have good motors.
But the pricing implies Swift and Ritz will not be seen as competitor to Jazz, which is sad as they have all what it needs to prove Honda Jazz is horribly overpriced.
I20 and Fabia will just fail to make a mark against Jazz thanks to motors. Ritz and Swift can take the fight, but they are a bit smaller than Jazz.

Lets wait and watch how GP and Polo will teach Honda how to price its cars.

Jazz weights in at 1055kg.
Ritz weights in at 1030 kg.
Jazz develops 88.6 bhp.
Ritz develops 84 bhp.
Jazz Power to Weight ratio : 83.98 bhp/ton.
Ritz Power to Weight ratio : 81.5 bhp/ton.
Jazz develops 11.2 kgm of torque.
Ritz develops 11.5 kgm of torque.
Jazz Torque to Weight ratio : 10.61
Ritz Torque to Weight ratio : 11.16.

So it will be a close watch in performance mainly in ingear acceleartion timings, specially if none of the cars have insanely high gearing as earlier models like Baleno and Esteem MPFI did. I expect Jazz will have very very strong top end, but Ritz will not be very behind. Ritz had advantage of broader liner powerband as compared to Jazz which will have fantastic top end.

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Alright, now we know that Jazz pricing is over the top. Can someone predict what numbers they may sell in the first 6 months?

I am sure this curve will be steep in first 2 months then plunge drastically
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